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Molly Sims & I Are Sharing Our Beauty Hacks With You Today

Recently I did an Instagram Live with Ms. Molly Sims.

I’m sure you’re familiar with her, but if you aren’t, Molly is a model, actress, TV personality, author, & mom.

She’s also been on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast where she tells you all about ‘mom juice’ ( post coming soon on this specific juice ), a life-changing beauty hack, & opens up about how she gained 85 lbs during pregnancy.

Anyway, we did an Instagram Live & I wanted to do a blog post for anyone who missed it. Providing as much fun, positive content as possible is my goal right now, so I hope that this post brings you some fun beauty hacks that you maybe aren’t familiar with. Like diaper cream on your pimples. LOL. Post is coming soon on that too!

Q&A with TSC & Molly Sims:

Molly Sims: Lauryn, how has your beauty routine changed ( if at all ), since Zaza has been born?

Lauryn Evarts: It hasn’t changed too much due to this quarantine. I do wake up earlier but I still meditate 3 days a week. I am a huge advocate on how important it is to meditate every day— even if it’s just for 10 min.

MS: How has Michael been as a first time dad?

LE: He’s been basically thinking he’s a stay-at-home dad right now haha. However, I did leave him alone for 2 hours the other day with the baby & he really has been doing a great job.

MS: What are some more beauty products you are loving right now?

LE: You would never guess, but I actually love using Zaza’s diaper rash cream right now! It’s perfect for a rapid pimple treatment. Also, I’ve been really into cushion foundation. It’s really big in Korea right now. Essentially, a cushion foundation is a liquid formula housed in a compact. Lastly, I am obsessed with dry brushing. It’s amazing for your body & it’s great for lymphatic drainage. I do it before I go in the shower because it just makes me feel so great. I’m obsessed!

LE: Molly, what have been a go-to beauty product lately?

MS: I love my Soft Focus Glow Drops by Rodial to mix in with my foundation. It really just gives that dewey & glow-y look all day. Can do a bit of translucent powder if you want too, but it works. It’s the best.

MS: Lauryn, what products is best for stretch marks during pregnancy?

LS: Franklin & Whitman Belly Serum is the best. Honestly it works!

Products We Love:

grapeseed oil

silicone body brush

Malibu hair crystals

Franklin & Whitman belly serum

Soft Focus Glow Drops by Rodial

cushion foundation

Zaza’s diaper cream – LOL

Do you guys have any weird quarantine hacks, like putting diaper cream on your face? I’m serious though, Zaza’s cream has really taken the redness out of my pimples. As I said, post coming soon, but just real quick: the diaper rash ointment is called Pinxav ( ‘pronounced pink salve’ ) & is filled with very TSC-esque ingredients like eucalyptus, clove, mint, wintergreen, aloe & Vitamin E.

Molly & I also recorded a little something for her YouTube channel a few months ago where we talk all about mom shaming, diet tips, & even more beauty hacks, so be sure to check that one out.

Hope everyone is staying safe.

x, lauryn


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