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Mini DeLites: New Yearzzzz

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ new year, new planner }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ Prosecco x soaking up the post-holiday lights }

It’s SOOO weird isn’t it? The holidays?

You like, kind of bust ass all of November & December, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to make work, fitness, life, family, more work, presents, cooking, etc. happen. And then suddenly it’s New Year’s Eve, which usually entails a big-ass celebration ( although next year I’m totally not opposed to sitting on the couch watching Ray Donovan with apple cinnamon popcorn & spiked lemonade ).


It’s a new year & everything sort of well, just dies down.

As much as I look forward to the chill month of January, it’s bizarre after having two months that are so jammed packed.

This new year my body is saying ‘NO MORE. CHILLLLL.’ I’m feeling weak, fatigued, & I can feel a tickle in my throat. So I’m going to listen to my body & take a load off!

But before I say a full goodbye to 2014, here’s a video of TSC: A Year in Video—

A year ago to this day I would have NEVER taken a load off in the beginning of a new year. 2014 was all about go, go, go. Since then I’ve learned to delegate more, work smarter, workout more efficiently ( think forty minute intense workouts as opposed to an hour ), & listen to my body.

So after tonight’s blog post I’m going to close the computer ( GASP!!! ), watch a movie, eat some apples x raw nut butter, & maybe even read a little ( I’m dying to read another Wally Lamb book…he is such an amazing writer ).

And tomorrow I’m going to try ( key word: try ) to go to yoga!! Yesssss.

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings!

{ a pretty backyard plant }

Like I said I’m a work in progress!!

Have you seen any changes since January 1st? Or is the new year just another day/week/month? Thoughts?

Anyway I really hope you enjoy this video of The Skinny Confidential: A Year In Video. There’s a couple clips on here I haven’t shared yet ( like how I prep for a date night with Michael! ). So stay tuned : ) lots of fun stuff coming for you fabulous TSC readers.

Wishing you all a very productive but calm/chill week!!

– Lauryn, xx

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{ video: Chris Tran Media }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ all about this new AM/PM supplement holder }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ fresh dark chocolate chip cookies }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ lace accents }

  1. That is the one big thing with entrepreneurship I feel there is always the question of “What’s next?” The holidays are insane and then Jan roles around and I am exactly the same as you! I love lace right now too so sexy yet innocent all rolled into one 😉 xo C

  2. hey! lovely post 🙂 i love reading new years post and about the plans & wishes that others have for this year. I totally agree with you, that November and December are soo packed and stressful.
    What I recognise is that I kind of feel fresher and motivated for the days ahead. Even though I’m not seeing the 1st of January as a big fresh start, it made me reflect a lot about the last year! 🙂
    xx from Vienna

  3. Sooo in agreement! Just wanna sleep. I hate when the new year comes and I’m exhausted and burnt out inevitably with a cold since I’m in new England

  4. This post is just overall adorbs. I love the video – it’s so fun and yet shows the myriad of things that you post/do/love. I’m so ready for 2015 – I already feel positive amazing vibes coming my way! It was a tough 2014 and I’m ready for a fresh start. xo

  5. January is very busy for me this year as I am starting two brand spanking new jobs this week! But no complaints here..I am finally in my career field after graduating last May from grad school. Looking forward to a wonderful year of personal and professional growth. And feel better! So excited for all the things you have planned for TSC 🙂

  6. I thrive on change so the New Year feels like a fresh start to me and I’m always at my highest peak of motivation during January…just gotta make it last until warmer weather 😉

  7. Could you do a post about all the supplements you take in the AM/PM? Ive been trying to get on that supplement grind but I don’t know where to start!
    Love this post! I just went out and bought that planner to get extra organized this year!


    1. You can find that post here babe:

      I hope that helps! x

  8. Well, that is stinky that you aren’t feeling good. Get better.

    About the holidays: you see we Puerto Ricans found a way to enjoy the holiday spirit through January. After New Year’s comes Three Kings Day (6 JAN) and after that we have what we call the Octavitas– on January 9th and last for eight days.Octavitas began right after the Octavas and were eight more days of continued adoration. These were a prelude to lent. This is the official end of Christmas for us 🙂

  9. I definitely feel you on the sitting on the couch for the next NYE. I told my husband we should start the tradition to go to San Antonio every year. I was sad the last time we went, but my nieces and nephews barely missed us this year.

  10. Loveee your new planner! Getting a new planner is always a highlight for me.
    If you want to get more into yoga, you should try the Do You Yoga Challenge. I just started it and am in love!
    Great video too 🙂 xx

  11. Happy New Year! I’ve just discovered your insta and blog – and absolutely love it! I’m a San Diego girl living in Paris (but in SD for the month of January). SO much fantastic content and services here. So glad I found TSC! I’m looking to redo and respark my blog this year. Will start making a Pinterest board with you and your designs as inspiration!

  12. I thought in your last post you were taking a break from alcohol for a month. I got excited to as well.

  13. Hi Lauryn!
    Obsessed with your website and your entire brand! I recently bought your book and looove it. I had a question about your supplements you take, I’ve read your post on antioxidants and the recent one on gelatin, but what exactly do you take in the morning vs. at night? I take a few things now and it seems crazy to take everything at once, so I was hoping you could let me know what you take in the morning and what at night in your daily routine!

    Thanks! 🙂

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