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Mini DeLites: Paris! OUI, OUI, OUI

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ 1 PM happy hour }

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ hanging flowers at The George V }

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ fountain at Versailles }

IT’S UNBELIEVABLE that I have not gained one pound from this trip.

Especially considering we’ve been eating our way through Paris. Pasta, bread, cookies, hot chocolate, cheese, YOU NAME IT.

Dreadful- trust me, I know.

But really worth every bite because HELL, IT’S PARIS.

SO typical to say but very much true, no? I can’t not eat a chocolate stuffed croissant for breakfast. Especially when they’re sitting in front of me every morning.

And for the record, my jeans still fit. In fact, not only do they fit, they’re slightly baggy.

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ sparkling rosé & peppermint tea at our hotel }

WAIT WHAT. Why baggy? I’m confused too but I’ve been investigating this like Inspector Gadget because it’s absolutely intriguing…

♡ Portions:

Everything, food-wise, is much tinier here. For instance, if you order pasta it’s not like Cheesecake Factory-style. It’s more like an appetizer size ( which I love ). It also helps that when I order pasta, I always only eat half. It’s a habit! Also, the desserts are smaller so we’ve been indulging in a treat at EVERY meal. YES.

♡ WALKING. Every Second: 

Or running. Because literally Michael runs. He somehow thinks his ‘walk’ is a walk. But it’s a swift, VERY intense run. Like panting & stuff. I don’t get it but that’s a whole different story.

Anyway, we’re walking everywhere. I’ve never walked so much. And I love it. If I could walk everywhere in LA and SD, I’d be happy as a clam. We’ve barely taken cars here. We walk ( RUN ) before dinner AND after dinner which gets the system moving so I don’t feel like a huge whale after stuffing my face with cheese.

The whole walking concept is really just genius.

♡ TSC Bombshell Body Guide:

I’ve been using TSC Bombshell Body Guide a BUNCH during this trip. It’s 27 minutes so it’s really ideal for travel.

What I do is: I pull it up on my iPad, & while Michael is showering/getting ready, do a quick workout. I turn on YouTube videos ( loving a good makeup tutorial lately ) & watch the videos while I work out.

In no time I’m done & all set for the day. I’ve done this 4 times in Paris which is not too bad since we’ve been here for a week.

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ SPICY pasta at L’Avenue }

♡ Actual real food:

Yes. Real food. Now a days it’s impossible to find real food. The food in Paris is fresh & from what I’ve experienced: REAL. 100% olive oil ( eating tons of fresh olive oil which is an awesome healthy fat ), handmade pasta, fresh baked bread, & all different slices of meat. I believe ( correct me if I’m wrong? ) that GMO’s are banned here. And by the way, the butter here IS SO GOOD.

ANYWAY, ON TO OTHER UPDATES: the style here is so on point it’s absurd. It’s almost safe to say, I’ve picked up so many styling/fashion tips here that I literally have a full on list in my iPhone notes. When I come home I’m going to go through my entire closet & donate a bunch of my clothes to charity. Let’s just say Paris has inspired a total closet clean out. Would you guys be interested in a Paris fashion post?

Also, I miss Boone & Pixy MORE THAN LIFE. Thankfully my Godparents ( who are watching them ), have Snapchat. So I can see the dogs sleeping, eating, & whining for food. LOL. It’s like a baby monitor, but not really? Obsessed much?

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ Parisian streets }

That’s about all I’ve got for now!!

Today we’re off to see Jim Morrison’s grave & have some dinner at Monsieur Bleu! I can’t wait!

Will do a TSC Paris Guide soon too.

Au revoir! – lauryn x

* BY THE WAY: I am obsessed with this black turtleneck. Been wearing it the whole trip! x

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ carmel popcorn at Ralph Lauren }

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ the stunning Eiffel Tower }


  1. The BUTTER is INSANE in Paris! I spread it on my bread SO thick when I was there that it looked like cheese 😮


    1. Hi Stephanie! I totally LOL’ed when I read you’re comment, because I 100% know where you’re coming from. Ughhh so good! Thanks for reading :))

  2. Thanks for sharing, I have so much fun looking and reading your blog. I am so happy you are having a great time!!!

  3. Please please please post a Paris Fashion post/Paris lifestyle post! Literally such a francophile and living vicariously through your snap chat for the last week 🙂 <3

  4. Yes please to a Paris fashion post! I LOVE Paris oh so much. The happy hours are the best, so great to just sit outside for hours sipping wine and ogling all the fashionable passersby.

    1. Hi Leah, I totally agree. Paris life is amazing. I love it. I wish I could stay here forever! Thanks for reading :))

  5. Thanks for answering my question about Pixy & Boone! 🙂 Also, a Paris style post is a great idea given that European fashion (and the thinking behind it) is brilliant. Finally, Europe IS much more stringent on GMOs and environmental pollutants. Cars that are allowed in the States/Canada wouldn’t pass their emissions standards so it probably is the case that the food you’re eating is real. All the more reason to indulge 🙂

    1. Hi Dana, definitely agree with you! The food here is natural and so much more flavorful. Sooo obsessed. Thanks for reading :))

  6. On my last trip to Italy & Spain, I also didn’t gain a pound (which is something I can easily do over one weekend in LA!)… I really believe other than the obvious- lots and lots of walking, that it’s because the food isn’t full of sh*t… and you’re correct- GMOs are banned in France… because they’re clearly smarter than the US in that sense!!

    1. Hi Jen, I totally agree with you. I can eat pasta here and not feel disgustingly bloated. Just full, naturally. Thanks for reading

  7. Omg how amazing is Paris.
    Just walking around down all the beautiful streets, it’s one of my favourite places.
    Have you been to any markets?
    O god and the cheese…yum.

  8. PLEASE do a post about Paris style!! I love your look in these pics and I also have in the midst of a full closet overhaul. Would love some tips!

    xo Annie

  9. Loving your Snapchat story right now. Panicky Susan gives me life. PS please get parmesan soup from L’Ami Jean for me!

  10. Loved this post!
    My favorite thing about my recent move to New York is all the walking. And I’m with you, I love the portions overseas. I went to Croatia for Yacht Week and lost weight after all the walking, swimming in the sea, and moderate portions.

  11. Love your observations Lauryn. The walking and portion sizes make such a difference. Such a great change from life in the states.

    Would I be interested in a Paris fashion post?? Only 1000%! : )

    Do it.


  12. Sounds like you are having an unreal time!!! Also is it bad that I am pretty much drooling over that popcorn pic? LOL!

  13. Yes on the Paris fashion post!! Also what would be kind of cool is if your travel section had a mini “directory” of sorts, favorite restaurants, shops, hotels, how to pack, what to do etc. You guys travel a lot and your readers clearly like your taste! Can’t wait to see more adventures with panickey Sue!

  14. I’ve been really enjoying your snapchats while in Paris, especially you making fun out of Michael all the time, it’s so cute! haha

  15. I just moved to LA from NYC and I miss walking everywhere sooooo much. It’s such a beautiful thing!

    I also noticed too, in Europe it’s all local fresh ingredients. They have such stricter regulations than we do unfortunately.

    Can’t wait to see style updates. When I saw the black turtle neck, I was like, damn that is so right.


  16. Paris is one of my favorite cities:) And the food is amazing. When will you come to Germany? 🙂

  17. Hi Lauryn,
    It’s great that you are not putting on extra fat on your trip. Of course you are following some great routine like your eating habits and walking. I too follow some simple rules to stay fit like drinking water before eating. It helps me a lot…

  18. Black turtlenecks are actually my favourite thing ever. And you look AMAZING in one!!! Gorgeous gal, loved this lil peek into your trip 🙂 xo

    1. Yes, I am still very swollen though. The whole process has been super traumatic and the face is a very vulnerable area! When I feel comfortable, I will definitely be taking more pictures. x

  19. Paris looks so amazing! And yep, I think you are correct that GMO’s are banned in France! I wish they would do that here!!! Loving your snap chat posts too! 😀 xo

  20. I’ve been loving the snap chat stories. My boyfriend and I are travelling through Germany and he is such a panicky suze….I think you have coined a new phrase 🙂 🙂

    Do you or Michael work for Saint Laurent, it seems like you two are always shopping there or carrying bags! Gorgeous clothing but so high budget for me at this point. Safe travels home. xx

  21. Because of your snapchats, I was SO excited for this post! I knew it was coming! Also, can I just say that panicky Susan is so funny! I literally just laugh out loud every time I see the snapchats and hear your commentary! It is amazing! I am a fan!! 😀

  22. Hi Lauryn! I would love if you did a Paris fashion post! Your Paris style has been on point.

    Also your snapchats of Michael running are absolutely hilarious. Keep the good snaps coming.


  23. Can you do a quick “truth or dare” game with Susan and snapchat that? I guess I’m saying I’m fan number 12 because I can’t stop laughing at susanisms when you post. Or get him to try to ask for things in Italian to strangers?

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