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Mini DeLites: Recovery ♡

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies and recovery drinks.

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies and recovery drinks.


What a week.

If you follow me on Snapchat you know I’ve been super MIA. Actually to be honest, my head has been in a completely different space for the past two months— just being real!

And well…that’s because I had MAJOR, major surgery last Tuesday. I will go into more detail when I’m feeling better, but right now I have limited energy.

When the body goes through surgery you have only a little bit of energy making it very difficult to run a business…so thank God for my amazing team. A couple of them sent me the prettiest flowers, see:

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies and recovery drinks.

You guys know I’m not one of those planner-aheader, organized bloggers that plans posts in advance. I write my blog through real life. I find it more authentic that way. So on that note, I did not have like 20 posts planned before the procedure. Now, I’m just going with the flow to see how I feel each day.

Anyway, enough of that downer shit.

Let’s talk about recovery!!

This post applies if you’re sick or if you ever have to undergo surgery.

I wanted to share a quick recap of how I’m keeping my body nourished.

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies and recovery drinks.

So! Where shall we start?

Let’s start in pictorial order, maybe?

Watermelon juice!!!

Obviously everyone around me has been juicing up a storm. Watermelon juice was my main request because it’s non acidic. I like to add a TON of lime too. Lime is acidic but turns alkaline in the body. So watermelon x lime is just fucking gold. I’ve been chugging it like a sorority sister chugs Jungle Juice at a frat mixer. Watermelon juice is just perfect in every way. Go for the juicy red flesh at the center of a watermelon because it’s the only nutrient-rich area, forget the white part. The white part sucks, kinda. Some other benefits: watermelon is great for blood flow, it’s anti-inflammatory ( perfect for surgery ), & has TONS of vitamins and minerals. Bottoms up!

Next up, Mr. raw coconut juice.

I like this baby for its electrolytes. Raw coconut water is filled with electrolytes which REALLY boost hydration. Hydration is key in sickness recovery. I always search for the pink coconut waters because supposedly they contain more antioxidants. This one is my favorite brand.

Heyyyy Kefir, you weirdo!

Since I’m on a lot of pills right now I need something to coat my stomach. This kefir smoothie makes all the difference. Kefir is a whole different blog post but basically it’s “a sour-tasting drink made from cow’s milk fermented with certain bacteria. Also, a great source of probiotic bacteria and yeast, and requires daily maintenance, if using milk kefir grains. It is generally more sour in flavor and of a pourable consistency. Milk kefir may also be used in many, many recipes.” When I take antibiotics I ALWAYS balance it out with a probiotic. This is why kefir is amaze; it balances the antibiotic out by promoting good bacteria. This smoothie is simple, nothing crazy because I definitely don’t want to shock my system. My friends, Mike & Jen make me this smoothie daily & I LOVE it:

♡♡♡ TSC Kefir Probiotic Smoothie

1 banana
1 cup kefir
1 scoop Sun Warrior planted base raw protein powder
1 splash almond milk
Handful of ice
Top with cinnamon ( << an anti-inflammatory )

Directions: blend. Garnish with cinnamon & cheers!

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies and recovery drinks.

Now let’s talk about liquid gold!

A full blown Vitamin C juice!! My favorite…orange/carrot/ginger/turmeric. SO healing for the system when you’re in recovery ( or on any day ). The orange relieves constipation, is full of potassium, & again, turns alkaline in the system ( so it’s essentially NON acidic ). The crunchy powerfood carrot does wonders: they’re full of fiber & literally flush nasty-ass toxins from the body. SO cleansing. Ginger, one of my favorites, is a real life saver because it takes away nausea. And typically surgery brings on nausea, yuck. Ginger also reduces gas, has a warming effect, & stimulates circulation. Lastly turmeric root!!! My home girl. Turmeric ( like real turmeric. Ever seen it at the grocery store? It looks like a sick bug. You can actually buy it online too ) is the shit in juices. Turmeric root is INSANE for inflammation. I’ve been like shooting it in shot glasses #rebel.

Lastly: TEA.

This one isn’t really too healthy but it’s keeping me refreshed. I get a large Starbucks iced green tea with two splashes of passion fruit & no sweetener. Obviously this isn’t like organic, homegrown, gold star tea BUT it’s cold on my throat & feels good plus it forces me to drink more water. And well, I just like it. Also, I’ve definitely been sneaking some mint chocolate chip ice cream because ‘help me, I’m sick.’ If you’re so healthy, lucky you, drink organic Numi green tea & skip the iced Starbucks.

Oh, & another one not pictured:

I HAVE BEEN CHUGGING BONE BROTH IN DISGUSTING AMOUNTS. I’ve been told it’s the best thing you can put in your system BEFORE & AFTER surgery. I add lemon & seriously GULP, GULP, GULP. A post on the broth can be found here.

Currently I’m in bed watching The Godfather with Michael & my two chihuahua nurses babies. I am fine. I am healing. I just need rest, nutrients, arnica, & time. Bear with me, guys.

Life is not perfect & there are bumps. And as a blogger, I’m taking you guys along for the bumpy, sometimes fun ride. It’s sort of my job right? To share the ride? Let’s just say it’s not always macaroons, champagne, & #OOTD’s.

And I promiseeeeee I will post more of an explanation this week when I have some energy.

Do you guys have any post-surgery tips? Any experiences to share?

Hope you all had a MUCH BETTER week than I did. Sending good vibes, lauryn x

{ more recipes like this are in The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide }

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies and recovery drinks.

  1. Hahaha! You had me at “chugging it like a sorority sister chugs Jungle Juice at a frat mixer.” So funny. Hope you feel spot on in no time. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. I hope you are okay! I had surgery a year ago when cancer was found in my ovary, and man, it really left me feeling depleted- so I certainly understand the lack of energy. Not sure about the details of your surgery, but I would be interested in hearing about what you are using for scars from it. I have 7 on my tummy, from the ovary removal and biopsies, which is kind of a bummer during bikini season at 24. :/ I tried both Skin Medica and Bio Oil, neither of which did much. Sending you best wishes for your recovery! xoxo

  3. Boiron Arnica for inflammation and internal bruising! I had surgery a few years back and my naturopath had me take these magical pellets. Typically you get quite a bit of bruising around the incisions I had.. I had Zero bruising!

  4. You’re such a trooper for snapping and posting while you’re recovering! I can remember how tough post surgery recovery can be. I hope you’re taking it easy on yourself and feel better soon 🙂

  5. Hi Lauryn! I hope you begin to feel better from your surgery! Love the real posts, one can only see too much macarons, pink, #ootd, champs, that the real deal stuff can be refreshing – plus we can all send our love. I’m like you, when I am under the weather, I am all about juicing, trenta sbux teas, and soups. If you have the energy for a bath, Dr. Singha’s mustard bath is amazzzzzzzzzzinggg. Mustard powder with wintergreen, eucalyptus, rosemary, and thyme, and it’s my go-to when I am sick! The mustard will help open your pores and allow you to sweat in the tub (I like to drink aloe water while I soak for extra nourishing hydration), and the scents can be similar to those of a vapour rub – I also like to add peppermint + a spoon of aztec secret/acv to make it even more intense. Feel better and sending good vibes your way to a speedy recovery. xx

  6. Lauryn, so sorry to hear that you had to have surgery, but so happy to hear you have not been sick this long from some bizarre virus. I hope you continue to heal quickly and are able to be back to your wonderful, cheeky, blogging self. Take care of yourself my friend and thanks so much for all of the wonderful healing drinks and tips you have shared here!!!! Sending you healing thoughts and lots of love.

  7. I hope you feel better soon, Lauryn! Your blog, Snapchat and Bombshell Body Guide keep me so motivated and inspired. Ever since I read about green tea with a splash of passion it’s all I get at Starbucks anymore.

  8. Hi Lauryn 🙂 Hope you heal quickly. I drink Ginger tea religiously and SWEAR it helps with EVERYTHING…healing related. They sell a ginger grater (like a mini cheese grater) at William Sonoma and i literally grate about 3-4 inches of ginger root into my mug and add boiling water-let steep for about 10 min, its SPICY like Jalepeno spicy but i feel like its really working when your mouth is on fire lol
    Anyways, hope for a speedy recovery for you!

  9. I am so on the watermelon juice train with ya! I picked up a watermelon and cucumber refresher from Trader Joe’s the other day and it is so refreshing to drink in the warm, So Cal weather. I can imagine it would be great for recovery.

  10. My tips would be to keep everything by you when you are relaxing so that you don’t have to get up all the time! That was essential for me, especially since my recovery was from double foot surgeries. I LOVE the tip about kefir for your stomach. I was eating a lot of greek yogurt. I have a sensitive stomach, complete with past ulcers and I was taking heavy duty meds that totally messed with my tummy. I hope you get well really soon!

  11. Ahh… I am craving that vitamin C juice right now… I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling your best but I’m sure you are going to recover very soon with all of your delicious looking healing drinks. Can’t wait till you feel better. Sending good vibes your way!!!! xx

  12. I love that brand of coconut water too! I always liked fresh coconut water as a child so was disappointed when some of these boxed versions started coming out, I didn’t like them. I got a version of it with coffee and it was good. i always wondered why the “plain” is pink so thanks for that info.

  13. I am totally obsessed with sun warrior protein powder also! It’s the only one that I will consume on the reg.

    Hope you are feeling better soon girl! xo


  14. Feel better, Lauryn! I’ll be sending prayers your way.

    Chick fil a chicken noodle soup is seriously the best thing ever when you’re sick. Try it out and get better soon!

  15. I hope you’re feeling better, Lauryn. My thoughts are with you! I really admire your thought out recovery methods!

  16. Idk if you’re stalking me or I’ve just been reading your blog so long our minds are in sync, but I am literally drinking watermelon juice with lime as I read this! Crazy! Booo that you’re sick though. Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂

  17. I had no idea you had a major procedure done. I hope everything is ok and for a swift recovery. Hang in there, girl!


  18. sorry to here that you are sick. Hope your recovery quickly, but I’m sure its helping having these drinks to help keep you nourished. Tea is definitely one to have when you are ill whether its green tea, herbal teas or a normal black tea. The Kefir Probiotic Smoothie is one to have when you are ill. If your not eating the milk and banana of the smoothie will line your stomach and help with taking tablets, also it will help to stop you from being sick. I will give the liquid gold drink ago next time I am ill, packed with vitamin c and nutrients.

  19. a really tasty calming drink is plain kefir with a lot of cinnamon, a lil turmeric and then honey to your taste. sometimes if im not hungry in the morning ill drink it!

  20. Lauryn, I’ve loved reading about your healing journey. I’m a month out for a full hip replacement and have been doing a lot of research on pre/post op nutrition to heal my body as well as possible. Your journey is much more difficult as a lot of healing comes from whole foods which are obviously hard for you to intake because you had, well, jaw surgery!!!! So I really feel for you. Hang in there girl!

    I wanted to thank you for your ‘mini delights: recovery’ I’ve already stocked my freezer with cubed watermelon and other ingredients you suggested. I had a question about the Kefir you linked to. It seems a bit intense to whip up (I won’t be very mobile) so I was wondering if you could recommend a kefir that is ready to drink but isn’t loaded with sugar?

    I think you’re pretty much an anti-inflammatory expert by now, but might I suggest lentils. They’re a great protein, packed with fiber and iron and are soft and come in soup form 🙂

  21. Hey I’m thinking of getting this surgery because i have struggled with TMJ my whole life and it’s caused one side of my face to be larger than the other and I’m swollen 24/7. I’m curious what your before and after pics look like. Where can i find them?
    Also I’m so happy for you. I feel your pain and understand your relief❤️❤️❤️

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