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Mini DeLites: The Power Of Social Media

MiniDelites: The Power of Social Media + Mac Lipsticks

{ new metallics– will do a giveaway soon }

mini delites: the power of social media | by the skinny confidential

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Well hello! It’s been a minute.

Fresh back from Vegas- we were literally there for 24 hours & IT’S SAFE TO SAY I AM VERYYYYYY HUNGOVER.

That’s what happens when you don’t drink for a month & then have a few vodka sodas though, right? I blame no one but myself.

Good thing our episode with The Fat Jewish went live today because when I woke up this morning, I needed to laugh. Like really laugh to get rid of the pounding Vegas headache.

We went to Vegas to go to a beauty convention AND meet-up with Christal Fuentes of The Ladies Coach.

Which brings me to the point of this post: the power of social media.

mini delites: the power of social media. Rainbow candy | by the skinny confidential

{ just really into these pretty candies }

Years ago our mutual friend, Alana, introduced Christal via e-mail.

I immediately liked her energy.

Yes, that’s right I totally feel like you can feel someone’s energy over e-mail.

You know the different kinds of energies.

There are ones that have A LOT ( A LOT ) of exclamation points ( by the way this totally used to be me when I first started my business. But now I’ve found the overuse of the exclamation point too much- almost passive aggressive at times & too girly? Does anyone else feel like this ). Other energies include: the dot, dot, dot ( I can’t stand when someone replies with “…”- it makes me want to stab my eyeballs out ), the negative e-mailer ( you know the kind- when an e-mail starts out with “unfortunately” or “not” or “no” or “sadly”- I’ve learned to avoid negative words AT ALL COSTS because well, it’s negative ), &/or multiple chain e-mailer ( ARRGGHHH ) .

ANYWAY, Christal had good e-mail energy which is always nice.

( By the way, e-mail energy is something I feel like needs to be practiced- should I do a post? ).

Christal & I became “friends” via e-mail & then you may remember that I interviewed her on The Skinny Confidential. If you don’t remember, read this post where she talks about relationships. I liked her a lot.

So she lives in Vegas & we decided we needed to finally meet in person & TA-DA. WE MET. We had high tea. I very much fucking love high tea. It’s so bougie without being extra- like who doesn’t love cucumber tea sandwiches & tiny lox quiches with a side of mint tea? The only problem is you want to shove the whole tray of mini delites ( see what I did there? ) down your throat. They’re so small, you kind of want to eat the whole display. The problem is you’re at high tea where you have to be proper, you know. You can’t be a slob at high tea. So I had to properly & carefully eat the sandwiches to avoid any high tea DON’T’S.

Back to Christal- she’s a GEM guys. Which ( finally ) brings me to my point. Social media so cool. Like how am I in Vegas drinking high tea with someone who I would have never known if it were not for IG?

I met my friend, Weslie, on Instagram too which is rad because we would have never connected without it. Jackie of The Bitch Bible is another one I met online. ALSO the lovely Annabelle of Adderall & Compliments and I met on Twitter.

All very down to earth, badass girls.

Instead of people bashing social media, I think we should all acknowledge the amazing pluses of the Internet. Speaking from my own experience, I’ve met some pretty cool people.

mini delites | by the skinny confidentia

{ my friend Cara of The Champagne Diet just came out with a new book }

Taking it a step further: the secret TSC Facebook Group!!!

Have you heard? It’s kind of the most amazing community…ever? Girls are doing meet-ups all around the world. I know one girl just met up with another girl in Paris! I’m sure they’re somewhere cute & chic eating croissants right now.

Social media is LEGIT. Utilize it to your advantage & you can meet tons of friends!

Join TSC Group if you want to hang out in a very non-judgemental space online. It’s fun.

With that, I am going to see my cousin’s band play ( s/o to Ottopilot ) at The Belly-Up in Solana Beach. I’m slightly ( very ) hungover from Vegas so I feel like it’s a sparkling water night for moi.

Hope you’re having a fab start of the week, x lauryn

+ be sure you’re entering the daily giveaways! There’s SO many rad beauty products we’re giving away- like some of my all-time FAVORITES. Plus also a few FaceTime sessions ; ). 

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mini delites | by the skinny confidential
{ favorite beer ; ) }


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  1. Seriously love the fact that there are actually people I met through social media, that I ended up becoming friends with in real life just by simply meeting up! <3

  2. Omg, those sugarfina candies are so cute. I’ve thought about ordering a ton of the champagne gummy bears to have as part of the favors for my wedding in a few months. And I am pretty terrible at keeping up with social media, but it’s really something that I’ve been wanting to take more advantage of lately. I agree with you that it’s just totally a cool, simple way to meet like-minded people.

  3. This post in summery: I went to Vegas. I met up with someone I’d been connected to over email. She was nice and emails well. There are ways people email that are good and ways that are annoying. Join my FB group. (Oh, and also, buy all the things I’ve randomly linked to in this post.)

    Also, it isn’t that exclamation marks are GIRLY (which, by the way, what’s wrong with being girly?); it’s that they’re unprofessional.

  4. Hi Lauryn, I love your stories! I saw a negative comment on here & wanted to balance it with a positive one — even though that will be no problem because you get loooots of positive comments :)) Anyway, for me, social media has been huge! I am trying to get into a grad program now, and we have to do a certain amount of shadowing and volunteer hours to apply — I have used Twitter & Instagram now to connect with physical therapists so that I can shadow them. So, it’s been a big deal for me too. Thanks for the email advice — I would love an email energy post! <3 <3

  5. Sometimes it’s strange to do fancy, proper things when you are a “real” person. I went to a fancy french restaurant, (you know, thekinds with “courses lol) for my girlfriends birthday and we had to put on this weird show for our waiter. “Mwah, ah, yes, the Gratin dauphinois is exquisite! Merci!” Now go away, we were taking about blow jobs and smearing our faces with hemorrhoid cream

  6. Sometimes it’s strange to do fancy, proper things when you are a “real” person. I went to a fancy french restaurant, (you know, thekinds with “courses lol) for my girlfriends birthday and we had to put on this weird show for our waiter. “Mwah, ah, yes, the Gratin dauphinois is exquisite! Merci!” Now go away, we were taking about blow jobs and smearing our faces with hemorrhoid cream

  7. Love this! I’ve also made a friend forever through blogging, Steph from Priceless life of mine. We had emailed for a few years then in February this year her and her husband came to stay with us at our place in Spain! we all got on fabulously! I love the whole social community out there. Sometimes I feel they ‘lift’ me up more and are generally more interested then ‘real’ life friends, ya know! xx

  8. I would LOVE a post on “energy”. It’s def something that takes time to work on especially as you {generally speaking} evolve with business & age! I mean, I cringe when I see old Facebook pop-ups of statuses from 2007 LOL UGH. Also, I have to thank YOU for making both TSC & the secret group. I know I’ve told you this before but I’ve made some of my very good friends from your platform alone – it’s probably one of the coolest things in the world a blogger can ever, ever, ever provide. Social Media, when used not for the sole intention of numbers, can be a VERY powerful & life-changing tool! xx Shannon ||

  9. It’s so cool that you meet all these people on social media! I’ve met some amazing people on social media as well – it’s amazing you can actually do that!
    Btw – absolutely LOVE TSC fb group!

  10. Haha you made me laugh out loud with your comment about too many !!!!’s. I never thought about how it could seem a little passive aggressive. I have to disagree with you though Lauryn because I think you can never be too girly haha!!!! 🙂

  11. Just when I needed this most. I just snap chatted about this earlier today and while I could not get it all out (yknow crying and all), I want people to be more REAL and honest online. It’s a place to meet people, not be rude and mean.. but I guess it’s like life. To each their own. It was a great post, glad you had fun in vegas, sorry about the headache homie ?

  12. Meeting you in Vegas was SUCH a pleasure and thank goodness for social media! So easy to meet people you know you’d vibe with. If used right, it can be the greatest tool. You truly are a gem babe. XO

  13. omg this is just too true! I feel people are consistently bashing social media and our generation, it’s like, babe, stfu and join the revolution ✨I wrote a whole post about this kind of thing because I felt like I was having a bit of a beginning of life crisis where I was trying to diss social media and take a step back but I feel stronger than ever when I use it to my advantage


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