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Mini DeLites: TSC Takes DC

The Skinny Confidential takes Dallas.

The Skinny Confidential takes Dallas.

The Skinny Confidential takes D.C.

GEEZ. I feel like I haven’t had a moment to breath. Lately it’s been go, go, go non-stop.

I’m not complaining, just ready for a weekend that’s filled with doing nothing but reading, watching TV ( very much into Curb Your Enthusiasm lately ), & spooning my chihuahuas, ya know?

Firstly, we went to DC a week & half ago and loved it! What a spectacular city!!

Whenever Michael & I travel we try to find charm everywhere. So we want like the most charming coffee spot, or a pizza joint that is the least tourist-y spot ever or even a craft cocktail bar that makes insane drinks!

The Skinny Confidential takes Dallas.

The Skinny Confidential takes DC.

Even though we avoid touristy spots ( or at least try to ) we still like to see the cultural aspect of each city, so of course we went to some Monuments & Memorials, The Capital, The White House, etc.

…We even went to The Spy Museum & stopped at Shake Shack for a burger & those tasty little crinkle fries ( just for the record: In-N-Out is WAYYYYYY better, no competition ).

The Skinny Confidential takes D.C.

Some of the charming spots we found: Le Diplomate ( bomb brunch ), Barcelona ( spicyyyy mussels x Brunello & I’m good to go ), JRINK ( GET READY TO DIE: ACTIVATED CHARCOAL LEMONADE…HELLO HANGOVER CURE!! ), and il Canale ( amazing pizza x ice cold Peronis!! ).

We took a lot of you guys’ recommendations from Instagram & Snapchat too!! I even met some of you while walking through Georgetown which was fucking cool. The Internet makes life feel like a small world sometimes, huh?

My event with Palm Breeze was Monday night & it was so cool to meet everyone who came out!! I cannot tell you how much it means to me to connect with women around the country! I LOVE it.

& just for shits and giggles: Michael was sitting on his iPad because he didn’t know what to do with a bunch of women who were drinking pink umbrella drinks, getting a blowout. LOL.

Anyway! DC was a success! We’ll be hosting a party in Dallas & Austin in two weeks, so if you live there COME SAY HEY, K? Blowouts, babes, bubbly…you know how I do.

Also, does anyone have any charming, non-tourist-ish spots to check out in Texas?!

mwah! lauryn x

The Skinny Confidential takes Dallas.

The Skinny Confidential takes Dallas.

  1. I love DC! Its such an amazing city. I want to try that lemonade! How was the taste? Or, was it just about the benefit!

    Also. Can’t believe Shake Shack isn’t as good as In-N-Out! I’ve never had the latter, but Shake Shack is heaven!

  2. Lauryn! These pictures are incredible and LOVED your DC get-up. Pressed Juicery here in California has an AWESOME charcoal juice. This JRINK sounds incredible. Okay, so I used to live in Dallas and am FULL of reccs – will let friends in Dallas know about your event! Lockhart BBQ in Oak Cliff is incredible. Best BBQ in Texas, honest. It is one of the places I miss the most here in California. You would LOOOOVE love love The Gem. It’s an awesome juicery. Shopping at L.Bartlett in West U. Meso Maya downtown for mexi + queso (why doesn’t queso exist in Cali?!). Drinks at Tate’s or Standard Pour. Awesome beverage programs at both! If you want to go classic Dallas – Cafe Pacific in Highland Park (you would love the shopping there, too), is incredible – known for sea bass and pecan balls, and Nick & Sam’s steakhouse is phenomenal (fun fact, it is in an old funeral home, so there are no windows and it is dark and sexy – if you need more convincing, they welcome you with a vodka + caviar table and because of that my tip is to come in early for your reservation so you can enjoy it! totally cool to wait for a table there 😉 plus the drinks/wine are solid). Austin you HAVE HAVE HAVE to go to Perla’s for lunch (the Royale Platter is EVERYTHING), shopping in South Congress (the best!), dinner at Second Bar + Kitchen (the fried pickles are killer), or Peche, and finish with wine at the Red Room. Star Bar on 6th is another fun bar. And def Rainey Street for a night out. And def stop by the Driskill for a drink. It is ‘haunted’ and an Austin staple. LOVE have so so so much fun – PS I’m jealous! X

  3. ^^^ to specify, the Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse. They recently opened a ton of Nick & Sam’s grills around the city which are a little more casual, but you want the Steakhouse – it’s phenomenal. OH and how could I possibly forget – brunch at Breadwinner’s is a Dallas MUST.

  4. OMG I’m SO jealous! I love D.C. I’ve gone a few times for work and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t get to see the white house though, which I totally regret. I also go to Austin every year for work and I love it. It’s such a great music city.

  5. Um, why couldn’t you be in Dallas NEXT month when I’ll be 21? :(((( But you must visit the Bishop Arts district, there’s lots of cute little shops and spots around.

    And if you do wanna get a bit touristy, Sixth Floor Museum is so interesting. (Or maybe it’s just my weird obsession with the Kennedys) There’s also this taco stand called El Si Hay Taqueria and ooooh my God it’s amazing.

    In any case, I think you’ll love Texas 🙂

  6. You should totally visit Mozart’s Coffee Roasters on Lake Austin. They have a cute little coffee and bakery shop but the best is sipping iced coffee on the ourdoor area overlooking the lake. It’s gorgeous and pretty relaxing – there are usually several of us law students studying there because it’s so zen and pretty.

  7. I was just thinking as I was reading this that I bet y’all come to Austin! I love Blo bar on 5th Street here, it’s the best! Anyhoo – as far as food – Uchi! You must try it and its insanely delish sushi, For Texmex (not cali-mex) – Go to Matt’s El Rancho – For BBQ – Try Franklin’s, for drinks – Midnight Cowboy (absolute perfection, but you need a reservation!) and Whisler’s. Enjoy this city as I am sure y’all will love it! & have to throw in – You could always walk down S. Congress and get a pair of real cowboy boots at Allen’s. 🙂

  8. Shake Shack is soooo much better!! The only thing I liked more at In n Out were the animal style fries! But I guess I’m a loyal East Coaster haha. Did you try the Shack burger with the fried mushroom?? That’s the best!

    And I gotta check out this charcoal lemonade. Sounds amazing.


    coffeeslag: DAILY ELITE REVIEW

  9. Love your pics from DC! It looks so beautiful and warm! We went in Nov 2013 when we lived in NYC and totally FROZE to death – I would love to go back in nice weather and pretend I was Claire Underwood 😛 I loved seeing the house in Georgetown where JFK lived!!


  10. You must go to canne rosso in Dallas and try either the honey badger or honey bastard pizza sooo good!

  11. Five Guys is definitely better than Shake Shack and In N out combined. Have you tried it Lauryn!?!? I live in MD 30 mins from DC!

  12. Yay!! You’re coming to Austin!! That’s where I live now, I hope you enjoy your time here 🙂 I love Elizabeth Street Cafe! It’s SO cute, you’d LOVE it. Totally insta worthy. Just check it out online and you’ll be sold. Also if you like Indian food Garaj Mahal is an awesome place to check out. It’s on Rainey Street which is a more relaxed and low key version of 6th street. It’s basically a row of houses and restaurants that have been turned into bars and I much prefer going out there rather than 6th street cause 6th is cray. Hoodrat stuff. If I think of anything else I’ll come back and share! Hope to get to meet you at your event!!

  13. I thought of a few more places In Austin that are awesome! Sway is a really awesome Thai place. Chi’lantro is a Korean fusion and they have bomb ass kimchi fries. And tacos. So good!!! For a lounge bar there’s the elephant room on congress and Most times they’ll have a jazz band playing. Fair warning though it does get loud because it’s a little under ground kind of dive bar/speakeasy set up. So we usually sit in the back.

    Gosh there are SO many things I could tell you about Austin. It’s hard to get it all in. If you have any questions about it you can shoot me an email and id be happy to help you out the best I can 🙂

  14. Ohhhh seeing pictures of my home for one year makes me so happy!
    I love this city, especially Georgetown!
    Glad you got to go there and you like it 🙂

  15. So fun! I haven’t been since 8th grade for a school trip.. It’d be awesome to go back now and check it all out! Looks like a great trip!

  16. AH! I can’t believe that I missed you while you were here! I live right around the corner from Barcelona and it is literally phenom. It was actually your post about the Suja Juice cleanse that inspired me to try the Jrink 3-day reboot, so glad you went! Next time you’re here you should definitely check out Big Bear cafe. It’s off the beaten path, but my favorite spot to hideaway and get work done. Cheers! -Z

  17. You NEED to have Cane Rosso in Dallas!!!! Best. Pizza. Ever. And if you want some authentic Mexican, one of the best places in Dallas is Iron Cactus and in Fort Worth, go to Joe T. Garcia’s (MARGS!!!!) Hope you enjoy your time in Dallas 🙂

    p.s.- I’m going to your event in Dallas on Friday and am so excited 😀

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