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40 replies to “Mini DeLites | Snapchat & The New Yorker”

  1. Hi lovely!! Id love to be signed up for your weekly newsletter but im on my phone & cant find the link to do so, could you sign me up please? I adore your site – youre my current (& future) inspiration 🙂 xxx

  2. Cold Brew on tap?! I miss living in San Diego! We do not have anything like that in Texas. I make my own at home though and it is delicious. I love all things Halloween so I can’t wait 🙂 We are watching the new Fargo too and so far it’s good!

    1. Hi Alexis, that’s rad you make your own cold brew. I know right, cold brew on tap is the best! Thanks for reading <3

  3. Just added you on Snapchat! I am getting a little obsessed with it myself…look forward to cat photos…just a warning. 😀 Looking forward to all this week has in store!

  4. Your snapchat never fails to crack me up.
    PS def getting cold brew on tap now.. and going to beaming… Good thing we live in the same area or I’d never know where to eat.

  5. I love your snapchats, they are my favorite! It is also great that you answer your viewers’/readers’ snaps, it makes you stand out 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks Marla <3 I love talking to you guys! I get so much info and inspiration from you guys. Keep them coming! Thanks for reading <3 xx

  6. My boyfriend and I seriously buy CASES of Perrier at Costco. I probably drink 3+ per day…it’s an addiction…you’re definitely not alone on that. Holsem Coffee sounds incredible and is right up the street from me..checking this out very soon!

    1. I actually went this morning. There is nothing I love more than new coffee places in San Diego. AMAZING! What a hidden gem in North Park!

  7. Love your snapchat! Where were those white pants from you wore a week or so ago to a dinner in Bev Hills I think it was, very wide leg, kind of high waisted. LOVED them and looking for a pair just like that!

  8. LOVE your snaps and I totally know what you mean about it being more “real”. I know a few bloggers have written about people thinking that their lives are perfect because of their IG feed and snapchat gives them a peek into REAL LIFE. I think it helps us relate to you guys on a different level. Totally making slutty brownies for the office on Monday.. might have to call them something else though 🙂

    1. Hi Jenna, I’m glad you like snapchat! I totally agree Snapchat is just more real. Thanks for reading <3

  9. lauryn, your snapchat wins alll other snapchats. i seriously lol on the reg watching susan. i seriously want to die watching some of these other bloggers generic af snap stories. save the sprinkled donut for IG. snap is for keeping it real and you guys def do!

    1. Thank you Kristy! You’re so sweet! I’m glad someone fins our life fun to watch. Susan is so ridiculous! <3

  10. I used to be absolutely addicted to Snapchat but I’ve kind of forgotten about it in the last few months…it’s definitely a network that I need to get back into when I have free time! And I agree, it’s great to see people raw and unedited in!

    1. Hi Kelly! Come back to snapchat! Follow me if you do too! It’s my favorite social media platform right now. So fun! xx

  11. Can’t wait for the Halloween posts!!

    Your snapchats are my fav, especially Panicky Susan and your gma eating a solitary meatball so nonchalantly.

    1. Hi Minda, OMG the Nanz was too funny last night with her one meatball. Who eats ONE meatball?? Like seriously! Thanks for watching and thanks for reading <3

  12. Would love to be subscribed!!! Clearly I’m late to the party but hope I can still get on the list! So excited !