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Mini DeLites: Staycation…Reading, Rest, & Rosé

{ post pool | one piece ( similar here too }

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

{ hot pink pitaya bowl | sunglasses }

Is anyone else loving a one piece as much me right now?

They’re SOOO fun for summer…& they really hold everything in, if ya know what I mean.

I just bought this PALM PRINT cutie one piece too. Definitely going to wear it with a high waisted skirt to the pool ( & it’s $58 bucks! ). Anyone else have must have one piece recommendations? I’m on the lookout— share!

Ok, got distracted there. Let’s talk about the weekend!

We had a staycation this weekend…MEOW.

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

I have been functioning on such a low frequency for the past six weeks. I’m really trying to tone it down a few notches so my body can heal. And honestly, I’m still SO DAMN SWOLLEN. I’m also weak. I’m fatigued. And I’m not my best self. Sucks but I’ll be fine soon.

Michael on the other hand???


rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

{ balance, right?! blood orange iced tea…& a spicy margarita }

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

{ HUGE hat to cover my swollen face | black hat ( ON SALE! ) // similar faux leather bikini }

It’s almost like he’s the ying to my yang & making up for my lack of energy. He’s bouncing off the walls with a bigger work load than ever…& with that comes a lot of stress. SO as you can see, a weekend of literally ( trying ) to do nothing was in order.

( Not going to lie babe: when you fell asleep at 10 PM ( seriously 10 PM?? Like who are you, gramps ), I worked until 2 AM… ).

He has been so tired from work, you’d think I’m getting married to an 87 year old.


He hasn’t had a drop of alcohol in about a month & half because he’s been focusing on work…cue to him pouring us the biggest glass of wine in the world on Saturday night:


GRANDPA gone wild.

Guess you could say he was ready to, I dunno, maybe relax? Thank God.

If you follow me on Instagram or specifically Snapchat ( username is laurynevarts ) you saw the whole thing go down. Michael was ready to de-stress, have a glass ( or 3 ) of wine, & RELAX. Mission accomplished because he definitely felt more revitalized today. The weekend reset was a real game changer. Hopefully he can come down to my post-surgery, low energy frequency. We shall see.

By the way, we stayed at Rancho Valencia ( which I highly recommend ). I had a lymphatic drainage facial which was INSANE. My swelling totally went down from the facial massage. Also, their food is so delicious ( think fresh salmon, quinoa, dragon fruit bowls, lemon pancakes, veggie omelettes, & juicy burgers ). Overall the vibe & atmosphere felt so chill. If you’re visiting make sure to check out the resort, it will not disappoint. The outdoor shower IS A REAL GAME CHANGER TOO.

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

So that’s my weekend report.

I’ve had a couple of complications post surgery ( more on that later ) & I’m trying to really push the healing but my body is doing whatever the hell it wants to do so…I HAVE TO BE PATIENT.

And…I hate being patient. HA. Anyone with me? Being patient is a YAWN.

On that note, send any good book, movie, or TV show recommendations my way. I could use them. My chihuahuas, green juices, friends, family, & mini workouts are keeping me positive. #SUMMER2015 is a real ball, lemme tell ya.

K, I’m off to read The Cartel ( STILL LOVING this book, can’t put it down ) & drink a cup of green tea…what a grandma, right.

Chat soon, lauryn x

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

{ favorite meal, brunch }

    1. I agree, M and I need a good staycation every once in a while. No stress from traveling, It’s perfect! xx

  1. Ooooo, that looks like so much fun, I hope you get better soon!! Personally, I think your bae knows EXACTLY how to pour a glass of wine 😉 I also totally go to bed at 10pm on the weekends… it’s hard to get to bed any earlier during the week because of work & school & all the other random things that need to be done so once it’s the weekend I’m just ready to sleep & reset.

    1. SERIOUSLY, I love my sleep! And LOL regarding M’s wine pour, I guess a giant glass of wine never hurts anyone. LOL xx

  2. Check out the Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin. Its my favourite novel! The main character is Anne Morrow Lindbergh and its a historical fiction about her star-studded life marrying the most famous aviation pilot of all time.

  3. GRANDPA gone wild = too funny! Sounds like such a relaxing weekend! I’ve been looking for 1 pieces for a change, too but haven’t found any I love yet- about to check out those palm prints though! Feel better soon!!

    1. Thanks Angela. Yes one pieces are SO IN this summer. Go for it! Tag me on social media if you post any pics! xx

  4. I just finished reading “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn (the author of “Gone Girl”), which is being made into a movie next month. Good suspense/thriller read. Hope you are feeling better soon! Cheers xo

    1. Definitely recommend Dark Places. It such a good book. Cant wait to see the movie next month. Goldfinch from Donna Tart is pretty good too!

  5. Aww, that’s too bad that you’re still knocked out a bit from your surgery but clearly your body is telling you to relax and just take some time for yourself 🙂 Sending you healing vibes girly XO

  6. Nothing wrong with being a grandma and being married to a grandpa, lol. I totally feel like that sometimes with my husband. Despite still recovering from surgery you seem to be in high spirits and are looking fit as ever!

  7. Hey there,

    I just wanted to pop in to drop a word of encouragement– I had the exact same surgery you had (overbite, jaw wired shut, swollen face) about 6 years ago and I know how TERRIBLE the recovery is. I remember thinking about 2.5 months after my surgery that I still looked swollen and was freaking out that this was my now normal appearance.. that last 5% of swelling holds on for awhile. Don’t worry, the results are WORTH IT and you’ll look like yourself again (but better).

  8. Michael sounds like me every weekend 😛 Ready to let loose with a glass of wine.

    Hope you get to feeling yourself soon!


  9. Lauryn, do you know where I can get a lymphatic massage in the LA area? Also, have you tried acupuncture for any of your ailments?

    1. Hi Andrea, I’ve never tried acupuncture. I’m terrified of needles 🙁 But I hear it’s amazing! Hmmm I don’t know any specific places in LA. I will ask around. Thanks for reading! xx

  10. Hi, you can read, my daughter who graduated in May, Summa Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, is now interning thru Cal Poly Slo in Santa Barbara! (the internship starts very soon so she is loving her “stay-cation” in Santa Barbara before the REAL work and case studies begin! I know she is a dedicated reader of your blog and has mentioned you, to me, on numerous occasions! We had an awesome dinner at Rancho Valencia cuz’ it was on her bucket list of “go to” restaurants, so the spa is next! (we live here too). Hang in there, time is a wonderful healer 🙂

    1. Thanks Beryl! The RV spa is absolutely amazing, def check it out you won’t regret it! Good luck to your daughter in Santa Barbara!


  11. Relaxing is always the best form of recovery. I did a staycation in a Roomorama apartment recently and I felt so much better after destressing! Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

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