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Mini DeLites: Sedona, AZ

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ mid-air! eek! ( sunglasses | shirt ) }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ his mimosa & her champagne }

WOW! Sedona, Arizona is BEAUTIFUL!

If you guys are ever looking for a romantic, zen-like space…hop on over to Sedona & prepare to feel kinda…uhhh, well, stoned.

But really, the atmosphere is just GORGEOUS!

Michael & I spent Valentine’s weekend with another couple at L’Auberge de Sedona ( FOR THE RECORD THEY HAVE AN OUTSIDE SHOWER!!! AHHHH!! CAN I PLEASE INSTALL AN OUTSIDE SHOWER IN MY HOUSE? LIKE ASAP. THANKS! ). We arrived, immediately dropped our bags & went to this little hole in the wall wine bar that had the most delicious cheese & meat plate.

The next morning we woke up & took a little hike through the property. The creek is so peaceful & you can literally eat your meal right on the creek in front of a big fireplace #creeklife.

Later in the day I worked a little ( don’t kill me but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot some blog photos at the insane Red Rocks ). If you guys ever go to Sedona YOU HAVE TO HIKE RED ROCKS. It’s a beautiful hike that overlooks Sedona with the most amazing plants/views. Afterwards all four of us went to this tiny Mexican restaurant, Elote Cafe that didn’t take reservations. We waited for an hour & a half but it was SO worth it. Their tamales, guac, & spicy salsa were on point.

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ creekside ( jeans | shirt | chuckstrucker hat }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ a V-Day bath }

The next day ( are you bored yet?! I hope not!! ) was Valentine’s Day. We got massages & THEN one of my favorite parts of the trip: I got to play with all organic essential oils!!

I was in heavennnnnnn. In Sedona they’re all about positive energy & oils. So fun right?

( By the way, at this point I haven’t washed my hair in a week & it’s totally time to shave my legs but who the hell cares because I’m feeling so zen right now!! ).

Anyway, after I picked out my oils ( << will do a post ), we grabbed mimosas, took a nap ( aka Michael took a nap & I worked…HA ), & then went to a creekside dinner.

On Sunday we rode ATV’s throughout the dessert ( at this point my hair is borderline lice-filled & there was maybe a rat living in it but who cares because I’m chilling ). Riding ATV’s throughout the dessert was supppppper fun but a little scary. Let’s put it this way: Michael likes to drive fast ( AKA CRUELLA ) while I’m screaming & taking bumpy videos. So basically our future kids will have a bunch of screaming, bumpy-ass videos.

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ my friend, Elena’s cutie shoes }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ Enchantment resort }

That night we headed to Enchantment for a dinner filled with skinny margaritas, spaghetti, & Brussels sprouts salad. We ended up at a total random dive bar & true story: I sang Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking.’


Heyyyyyyy sometimes ya gotta let loose!

Our last day was spent in a helicopter ( BEAUTIFUL but NERVE racking! ) where we saw Sedona from up high.

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ energy stones }

Other highlights: I bought some energy stones ( this may sound weird but when you’re in Sedona you just feel positive vibes ). We also found a little hole in the wall store that wait for it…let’s you make your dressings. We picked up some fig oil, blueberry oil, & lemon truffle oil for salad dressings.


Ok this was a longgggg post but I feel like it’d be fun to give you guys a peek inside our weekend.


– Lauryn

P.S. I think (??) I’ll wash my hair tomorrow? We’ll see? One can hope.

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ his & hers }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ AZ life }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ sunset walks }

  1. Haha, my husband always jokes: “May be tomorrow or one day you will wash your hair again”….Personally I think Valentines Schmalentines (then again it’s not big in Swissie anyway) but your long weekend sounds fab!

  2. I love this post!! We have a reso at L’Auberge for late summer (yes, that far in advance lol! It books up!) so it is great to get more of an inside peek. Seriously, on valentines day I had hairy legs and seriously baby powdered hair too…OOOPS. It’s amazing what so many years in a relationship will do! xxxx

  3. Again, love the F21 top feature, I seriously thought the link would open up some Splendid tee on Shopbop. Also love that those Porsche sunglasses are on sale. I feel like they are such a hot item!


    1. YAY!!! I love my sunglasses, I literally don’t take them off. And I never have to wear makeup with them! xx.

    1. Ahhh! My BF went to school there : ). I have never tried their wines so I’ll def check it out next time I’m there. Thanks for the rec! x

  4. Sounds like a much deserved weekend away! I worked V-day in the a.m. and while I was away my bf took my keys, and said, “See ya when you get home.” After a long day of waiting tables (BOOOOO) I knock on my door (no keys) and find my bf cooking me dinner, chicken with brussel sprouts! I go into my room to take a shower and there on my bed were all of my faves: coco-roons, Lärabars, KIND Bars, Sprinkles Cupcakes, aaaaand a Lululemon bag with a CUTE new tank for yoga!! I screamed with joy! The rest of the night, I didn’t lift a finger and had a nice glass of Malbec in hand. Best V-day ever.

  5. I was just in Sedona in December with my family and absolutely loved it! The scenery in Arizona is stunning and unlike anything else I’ve seen (I’m from the East Coast so it’s quite different!).


  6. So excited you posted this! I’m heading to L’Auberge weekend after next for a girls weekend. Glad you liked Elote Cafe – we’ve been eyeing that one. And a Red Rocks hike is on our must-do list

    Do you remember the name of the dive bar? Sounds like the kind of place that is right up our alley!

    I can’t wait!!! Thank you for posting!

    Laura | Surf & Hydrangeas

  7. Great post, I’d like to check out Sedona on my next weekend getaway. My boyfriend and I went to San Clemente for the weekend, we stayed at a beach house I grilled veggies, crab legs and a steak on Valentines. I even tried to whip up your easy store cake but I don’t think I got the right cake. It wasn’t as delicious as yours looked! Anywhoo on Valentines night at sunset he proposed! 😀 it was the best weekend, <3

  8. ah i love sedona! it’s so gorg there and you def saw lots of great stuff. i love the energy stones too! need to get back out to AZ stat. maybe minus the helicopter as this girl is even nervous to fly!

  9. oh my gosh you were in my state haha! you should come up to Scottsdale next time, you would loooove it 😉 Sedona is such a beautiful serene place, my favorite place to go and find my zen lol

  10. Sedona is beautiful! We have a friend going there next week. (March 1st 2015) I’d love to suggest the airplane or helicopter tour you have pictured. Was it expensive? Do you have a website url that I can send them?

    Thanks for the pictures!

  11. I’m so happy you had such a good time! Being an Arizona native and from the amazing wonders of the northern part of this state, I know exactly all that you are describing! Many think Arizona is all desert… so not true! Being home to the largest Ponderosa Pine Forest and full of creeks and streams. I love my hometown of Flagstaff and my new town of Sedona (parents are moving there this May!). Thanks for sharing all that you discovered! I can’t wait to go and find these places as well (especially making your own dressings!).

  12. Awesome! I am always looking for new different places to spend a romantic weekend with my boyfriend.. Got to check out Sedona! Thanks babe <3

  13. This vacation looks AWESOME! I def need to get out there. Thanks for all the suggestions! The energy stones and off-roading looks fantastic. I love trips full of adventure! I recently went to St John, which kind of had that same balance of fun adventure and tons of relaxing.

    Thanks for the great blog posts! Keep it up!

  14. Next time you’re in Sedona you HAVE to try Indian Gardens Market… I DREAM about their Happy Hipster kale salad and you can eat on the cutest garden patio!

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