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Mini DeLites: Puerto Rico

puerto rico | by the skinny confidential

{ on the beach | dress is sold out but similar here }

puerto rico | by the skinny confidential

{ morning vibe }

So Puerto Rico was fun!

Have any of you ever been? It was a totally new thing for me. First off, the frogs make this amazing sound that’s extremely therapeutic at night. A lot of the guys we were with thought they were annoying, but I was OBSESSED. Super relaxing in a weird way.

Also, one of my girlfriends who lives in PR took me to workout every single day…which was GREAT. We did gnarly Pilates and strength training. STILL SORE.

puerto rico | by the skinny confidential

{ the usual suspects: chips, salsa, & guac }

puerto rico | by the skinny confidential

{ the coolest, little pool }

OK, also I should note, in the humid weather not only do you gain like 23948 pounds ( WATER WEIGHT! ), you also get swollen.

Now the last thing in the world I need is to become more swollen so ugggghhh.

But really, other than the humidity ( & mosquitos…the little shit heads ), Puerto Rico was awesome. We rode bikes, worked out, read, & ate a lot of awesome food.

Anyway, now we’re in New York City for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Super excited.

puerto rico | by the skinny confidential

{ beach vibes }

puerto rico | by the skinny confidential

{ swimming in the rain }

If you guys subscribe to TSC newsletter you know that today I’ll be backstage with the Angels for the VS Fashion Show. You can find me Snapchatting the whole experience ( peppered in with some Instagrams too! ).

I’ll be interviewing the Angels up close & personal while they’re in hair and makeup, so send me ANY questions you guys have for them! Comment below with your comments/questions for the VS Angels OR ask away on my latest Instagram picture. I’m really going to try to ask them about their diet, favorite beauty tips, & healthy/clean snack go-to. And I would LOVE to ask them your questions directly. Can’t wait to take you guys behind the scenes!

Ok, wish me luck after the 3 slices of Margarita pizza I just ate…FML. Why is NYC pizza SO good?!

& of course, I’ll be recapping the whole thing on the blog, so stay tuned!

XO from New York, lauryn x

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puerto rico | by the skinny confidential

{ outdoor shower…I wanted to bring it home with me! }

puerto rico | by the skinny confidential

{ a peek inside our trip }

puerto rico | by the skinny confidential

{ PR nights, when the Coquí frogs came out to hang }

  1. That dress is absolutely, ridiculously stunning on you! Very very jealous! But then I don’t consider 3 slices of pizza very much at all (in fact, I often eat my own and then finish off my friends) so I think I know where I’m going wrong (or right!) xxx

  2. Just being around nature chills me to my core! Being in nature whilst also at a fab hotel… Think you got this work / life balance sorted ?

    Nicola, xo

  3. Hey lauryn,

    I have never been to PR, but it’s definitely on my wish list after your recap with all those little cutie frogs and their sounds.

    Victorias secret fashion show backstage sounds really fun!! good luck with that.

    Please ask candic what’s her abs/core workout! I mean, hear tummy is ?? specially that mid-line!
    How can we reach that mid-line without the 6 devided abs?

    Can’t wait to keep up with your VS backstage experience.

    xo, Tee

  4. Puerto Rico is so beautiful. I haven’t been in years, but I loved it while I was there. What a cool opportunity you have with the VS Fashion Show!

    I’d love to know what their fave moisturizer, serum or treatment is. Specifically what they use after fashion shows or when their skin needs a little extra love.

    Also, between barre, pilates and yoga, which is their fave for toning!

  5. Puerto Rico is a fantastic place to visit!
    I agree, the coquis (cute frogs), are great! There is a one hour long youtube video with the sound they make that I sometimes use to fall asleep to. Absolutely therapeutic.
    Based on your pics it doesnt look like you got to soak up much of the Puerto Rican culture, but seems like you had a relaxing resort getaway! Wish we couldve seen more pics of the coquis, rainforests, beautiful clear water beaches, and local foods! Theres so much great culture in PR from El Yunque one of the wonders of the world, to old forts, to unique street foods like mofongo and empañadas. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself at the Ritz though.

  6. Hi Lauren,
    Where did you stay in PR? And where is that adorable little pool?!?!


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