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Mini DeLites…Plus A Question For You

The Skinny Confidential talks health, fitness, and fashion.

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The Skinny Confidential talks health, fitness, and fashion.
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Hiiiiii guys!!

Have I mentioned I was once a totally broke college student?

I guess I won’t hop right in to the whole damn story now because, let’s get real: that’s a long-ass post.


Kind of felt compelled to share today when someone tweeted me this on Twitter ( << tongue twister, geez ):

 12h 12 hours ago:

do you have any posts about staying healthy when you’re broke? Lol.”

Yessss, yes I do. A lot of posts on TSC are three ingredient recipes that don’t break the bank. Like thisthis, & this.

The Skinny Confidential talks health, fitness, and fashion.

{ gummi bears on my desk }

BUTTTTT, I feel like I want to do one huge-ass post for all you guys who are still in college &/or on a tight budget.

Look, it’s very important to me to be able to create recipes/showcase fashion/share beauty tips that are affordable & easy. That’s always been my goal with The Skinny Confidential. I just like Forever21 too much to shift the focus to $900 shoes & a $350 tee-shirt.

So trust when I say: I know what it feels like to be a broke college student who eats Top Ramen & wears their boyfriend’s jeans to 8:30 AM history class. Again, I’ll save those stories for another post…ok so, here’s my question to you:

What types of ideas/recipes do you want to see that are budget-friendly?

I love a good bang for the buck, so I’ll definitely share some inexpensive/quick ideas I do on a day to day basis on this post too.

Actually I’m even thinking of doing a whole series that focuses primarily on affordable items in every area. Think: fashion, beauty, health, food, exercise.


Ok, share below & let me know!! I would LOVE to help anyone on tight budget.


Ok, chat soon. – Lauryn

The Skinny Confidential talks health, fitness, and fashion.

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The Skinny Confidential talks health, fitness, and fashion.

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The Skinny Confidential talks health, fitness, and fashion.

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  1. OOh, good idea! I could also use some pointers on eating healthy on a budget.
    Relating to that, how about something on how to keep produce, like what could be bought in bulk and then frozen, what would need to be refrigerated, etc. (How do you do this?) Farmer’s markets pros/ cons vs. supermarket pros/ cons?
    For fashion stuff, thrift store shopping? Finding deals?

  2. I’ve never been a broke college student but I have been a broke ski resort employee living in Canada making $400-$500 a fortnight (some times less!).

    About once every month I stocked up on my two main meats – mince and chicken breasts. I would buy my veggies every second day or so and load every meal with more veg than meat. I even made my own bolognese sauce filled with vegetables instead of buying the jarred stuff that was way too oily (it’s also cheaper and makes a lot more than what you get out of a jar!). And I discovered quinoa which has become my new favourite thing and you can basically eat it with anything! I think it’s important to write down a weekly meal plan as well. It helps with your grocery shop and buying only things you NEED.

    And here’s an online shopping tip – shop during the off season i.e. when it’s almost summer in the US and winter in Australia, I hit the US sites and check out their winter sales and vice versa. (saves you anywhere between 30%-70% off the original price by shopping during the off season).

  3. I would love to see ideas for how to fit in exercise on the cheap! I know it may seem silly, but sometimes its good to swap creative ideas about how to fit in exercise when you can’t afford a gym membership or classes all over the city just add up! I for one have started to incorporate running into my commute and also as a way to meet other runners and make new friends! I would be interested if anyone else has any ideas! Maybe strength training?

  4. I would love more recipe ideas that are student budget friendly! This is a great idea 🙂
    I’m a huge fan of something I can cook in bulk and the portion out for lunches during the week. I’m also a big fan of simple but tasty. I make a lot of rice/couscous/quinoa bowls with salsa, guacamole, shredded chicken, salmon, beans, sweet potato, etc.

    But recently I’ve been lacking inspiration so new ideas would be awesome.

  5. I absolutely love the idea of doing posts about affordable items in every area!! I feel like a lot of blogs out there are so much fun to read but can be discouraging when all of the clothing/food/beauty products featured are way over my budget. I would specifically love every day budget friendly dinner ideas and budget friendly beauty products. Natural/organic beauty products can definitely get pricey….would love to hear your thoughts on some of the better/less expensive ones!

  6. Budget friendly lunches and snacks! By the time night class rolls around I’ll visit the nearest fast-food because I’m starving! There have definitely been times I’ve survived off a bag of nuts which just isn’t cutting it haha

  7. Broke college student or not I think a whole budget friendly health series would be fabulous! In general there is a big misconception that eating clean means using your savings account on your groceries. People need to know they can be chemical free without breaking the bank. Have a fab day.
    XO – Olivia Ruth

  8. Great idea for a post! One of the biggest money savers for me is always packing my lunch (whether for work or for school). Not only is is $ friendly, but it’s a good way to eat clean food 🙂 I eat pretty much the same thing everyday (which I am okay with) but I think a lot of people prefer variety…inspirational, budget friendly lunch ideas could be a good one! <3

  9. So stoked you posted this! Thanks for the answer to my question! 🙂 I LOVE the idea of an affordable series. My husband and I are newly weds and went through a season where I didn’t have a job, so we are still trying to recover from that. We’ve been eating a lot of cheap frozen foods, like Bagle bites (yuck) and canned things. RAMEN, of course. And I just feel like there are so many disgusting chemicals in my body from those things. So ideas of how to not go to the frozen isle and still have good meals that fill you up while still being healthy and affordable would be AWESOME! I’m sure there are tons of ways to be healthy while saving bucks, we just don’t know about them. That’s why I’m so thankful for you and your blog!!

  10. As a very money conscious and healthy eater, the best piece of advice I’d give is, if you have the space, go to Costco. The membership and getting to/from is a huge pain, but I generally spend about $100-$150 a week, and out of this, get 21 healthy, veggie/fruit based meals with organic chicken/lamb, wild caught fish, free range eggs, etc. which comes out to $4-$8/meal. And yes, they even have organic chia seeds in many locations. Wouldn’t work for college students because of the space issue, but after I graduated and moved out on my own, I was able to eat super healthy and pay off my college loans ASAP largely thanks to Costco!

  11. Hi Lauryn, I think you definitely do a good job of balancing some of the pricier things with very budget friendly finds and suggestions – although I think I’ve actually spent more in the past year on finds from your site, thank you Penny Loafers, than I have in the past 5 years LOL.

    I’ve also gone over to your sister’s site to get some budget friendly outfit ideas last minute too!

    I’d love to see even more budget friendly outfit ideas and some more home decor recommendations. Any less expensive similar dresses to all of your Stone Cold Fox ones would be AMAZING 🙂

    Thank you & just keep on keeping on.. Love TSCx!

  12. I am definitely on a budget since I live and work in Mexico and earn in pesos (which translates to less dinero when I want to buy something on line or when I visit home), so I am constantly finding ways to save. One of the best habits I have adopted is grocery shopping on Monday and not eating out during the week. On Monday, I literally fill up my gas tank and stock up on groceries and don´t pull out by wallet until Friday.

    I definitely look forward to a series on budget-friendly anything because I am always open for new tips. What I would like to know, is how you budget/manage your money since you are an independent business owner. What challenges do you face? How do you make it work?

  13. I would love to see some healthy lunch and dinner options. I seem to always fail at dinner because by the time I get home from work there is so little time to make food before kids bedtime.
    xoxo, Laura

  14. A post on 1. Make up dubs for the kinds of make up that can be dubbed (like lipstick) would be cool! 2. And maybe recipes with spaghetti squash! Like some good toppings or sauces!
    Xoxo Meg

  15. This is totally not an answer to what you are asking but I LOVE those roses!! Dark purple is my favorite color – are they real? I’ve never seen roses that color!

  16. YES! I’m in college and me and my friends LOVE you/your site! I’d love to see more dorm room friendly recipes/tips for going out/college social life xx

  17. I would love for some posts like this! Quickish and healthy lunches and dinner ideas on the cheap would be great. I find I always slip up and eat crap when I have a really busy week at work and the quick and cheap options tend to be less than healthy.

  18. I would LOVE if you did a post on this! Also, stuff that is easy to prep for the week? I know personally I have a crazy schedule where I am out of my apartment from 9 am- 8 pm most days and I hate that I eat on campus a lot. Meals that are cheap and I could prep for the week would be sooo helpful and keep me from eating chipotle after class (opps)!

    Thanks 🙂

  19. Yes! I would love to see posts specifically on budget friendly healthy meals. Budget friendly meals aren’t just applicable to students, the first few years post-grad can be pretty rough too as you’re getting started! Would love to see a focus on budget friendly meal planning of tasty foods without a novel-length list of ingredients. Thanks as always for the great posts!!

  20. Your blog has always been one of my absolute favorites because you always post affordable clothing! That western blog you recommended is ridiculous because shes thinks spending $200 on a tank is reasonable or $400 on PJ’s. Whew. Anyway, your style and taste works wonderfully for the frugal person. I would love to see your favorite drugstore skin care products and make up items.

    As always, great job! You are so in tune with your audience 🙂

  21. I’m so, so glad you are going to do budget-friendly posts! I’d love to get your take on the kinds of products we should prioritize buying organic/natural, from food to haircare/beauty aids to household products. That way, those of us on a budget can use our disposable income to buy the products that are going to make the biggest difference in living a healthy lifestyle. Love your blog – your drive and creativity is inspirational!

  22. I am a college student in Florida, and I absolutely love your blog! I totally stalked it back to like 2012. I would love more tips on how to eat healthy on a budget. I’m constantly broke lol and sometimes, these healthy food items are more luxuries than necessities. So maybe some recipes composed of basic, cheaper foods?

  23. I would love to see incorporating organic juices into your diet on a budget! Also any healthy recipes that are quick and can be bought on a budget I am a fan for. Fashion finds too. I already love that all your recipes and everything are catered to a busy lifestyle so thank you!!

  24. I LOVE the idea of you doing a series based on all things affordable. It can be discouraging seeing fashion that I really just cannot afford. Thanks!

  25. This is such a great post and a wonderful idea! One easy recipe I like, especially when on a tight budget, is a pumpkin recipe I created for breakfast.

    All you need is some organic pumpkin, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp. of raw honey, and a dash of stevia. Mix it all together and ta-da! It always keeps me full and super satisfied. It also is perfect for this holiday season 🙂

    Have a good one!

    Regina <3

  26. I NEVER ever ever comment but this post made me compelled to. I am a broke grad student with more debit than I can explain (took no time between undergrad & grad school & so besides working for 2 months every summer for 4 years- I’m living on credit).

  27. Definitely anything about food/snacks and how to buy organic foods and to keep them from going badly so quickly! Perhaps some meals that could last a couple days, I’d love some vegetarian options! Also, cheap beauty tricks would be awesome! Xo

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  29. I would love see some posts about quick and budget friendly dinners and lunches.Ii frequently work long hours and making a healthy dinner can be daunting if I know it will take me more than 20 minutes to make. Maybe some slow cooker recipes? There is nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day to an already cooked healthy meal!

    Also I love your Raspberry Chia “Jam”, it is easy, fast and delicious!!

  30. I need this tips! Eating healthy while at school is one of my biggest challenges. Especially with the struggle meal plans!! I can’t wait to move off campus to try some recipes out. Can’t wait for the post.

    XO, Chekara |

  31. I’m a student at the moment and I find it hard to plan a weeks worth of meals on a budget. Its easy enough to show one or two meals that fit into a budget but I would really like a weeks worth so that it can actually be applied. Its the easiest way to stick to any kind of diet so that on my weekly shop i know that all my meals fit in the budget

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