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Mini DeLites…& Thank You !!!


{ a little ACTION DUST in my AM cold brew }


{ cheeky cards }

My hands hurt from acupuncture so it’s rather difficult to type.

I know, it sounds bizarre but sometimes when you do acupuncture on the hands, they hurt ( the points are meant to target your lungs & heart to relieve anxiety ).

Regardless, I thought you should know.

Before I get right into it, I first have to say something to each & every one of you: THANK YOU.

The Internet is such a cool place sometimes. For you guys to come together with so much support on the post about The Nanz……..was actually unbelievable. The outpour of support I received was unexpected & in a strange way, some type of closure. I woke up the morning after writing that post in a kind of funk. To be expected, I guess? After a cup of coffee, I checked TSC comments, emails, & some Snapchat messages.

My jaw was just on the floor.

I actually couldn’t believe that so many of you took the time to write such sweet notes about my grandma. She would have been so grateful for all of your support.

…Actually to be real, at this point she would be accepting autograph requests. HAHA! Her “I’m becoming famous” call would have happened at night after finally figuring out how to click “her Internet” ( yes, she really called it “her Internet” ) to access my blog…which she accessed from my personal Facebook page because she never understood what a URL meant. “Her Google” was usually acting up, what can I say?



{ TSC Books x The Most Gorgeous Girl In The World }

Anyway, I am humbled & grateful for such an amazing community of women. Your words inspired, moved, & uplifted me. I actually don’t even think I can explain how much each of your messages, comments, & Snaps aided in the ongoing healing process. The love you guys had for my grandma & your words are really beautiful. In a weird way, reading all your messages gave me some sort of peace. I am so, SO glad I shared her special spirit on this blog. The memories will always be alive.


OK, switching gears. I am so gnarly into my calendar strategy with Steve that we’ve gone as far as to schedule “winding down” time. That’s right. He informed me that I needed an hour before bed to wind down in order to fall asleep. I’m trying to work out in the AM instead of later in the day ( HARD ) & get my sleep schedule on track. I’m very excited to do a post on this whole calendar thing because it’s really changing my life. That sounds strange, but when you plan out your entire day, you feel in control.

No chaos, you know?

Tomorrow’s post will kind of go along with this theme & I’ll try to get the calendar post up ASAP.

Lastly, you should know Michael & I interviewed our good friend, Danny Kurtzman on the podcast this week. Danny is a spitfire who’s dealt with muscular dystrophy his entire life & is by far one of the most inspiring & positive humans I’ve ever met. YOU GUYS WILL LOVE HIM. He came on the podcast & just killed it. Danny helps run a charity called Life Rolls On.


{ ( literally ) the sweetest surprise }

The day after we recorded the podcast, Michael & I went to a Life Rolls On event & it was INSANE. Life Rolls On hosts FREE epic surf & skate events for wheelchair athletes. They roll to 10 cities on both coasts, bringing hope and freedom to thousands. It’s honestly such a cool cause. So no surprise, I’m very, VERY thrilled for this episode. Always fun to introduce you guys to some of my childhood friends too. Ok! Just wanted to give you a quick backstory on that!

ALRIGHT, my hands need a break. Off to drink some of Michael’s new sleepy, soothing tea ( see Snapchat…he’s absurd. Like, what the hell ).

Goodnight to all of you, love you guys – lauryn x

+ new exclusive TSC App content drops tomorrow, sharing some motivational fitness tips.

{ photos }


{ skinny banana bread muffins, recipe coming to TSC BBG }


{ favorite throw EVER | home tour: part I & part II }
  1. my “wind-down” time before bed is non-negotiable…. whether it gets to happen at 9pm or 1am. it’s a gamechanger for restful sleep!! good luck!

  2. Loved this little post and love how amazing the internet can be! So much love and support for you and your incredible grandma. <3 Can't wait for that TSC muffin recipe!! xoxo


  3. Michael’s tea moment on Snapchat was actually hilarious. I was laying there in bed laughing to myself and my boyfriend was like. Okay, what’s going on? Then he proceeded to make himself a cup of tea in the morning. I’m not even joking. So, thanks for that guys! ; ) Love that throw on the couch, btw, and LOVED the podcast with Danny! He truly lives life to the fullest and it was so nice to hear his story and perspective on life. Thank you!

    1. Ah that’s hilarious. Before you know it he’ll start brush his brows LOL. Aw thanks so much Holly. So happy you’ve been enjoying the podcast. xx

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