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Mini DeLites: NYC Through My iPhone

The Skinny Confidential takes New York City with Skinnygirl.

{ our friend’s gorgeous wedding! }

The Skinny Confidential takes New York City with Skinnygirl.

{ little details in NYC }

Hiiiii guys!!

Me-oh-my my immune system is shutting down on me : (. On Thursday ( earlllllly AM ) I flew to New York to work on a collaboration with Skinnygirl. I’ll do a full recap post on this because the experience was really fun & there’s tons to share. On Saturday AM ( again, earlllly AM ) I flew back to SD to go to a friend’s wedding. On Sunday we packed again & drove up to LA because today we had to get THREE INJECTIONS ( I HATE SHOTS MORE THAN OLD ARUGULA— but really, I was crying like a 4 year old, had to lay down ( I swear I really do have Vasovagal ), & drink a coconut water ( LITERALLY almost fainted ) ).

So why shots?

Because tomorrow we fly overseas for three weeks!!

The Skinny Confidential takes New York City with Skinnygirl.

{ NYC vibes || sunnies // jacket (similar) }

Yes. Three weeks.

I’m freaking.

We’re going to Asia ( Hong Kong, Phuket, & Beijing, specifically ) for a little work & more play. I’m even thinking about disconnecting, just a little. I’m going to try to post the same amount on the blog BUT I haven’t taken one FULL day off work in the last four years. Literally. Not. One. Off. ( << Insert that crying Emoji here that throws it’s head back ). So while I’m there I plan on trying to take one or two or maybe if I’m lucky, even three days off? We’ll see. Wish me luck.

On my un-days off, I’ll be blogging & Instagraming the whole trip. I’m going to try to Snapchat ( un: laurynevarts ) a lot too if you want major realness.

The Skinny Confidential takes New York City with Skinnygirl.

{ pieces of my NYC trip ( cream top | white trousers | lipstick }

Ok SO. Asia. I’ve never been to Asia. Have you? If so, TELL ME EVERYTHING. LIKE, EVERY SINGLE SPECK OF DETAIL.

In other news: my immune system is kinda F-ed up so I just downed a bunch of garlic/ginger shots, drank 2 green juices, & drank a bowl of bone broth. Fun times! I’ll be the girl wearing a mask on the plane.

Talk soon!

一会儿见, Lauryn x

P.S. I love seeing your guys’ Snapchats. Some of you have been private messaging me the funniest shit ever. You guys are witty. LOVE it.

The Skinny Confidential takes New York City with Skinnygirl.

{ wine tasting with Skinnygirl blends }

The Skinny Confidential takes New York City with Skinnygirl.

{ cooking with Skinnygirl, through my iPhone }

  1. Have the most fantastic time in Asia!!! I lived in Bangkok for a year for work, and it was wonderful. I miss Thailand everyday. We visited Phuket for a few weeks, and its great. I would definitely recommend checking out Koh Phi Phi one day if you can (absolutely gorgeous!! Wish we spent more time there) and if you can squeeze it in Koh Lanta for at least a night. You’ll get a more authentic Thai experience in Koh Lanta than you will in Phuket, as it is not overrun with tourists. Can’t wait to see your pictures! 🙂

  2. Don’t be scared of shots! I used to be terrified just like you and then out of the irony of the world I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It totally changed my life and my outlook on pain in general. You are stronger than that! I know it, I’m a Gemini too.

  3. Yay! So awesome you are going to Phuket, I was just there! Come to Bangkok and I will show you the best shopping ever 😉 In Phuket, plan to RELAX there isn’t much to do but relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean! Go see the islands Pipi, etc..but take a private boat! Hong Kong has the best luxury shopping (no tax :)), take the train everywhere as traffic is NUTS and it will remind you of NY in terms of nightlife. Try to go to Japan, I have yet to go but it is one of the safest neatest cities in the world and Singapore is perfection at its finest! If you come to Bangkok hit me up! I would love to take you to all my fav shopping spots! Lots of love and have a fun trip!

    1. Courtney!! I totally thought of you!! I would LOVE to come to Bangkok, let me try to convince Michael ; ). I will def take your recommendations. What’s your e-mail? x

  4. Asia: just eat ERRY thing you see! Besides really weird shit. Seriously even if you’re full just take one bite. I’m Australian so I’ve been to Asia a fair bit- Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. All the food in every country has been amazeballs. Just eat. And enjoy.

  5. Sounds like a holiday in Asia is exactly what you need to unwind.
    All I can say is that if you don’t get daily massages and take full advantage of all the incredible fresh fruit then I will be v let down.

  6. Hi! This is my first time commenting on your blog, but have been an avid reader/fan for over a year now.
    I absolutely love south east Asia and if you are in Thailand check out Railay – it’s one of my favorite places ever! Enjoy!!

  7. Hi

    I’ve lived in HK for nearly 5 years and been to Thailand a lot – so can definitely give you a lot of recommendations if you want.



  8. LOVED this amazing post! Your updates are so much fun. AND have an amazing time in Asia! I started travelling through Asia last year and have now visited a fair few countries (some more than once!).

  9. Ughh I’m so sorry your sick, shots are the worst! And I have vasovagal too…the struggle is real. Hope you have an amazing time in Asia and hope you can disconnect for a couple days, I feel like whenever I’m really stressed out if I “unplug” for a couple hours or so I always feel recharged and ready to go.

    xoxo Nicole

  10. When your business is built off of your lifestyle, its impossible to take a day off. Just appreciate the fact you have the opportunity to work from literally anywhere in the world. Consider this trip as finding inspiration for TSC and simply enjoy the enlightenment your travels will bring.

  11. ah so many amazing things happening for you – between skinny girl and asia trip! you’re going to have such a lovely time – i cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back!!

  12. You’re going to have so much fun! My best advice is just totally embrace the craziness, and take in as much as you possibly can – including food, even if it’s what you wouldn’t normally eat. When I was in Asia, people loved me because I was blonde! Smiling made their day. Enjoy lady!!

    Latest post: Hips Don’t Lie! 3 Quick Moves to Keep ‘Em Fit for Life!

  13. You are literally one of my top 3 bloggers, if not my fave. You just seem so down to earth and real!
    Anyways, I haven’t been to Hong Kong and Phuket since I was like……15, but one of my favorite memories EVER is the Floating Market in Bankok. I don’t know if you’ll be anywhere near there but it’s really an amazing experience. You get in a small boat and it floats along with all these other boats and then you tell your boat man to stop and buy items from other floating boats. The fruits are SO fresh and tasty and it’s just so unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Must try!

    Hong Kong…hmm all I really remember are the ridiculously cheap breakfast spreads. Like, my father and I would go to a cafe and fill our tables full with food and I remember it only equated like $5 American dollars.

    So yes, have fun! So jealous!!


  14. I would literally kill to go to asia – I’m hoping to go within the next few year fingers crossed!!!
    Hope you have a lovely time

  15. OMG I suffer from vasovagal too and every time I am near a needle (or even in a doctor’s office) I experience it! I feel for your pain – lol.

    Anyway, I love your NYC recaps because I live there and it’s neat to see where you go! & next time you come here you should do a meet-up! Have FUNNNN in Asia 🙂

  16. Ohhhh so exciting! Have so much fun in Asia! I’m absolutely loving your snapchats! I’m also from SD so it’s fun to see places I recognize and I’m having fun traveling vicariously through you!


  17. Ah Phuket is the best! As someone mentioned above, take a private boat to phi phi….and while on Phuket make sure to get some food at Cafe Opera…super chill vibe with great eats and live music. Have fun!

  18. Hey Lauren, I lived in HK for 10 years (was born there) and Phuket for 8 years! Please let me know if you need any recommendations for the best spas, restaurants, quietest beaches and etc. Drop me a line at (or what is your email??)I would be happy to help!

    Alice x

  19. First time commenting on your blog! I studied abroad in Beijing and it is my favorite place! Definitely do the tourist activities – Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Great Wall. There are multiple entrances to the Great Wall, I recommend the Mutianyu entrance as it is much less crowded and far less touristy than Badaling, i.e. you can climb stairs to the Wall at Mutianyu entrance with significantly less people than at Badaling. Da Dong (a famous peking duck restaurant) is a must and located near the American embassy. Peking University is beautiful and located outside the Fourth Ring Road, a short cab ride from Wudaoku, which is a popular area for foreigners – i.e. more English, more wifi, more coffee shops. I’m insanely jealous of your trip, have fun!

  20. I totally faint for shots too! I never used to, but now I always have to lie down. Have an amazing time on all of your travels!

  21. Laur,
    I’ll be in Phuket on Monday!! When will you be there? Would love to see you and Michael if possible. I am definitely going to try and play with tigers while I am there (

  22. Yes, please do a full recap on your time with SkinnyGirl! We would love to hear what you think about their products. Do they contain artificial ingredients?

    Have fun in Asia, and definitely take some time to yourself to unwind….4 years is a long time!!


  23. Try to check out AoNang! It is lovely…. and indulge in a “pancake” on the side of the road when you are Thailand. My favorite thai treats would be stick mango rice and coconut icecream. Where the icecream is literally in a coconut with all the delicious coco meat. ahhhh I die.

  24. Hi Lauryn! Have a great time in Asia! I was there a few years ago for a month and absolutely loved it. If you can get over to Singapore you should really try, it was an incredibly beautiful place. So clean, the food was amazing and the shopping was unreal. On their small island there were like three different Louis Vuittons, it was heaven haha! Safe flight!

  25. you are going to LOVE asia. the food IS UNREAL. So creative and inspiring… really nothing like we have hear. On your list, I’ve only been to Beijing but I can imagine the other locations will be just as amazing. Be prepared for a LOT of people. Like, A LOT Of people, fighting to do everything and be the first and not caring about common courtesy. Also, be prepared for a LOT of people to take pictures of you. With that blond hair, you’ll be an every day phenomenon. People will literally push their children to stand in your vicinity so they can take a picture “of their kid” but really it’s you.

    HAVE AN AMAZING TRIP!!! It’s so wonderfully wild, beautiful, explosive in culture… I’m already missing it!

  26. Hi Lauren I’m a huge fan of everything you do (as I type this, in bed, with my alligator clipped curls ready for a styled night of slumber 🙂

    I travel internationally quite a bit, and wanted to share a couple of communication Apps / you (you may already have the scoop) that are great to keep in touch w/ friends and family w/out going broke on international data roaming.

    1) We use VIBER for calls, and it’s like Skype w/ no video and much better connections. My husband was in Africa for 6 weeks, and it worked well (as long as there is a wifi connection) in Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Most hotels have free wifi in the lobby or at least some access in your hotel.
    2) Whatsapp is a great way to share photos (you can attach up to 10) with friends & family like normal texting BUT it doesn’t affect your plan. You just need wi-fi.

    To use the you’ll have to make sure those folks you want to chat with have the apps too, but I can tell you (as my hubby leaves for African AGAIN in the morning) we use them both with great success and rarely hit any surprise charges on our cell bills.

    Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to hearing (well, reading) the recap! I hope you’ll include a few videos in those posts in the future.

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