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Mini DeLites: In Vegas

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ my favorite breakfast at The Wynn }

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

headphones for the flight ( marble phone case here ) }

Hi guys!

Coming at cha from Vegas ( << well, technically I’m home now, but I wrote this last night!! )!

Currently: sitting at a restaurant alone drinking a sparkling water & eating a margarita flatbread with chilli flakes, extra ( extra ) lemon, & handfuls of basil…while Michael plays Black Jack ( he gets very in to his Black Jack, like it’s intense ).

Nothing better than a pizza, my computer, and some alone time— ha!

One of my favorite things ever is sitting alone on my computer in a restaurant. I know we’ve discussed this subject before but is anyone else with me on this one?

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ me & Michael }

Ok anyway, we’ve been in Vegas since Saturday & it’s been super fun ( highlight: I got a massage & the lady literally stretched me in every which way— I mean, at one point I think my legs were over my head? I may or may not have been in a naked-ass pretzel? I don’t know, it’s kind of a blur, I guess, but I’m super loosened up now so it’s a WIN, lol ).

There’s just one problem I have with Las Vegas: THE CIGARETTE SMOKE. My throat/eyes/head are killing me. I’m dehydrated x 10 & my skin feels nasty.

But really, is it necessary to smoke endless Marlboro Reds while eating a filet at the casino bar? I’m not a smoker so the harsh cig smell is making me gag every second. Not a fan of the whole being able to smoke inside. Anyone with me?

Anyway that’s my spiel for the day. Happy Tuesday & viva Las Vegas!

– Lauryn, xx

+ pic 2 || pic 4

* the sunglasses I’m wearing are not sold online, but these dimes look EXACTLY like them ( & they’re $16 bucks! ).

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ post-Vegas relaxation in these fun socks }

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ Caesars Palace gorgeous ceiling }

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ if you follow TSC on Instagram, you know about my Vegas hangover cure ^^^  }

  1. So Caesers Palace is AMAZING! Loved the QUA baths. you talked about WEN cleansing conditioner in one of your posts. I just dyed my hair blonde and have been being super careful about what i put on it so the color won’t wash out…Is WEN safe for color treated hair? one of my friends said it washed her color out.


    BTW, nice shades

  2. Ugh! We were in Vegas this weekend too and I am literally D-y-I-n-g from the cigarette smoke! Came back with nasty cough, burning lungs and yes, gross skin! I think I’m over that place, unless I just hang by the pool and spa next time

  3. I just went out to eat by myself for the first time EVER~ I’m trying to force myself to go outside of my comfort zone more often and let me just say, it was so liberating. I loved it!!

  4. the smoke in vegas is the worst thing. agreed! and i think sometimes by the end, i’m just tired of hearing slot machines 🙂 but the food there! and people watching! too fun. 🙂

  5. I’m going to Vegas this weekend with my BF – please let us know where you ate and drank that you loved! Always looking for recommendations.

    1. We love Spago, Blue Fin, Sinatra, Tableau, Michael Mina’s restaurants, Bazaar, and Cleo in the SLS! Fav hotel is for sure Encore : ) x

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