Mini DeLites: One & Only Palmilla

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.{ Flight over }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.{ Grapefruit wedges }

Ahhhh. Vacation feels good.

Like, realllll good.

Michael & I have been definitely celebrating but we’ve also been working out to compensate for the extra food intake ( I mean…can anyone pass up popcorn soufflé?! I’m doing extra lunges for that deliciousness any day ). And let’s face it, spending time away from phone has been nice but I gotta throw in an Instagram here & there. I’ll be blogging the whole time I’m here through Insta too.

Anyway I feel like everyday life gets super crazy & sometimes you forget to really, seriously enjoy each other.

So. That’s what we’re doing. Enjoying each other. That means: making fun of Michael because he really does not know how to apply sunscreen ( like, is it necessary to leave globs of white shit everywhere? OUCH. ), talking about the future, sleeping in the afternoon, bubble baths, chill music, chips & salsa, laying around like slobs, & def sipping some wine. FYI: we’re staying at the One & Only Palmilla ( << which I highly recommend ) and then going to another hotel later today.

Like I said vacation feels good…but naturally, I miss Pixy. She’s in San Diego having a sleepover party with two chihuahuas & a mini poodle…#spoiled.

Will keep you guys updated throughout the trip! xx. L

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24 replies to “Mini DeLites: One & Only Palmilla”

  1. The One and Only Palmilla is just Ah Mazing! Love the young lady that somes around and cleans your sunnies in the ultrasonic cleaner. My glasses have never been so clean. Don’t know if the restaurant “C” is still there but it was truly the most beautiful decor and design I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. Hope your trip continues to be fab!