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Mini DeLites: What UP

mini delites labor day | by the skinny confidential

{ mid-day watermelon water w/ a little Meyer lemon }

mini delites labor day 6 | by the skinny confidential

{ Labor Day vibes…chilling on a palm roundie }

Well hello!

How was your long weekend?

Mine was fabulous ( but you already know that if you get my newsletter! ) BECAUSE I sort of shut off. It was so weird & unexpected. I just had this need to disconnect. Saturday to Monday I only worked about 4 hours total which is like reallllly good for me.

This cute break leads to MAJOR regret on Tuesday morning when you literally get your ass kicked so hard you feel like you’re suffocating.

mini delites labor day 3 | by the skinny confidential

{ Sakara Life’s lentil & turmeric salad }

This happened & I’ve literally had no break since 7:00 AM. Currently 10:21 PM. Not complaining, I’m just trying to figure out if the 3 day break was worth it.

I feel like working a bit each day ( even if it’s the weekend ) is smarter than not doing shit all weekend & then getting piled on by a semi truck on Tuesday.

Agree or no? Anyone have a better solution? Taking tips/advice below.

mini delites labor day 4 | by the skinny confidential

{ faux succulents by Burlap & Crystal }

Anyway, tomorrow I am very excited because I’m posting about a little subject that’s different. It’s a subject that I seriously have never gotten so many questions about: BOOB JOBS.


We’re going to stop being polite ( but were we ever polite to begin with? ) & start getting real, K?

Because The Skinny Confidential is a space to share THE REAL DEAL.

So my question(s) to you guys: a lot of you have asked me specific questions. I want to make sure I cover everything & anything so please leave any questions/suggestions/boobie tips below.

I kind of had to get in the right headspace for this post because I want to make sure I cover everything.


See you soon, lauryn x

mini delites labor day 5 | by the skinny confidential

{ raw coconut sugar on steel cut oats this AM }

mini delites labor day 2 | by the skinny confidential{ never been more obsessed with almond milk. SERIOUSLY insane }

  1. I want to know like EVERYTHING about this! Cost, downtime, how many doctors did you talk to, WHY did you choose the doctor you went with, what type of procedure (through navel, armpit, nipple, etc.) did you choose, any complications, what were people’s reactions…

  2. Tell us everything! I’m interested in Michael’s perspective – how do they feel/look, can you feel a difference between the “real” tissue and synthetic, etc. Also, you decided to do it based on your own reasons – did it live up to what you thought? Did you get out of it what you thought you would?

    1. Thanks for reading Xtina! Did you read the post? Michael loves them! Let me know if I answered all you’re questions on the post :)) xx

    1. Thanks Hailey! Thanks for reaching out! Did you read the post? Let me know if I answered all you’re questions. xx

  3. Can’t wait to read it, I have tons of girlfriends who’ve done it and have been there with them through recovery! Most had a really good experience. I also love the puppy bikini ahah so appropriate for this lead up! xx

  4. I want to know EVERYTHING!!! What made you finally decide to do it…were you single at the time…how old were you….do you regret it…..did you feel better after…….what was your cup size before and after…….were you so excited to go buy new bras LOL……what did your family say….etc etc etc (I’ve been considering it for years so am pretty curious as to the process) 🙂

  5. So many questions….how did you pick a doc, what was the recovery like, worth the cost overall, when will they need to be re-done, were there any complications, would you do it again and if so would you do anything differently?

  6. I know this may be personal, but perhaps a little info/help on figuring out on whether or not to be 100% sure of getting a boob job, as well as dealing with people/loved one’s reactions to it. 🙂

    I look forward to the post! xx

  7. I can’t wait to read all about it!!! I want to know what type of procedure it was as well! And if they feel natural! And if you get used to them? Can’t wait!!

  8. I would love to hear the process on finding the “right” doctor for this surgery. I’ve always considered it and went to consultations but never went through with it. I’m kind of a chicken. Would love to hear your insight. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post 🙂

  9. omg so excited for the next post!!! I would love to find out about whether or not you are able to change the shape of your boobs, or, will a boob job just make them bigger, but still the same shape. For ex, someone i spoke with recently told me teardrop boobs were in “style” (can boobs be in style?). So, when you get implants, are they actually able to change the shape of your boobs as opposed to just enlarging them? I hope that made sense!

    1. Hi Shelby! Eeeek did you read the post? LMK if I answered all of your questions. Thanks for reading! xx

  10. Hi!
    I LOVE that you are doing a post about this. I am from Europe, and I know it is more common to use saline/saltwater etc in the US. What do you have? And how does it feel?
    In my country everyone is doing silicone implants, very rare to have saline or other types. Lately the ones that are formstable are more popular. But they feel more “compact”.
    I have naturally very extremely extremely small boobs from nature. (like almost completely flat, dont fill out an A-cup..) However, I had a boob job, 240g, but I think they feel a bit too “hard”… I wish they felt more like real boob-tissue, you know what I mean….? I would love to have them even smaller, like kate hudson, because I don’t like if I feel like people “know” I had a boob job… (unlike most people who does a boob job, they all usually want bigger, but I am really REALLY into the very very natural look….) Well, I guess what I would like to know, is;

    How did you come up with a size that feels natural and fits you well?
    What was your starting-point, like size before boob job, and how much did you put in?
    Teardrop-shape or round ones?
    What do you think your boobs feels like? are they very soft, similar to normal tissue, or do you find them “harder” (without capsular contract of course..) ?
    DO you have over or under muscle? (I have unders) Any experience? I feel like one of them never really settled completely (dropped).
    How do they look if you lie on your back? I wish they would “float” out more to the sides, like normal breasts…

    Anyways, I am happy with mine, so much better to find clothes etc. However, I wish I had just a tiny bit more natural tissue, and I would get rid of them….! I just hate the feeling of being completely flat in a t-shirt, and not being able to wear any underwear without a massive amount of fill, to feel like a woman….. but i really wish mine were natural……

    I am a bit afraid to train to much with them too, I heard they could move to sides after some time if training too much breast muscles??? Do you have any restrictions when training with your boobs, after recovering from surgery? I am 6 months post op now… I really love yoga, but am scared to make my boobs look weird in time.. if they move to the sides after a while/some years with training?
    Sorry, a hell of a bunch of questions……. 🙂 Can’t wait for your post!

    1. Hi babe! Did you read the post? LMK if I answered all of your questions. Love your questions by the way I think I pretty much get to all of these in my post. LMK if I missed anything. xx

  11. UMMM where do I get that awesome spoon?! I want one of those please 🙂
    Excited to read your boob job post!! I’m pretty satisfied with the way mine are, but I am always interested in knowing the details in case I ever change my mind!!

    1. Hi Beverley, you can get the spoon HERE:

      They have a ton of different styles and messages. You can also customize it and put your own message on them.

      Did you read the post! LMK your thoughts! xx

  12. everyone is interested in the boob job while I want to know about work-life-balance ;).
    I don’t think there is anything wrong with working a little every day and if two hours per weekend day or so help prevent stress and it works for you thats fine.
    I am, however, a firm believer in days off. Try one day every week and one complete weekend per months. Remember you are young and you’d want to go for a sustainable pace.

    1. Hi Carla! Thanks for the tips, I know I’ve been working a lot. Although, M and I do go on vacations and he basically forces me to take it easy with his itineraries, LOL! You’re so right though time off is EVERYTHING. I need to get better at relaxing.

      Thanks for reading, xx

  13. LOVE Mini Delites! I think getting your work done little by little is the best instead of letting it pile up. However, I do believe it´s important to set boundaries with work (or with a lot of other things in life) and say to yourself “Ok, no phone, no distractions and let´s crank out 2 hours of work and that´s it”.

    I have never wanted a boob job but looking forward to reading your article tomorrow!


  14. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. How did you keep fit post surgery? How long did it take before you were able to get back to your regular workout routine?

  15. Hi Lauryn, I’d like to know how you finalized your decision to get a breast job. I’m hesitant because I’m worry about how they’ll affect my health and I’m also afraid they’ll look obvious. I don’t have much “meat” in my chest and I don’t want the implants to stick out like two oranges. Victoria Beckham’s old implants come to mind. Thank you!

  16. Lauryn, always interested in your real talk…the only kind i expect from you! ; ) And if it takes you a while to be ready to talk about boobs, then so be it.

    Just have to compliment your beautiful creative eye – just adore the photos on this post. Such a great, light, cheerful feel.



  17. I am so excited for this post! I would love to know when you got them? What made you want to get them? Has it made you want to get more plastic surgery? My boyfriend says “if you get a boob job you might try to find another thing on your body that you’ll want to change when you don’t need to change anything at all.” And, so I’m curious if that is the case? I know they say love and accept yourself but I feel a boob job would give me so much more confidence. So, I’m wondering how they’ve worked out for you?

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