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Mini DeLites: Time

mini delites: uneventful weekend | by the skinny confidential

{ our wedding goodie bag for our Cabo guests }

mini delites: uneventful weekend 2 | by the skinny confidential

{ i like this rose hibiscus spray, super refreshing }

What’s up? Any news? How was your weekend?

Mine was uneventful. I needed a good uneventful weekend. We read, went to a low-key dinner with friends, & caught up on work. Simple. By the way if you’re in SD you have to try Cowboy Star. I’m kind of in love with their grass fed meats, oysters, & skinny craft cocktails.

Speaking of simple, I am back to a routine. Like a very, very routined day. You should see my Google Calendar. There’s all colors of the rainbow from the second I wake up to the second I go to bed. Even ‘reading’ is scheduled in light grey at the end of the day. When I’m home & not traveling it’s so easy to schedule my day like this. I HIGHLY recommend it. You feel like you have control over the day & that the day doesn’t have control over you. And get psycho with it: I schedule things like driving from place to place, my workouts, & even when I’m going to bed.

Time-blocking helps so much too.

I’ve been using that little tippity-tip lately & I can’t get enough. Time is on your side with a time-blocking cube. Today I headed to my local coffee shop, ordered a ginger tea with a side of double espresso, & utilized my time cube. In 3 hours I got so much work done it was crazy.

I am not a believer in working all day. I make time to read. I make time to joke. I make time for myself with yoga or getting my nails done. I make time for a green drink. Basically I take breaks. Which is why how I utilize my time is so important when I actually do sit down to work.

If you asked me to work all day long, straight through the entire day, I’d go FUCKING NUTS. I wouldn’t be as effective with my work. Is anyone else like this?

mini delites: uneventful weekend 3 | by the skinny confidential
{ office feels }

mini delites: uneventful weekend 4 | by the skinny confidential

{ Piper-Heidsieck…in love after my bachelorettebridal shower }

As one of my favs James Altucher says: “When you rest, you rejuvenate. You get more creative. You have more ideas. You read more and learn more and observe more and have more time to get curious about people you might love.”

These are all good things.

I work a couple of hours a day on writing, reading, and podcasting. But I can’t even call those things “work” because I love doing them.

It took me 40 years to realize this.

One thing I always remember: Anataly Karpov, who was World Chess Champion from 1975 – 1984 was asked how long he studied chess each day.

He said, “At MOST, three hours a day.” The rest of the time he spends with family, or playing tennis, or studying languages.

And that’s the best player in the world.

Why is everyone working more than three hours. For those of us not the best in the world, maybe one or two hours a day is enough.

“The lion doesn’t hunt for food all day. He stretches out in the sun. He closes his eyes. Maybe she dreams of planets and lovers and blackness.”

If James doesn’t inspire you with that, then I don’t know what will!

How do you work best? What’s your working-style? Everyone’s different. There’s no right way.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ You’re all invited! }

Switching gears for one sec: Michael & I are the keynote speakers at THE COLLECTIVE’s next conference: BRAND YOURSELF: Align Your Image With Your Brand on Tuesday January 31, 2017 at 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM PST at Trunk Club in Los Angeles.

The evening will begin at 6:30 PM with a networking reception where you can meet and mingle with other attendees of fashion, food, travel influencers, brands, & creatives. The Trunk Club staff, The Collective team, and we’ll will be there too! Light bites from several of LA’s top chefs & drinks will be served. 

We’ll do a live discussion and then Q & A + meet and greet. COME HANG!! More here.


Ok, happy Monday guys! I’m off to drink sleepy tea with apple cider vinegar & raw honey ( << loving this combo lately ). We’re watching Goliath & totally addicted- what should we watch next? Any REALLY good series?

Have a good night.

lauryn x

+ I’m updating the ASK LAURYN page daily, picking 5 questions a day! 

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    1. It’s definitely hard trying to find time to fit in other things with an 8-5 job. Just have to really prioritize your breaks and extra time you have! xx

  1. I have a traditional 9-5, teach yoga and am working on launching a blog. At my day job I work mac 4-6hours and it does drive me nuts. And on my own I work 1-2. However, I will say when I stopped thinking I needed to isolate myself and work like crazy I got better at all my jobs. On vibe right here!

  2. How would you suggest having this type of balance when you are at an 8-5 job at an office? I love what I do, but 100% think I would be happier and more productive if I was able to take breaks like you describe

    1. I’m in the same boat. Not everyone has a 8-5 they hate, but when you have an 8-5 job you can’t just take breaks/leave/do what you wish for a while because you’re getting paid to be there and working during that time.
      I have found the pomodoro method to work for those of us in an 8-5 job. 🙂 Check it out.

    2. Even with an 8-5 job you get a lunch break or am able to go to the bathroom a couple times. Scheduling quick phone calls or being able to update social media, etc. is a great way to utilize these short breaks! xx

  3. Goliath was amazing! Next up for my bf and I is Sneaky Pete; I’ve heard good things. Also, I’m not sure if you or Michael have read Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, but it’s an interesting read, and goes along with Michael’s aversion to multi-tasking (so maybe he has read it). At points of this book, I almost feel as though I’m not smart enough to be reading it (LOL) but psychology is fascinating nonetheless.

    In response to a couple comments regarding having a 9-5 and trying to “work less”, I would recommend fully utilizing any and all breaks you get. I work 40+ hours per week at a regular day job and I love to time block my day, INCLUDING scheduling reading or a phone call to a friend on my lunch. Do I love my job? Not necessarily. But I am blessed to have a job with benefits, and I try to look at it as positively as possible, each and every day. How we view our everyday lives has a long-lasting effect on the quality of life we experience. Just my opinion!

    1. YES! Agree 100% with this. Especially at a desk job, there are more breaks than you realize – especially lunch, you can really get a lot done – even if you break it up throughout the day (a 5-10 minute Instagram break here, 10 minutes on Twitter there, editing a blog post, etc)… even if you have to do it in the bathroom on your phone!

    2. Yes exactly! Everyone has little pockets of time here and there, just have to prioritize well and use your time wisely 🙂 xx

    3. Yes Michael has read that book and loved it! Such good advice Jessica. Utilizing the extra time you have is essential 🙂 xx

  4. I love love love the quote about the lion! That is perfect. I recently started colour coding my calendar too and it’s been a game changer. One thing I’ve done that has helped a lot at my full time job is I colour code breaks (10-15 minutes) for social media (say around lunch or when I know slow periods are). Then, I can get whatever I needed done on Twitter, etc without it interfering. They add up quick! As far as series, have y’all started The Crown yet?? So excited for Big Little Lies on HBO (I think it comes next month!) xx Shannon

    1. That’s such a good idea Shannon! I haven’t seen that yet but have heard of it. We’ll have to start watching 🙂 xx

  5. Hey Lauryn! Do you think you could post a picture of your google calendar or explain your color coding system? I’m an organizational freak too and am starting to use google calendar after reading your blog. Love your blog so much!

  6. YAY! Can’t wait for the conference, and I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. Not a fan of working 24/7 or sacrificing sleep/health/relationships. It’s all about the long game – if you work smarter, not harder you’ll last longer and have more energy in the long run. Hope you’re having an amazing week, Lauryn!

    xx, Amy

  7. I used to swear by time blocking too but then I started getting super stressed about everything having to be on time. Striking a balance between spontaneous fun that I crave and structure that I need is definitely an on-going thing for me!

    1. Me too Pia! It’s all about finding that balance and not stressing too much about being on schedule. xx

  8. Thank you so much for this post, Lauryn! ? As a totally type-A 4.0 college senior, I often forget to just chill out and put my mental health first. Thank you for this little reminder.

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