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Mini DeLites: Vegas For a Sec

mini delites vegas for a sec by the skinny confidential

these powerful dusts are giving me life! }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ bedside moment }

Heyyyy guys, what’s up?

How’s everyone doing? Any news? Please update.

Currently watching the reunion of Southern Charm… this shit is gnarlier than Melrose Place. Like WHOA.

Anyway, this weekend I went to Vegas for one second. If you follow along on Snapchat ( !!! ) you know Michael & I went to Vegas for literally 12 hours to cover the International Beauty Show for Snapchat. It was so in & out. Think flight at 7:00 AM then back at 9:00 PM. Lots of AIRPLANE peanuts & boxed pizza happened on Sunday. There was just no time to eat. Working with Snapchat was kind of a dream come true because I adore the platform so much. Life is so much about experience, & let me tell you – Sunday was an experience!

On Monday, we went up to LA to meet with the Instagram Team. We learned a bunch of cool new stuff to share with you guys ( let me know if you want to see a post on Instagram’s new ways & I promise I’ll do something fun? ). Basically Instagram is evolving with the times & starting to promote content that is less curated and more raw, real, & authentic. The Snapchat video is in, the overly produced video is out. The meeting was super interesting. We talked about it on our latest podcast episode if you want to hear more. ALSO, I did a mini Insta post on how to utilize Instagram in all the right ways here.

rose hip oil 2 by the skinny confidential

{ latest exclusive content to TSC app: rosehip oil benefits }

what's in my purse 4 by the skinny confidential


{ a little ‘what’s in my purse’ feature }

I’m very, VERY much ready to go home to San Diego & start some 4th of July prep. Lots of water, lots of workouts, lots of lemon, & LOTS OF healthy fats, proteins, & fruits. TSC 7 day meal plan is coming ( hopefully ) the day after 4th of July. Just adding the finishing touches! This meal plan is SERIOUS. I’ve brought a journal around with me for the last month & have been recording EXACTLY what I’m eating.

Like EXACTLY. I’m excited to share, stay tuned.

Ok, actually falling asleep at the computer & totally need to remove my makeup. I’m one of those annoying girls that cannot go to bed without removing my makeup. Especially since I have a huge zit right now. Makeup needs to come off COMPLETELY. Thank God for rosehip oil — it’s very much my favorite makeup remover of the moment. There’s nothing better than removing makeup in one swipe. NOTHING.

Hope you all had a fabulous Monday & Tuesday, lauryn xx

+ UPDATE: two new exclusive TSC app pieces are UP ( rosehip oil benefits! Twitter’s comeback! ) AND new podcast episode is LIVE. all about press kits, making the first move, & working Instagram’s algorithm. 

{ photos }

oysters and rose | by the skinny confidential

{ oysters & rosé after 12 hours in Vegas! }


{ …the 7 day meal plan is coming! Subscribe for updates | bra here }


  1. Definitely would love to see a detailed post on the changes coming to Instagram. I’m trying to better curate my feed/add continuity to it and any tips/advice on what’s headed our way would be so useful and appreciated so I can start learning how to evolve my feed with the times. ? Also if u have any personal feedback, thoughts, constructive criticism on how I can better my feed (trying to focus on fashion/travel theme while working on launching a website hopefully soon!) in the meantime, I’d be soooo grateful. My style by nature is dressier, always been a dress and heels girl. Love my blowouts (also hate washing my hair ha) and makeup. I want to stay true to myself but know what’s authentic for me may be perceived as “overdone” to others. I don’t want to turn off potential followers or engagement. It’s a challenge to find that balance. Anyway, sorry for rambling… If u can check it out and let me know your thoughts that’d be amazing. IG feed: dariahuber.

    Random side note: Also, just bought Moon Juice’s sleep dust but haven’t tried it yet. How do you best mix their dusts? With water, tea, almond milk? Just curious for tips. Excited to try!!!

    1. I love scrolling through their tumblr to find recipe inspiration Daria:! I think the most important thing you can do is stay true to yourself! Authenticity is SO important and you can’t fake it. Your audience will find you and success will happen : ) xx

  2. Loved the Snapchats from the meeting with Instagram… really interesting!

    I’m very much into washing off my makeup with a Konjac charcoal sponge right now! Especially since my THIRD Clarisonic recently broke. Ugh. I swear if I don’t exfoliate for one night, I WILL break out. The charcoal sponge is bomb though. So easy to sanitize in the microwave.

    Splash of half and half in my cold brew plus not using my charcoal sponge = immediate zit.

    What’s the Moon Juice dust and how does it work?

    1. Can’t wait to try a charcoal sponge! I love charcoal everything! Moon dusts are “transformative formulas that are alchemized with the most potent organic and wild-crafted herbs, adaptogenic plants, and bioactive minerals available.” If you’re interested in trying them they have a ton of recipes and uses here: Let me know if you enjoy them Olivia! xx

  3. So funny to see how much the “characters” have changed since season 1 of Southern Charm. Total guilty pleasure for me. Yes! Loved your Insta on Insta earlier this week and would love to hear more. I’m glad to hear that perfect is going out the door.

  4. Hi gorgeous!! Listened to episode 17 last night and you guys literally had me loughing out loud. The Nanz was also priceless. I loved her comment about getting in the car and looking at shrubs – TOO GOOD!

    I’ve been using coconut oil to take off my make up and it works like a charm…definitely need to try rose hip oil!! Hope you have a great day!! XO


  5. Busy bees! I have a trip planned to Las Vegas next month and I’m already dreading the heat… ughh!

    I’m heading down to L.A. and San Diego this weekend, any recommendation?!


    Tamara –

    1. Send me an email at and I will send you all of my recommendations Tamara!! xx

  6. I found the new Instagram changes you snapped SO interesting! I cannot wait to see more and I love seeing companies evolve to what’s good. Not going to lie, I kinda LIKE the madness of curating an instagram feed, so it will be interesting to see it get more rawwww. I need all the tips I can get for video though! What do you think was the most interesting tip you learned about I’ve been eyeing those dusts esp the SEX dust (LOL) – which ones are your favourite?? I wish we had a moon juice here!! x Shannon

    PS – WHAT is this Southern Charm?? I am in desperate need of a show to binge on, so desperate that I am rebinging on Gossip Girl & 90210! #SOS

    1. Raw is so fun if you think of it like Snapchat! The moon juice blog: has great ways to use all of the dusts : )
      Southern Charm is like the Real Housewives but with people living in Charleston, SC! So much drama!! xx

    1. SO many fun updates! Definitely check out the podcast if you want to know more before I blog about it Jessica : ) xx

  7. Since I’m new to TSC, I subscribed to youtube first, snapchat, podcast, ig and now I’m here on your blog. You might have mentioned this in your previous posts but wondering where your bedside table is from.

  8. SO intrigued by the Moon Dusts! Would you consider snapping about them or doing a post? Would love to know your favs!

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