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Mini DeLites: New York City Shenanigans

new york city | by the skinny confidential

{ New York street style | sweater is sold out, similar here }

new york city | by the skinny confidential

{ hemp milk cappuccino…boo, missing them already }

new york city | by the skinny confidential

{ a few snaps via Instagram }

Every time we go to New York City, I have a full blown love affair.

Over & over again.

As you can see, we flew to New York City after Puerto Rico so I could attend & blog about The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Victoria’s Secret asked me to come to basically to go behind the scenes & interview the models so I could come back & share the whole magical experience with YOU GUYS!

So of course, that’s exactly what I did: I happily went to get the lowdown for all you lovely TSC readers ( & you can bet I asked some real deal questions ). Excited to share all the details tomorrow…I’ve been working on the recap all weekend so stay tuned.

Here’s a little sneak peek, BTS:

new york city | by the skinny confidential

{ Victoria’s Secret backstage beauties }

Naturally Michael & I explored the city to the fullest. Every time we travel to NYC, we fall more & more in love. If you live there, I am SO jealous! The city has such character.

We spent one day JUST looking for pizza; I swear we walked for hours. It was super fun & we ended up at this tiny, little joint that served real deal Italian pizza with super dry red wine. I was in heaven. Pizza just tastes a million times better when you’re in New York City. The same day we ended up at the beer garden in Soho which was fun & different. The beers are crazy big & the vibe there is rad ( you almost feel like you’re in a different country ). Definitely would go back ( ahem, babe ).

A few random tidbits:

1.} We spent hours at book stores. We love to read so we ended up perusing a ton of different bookstores. NYC has SUCH cute/charming, little book stores ( I’m also a Barnes & Noble fan too ). Anyway, I’m feeling a post on books, maybe we need to even do a babe’s book club. Thoughts?

2.} by CHLOE. is awesome for vegan food. You kind of don’t want to miss this place. Plus the decor is super Insta-worthy. If you’re looking for that perfect foodie, bird’s eye view shot- head to by CHLOE.

3.} I met some of you!! SO cool. Some of you came up to say hi to me & Michael. It was really fun to meet some of you in person. Maybe next time we can do a big meet up : ).

4.} The Smile has a GREAT breakfast. So, so yummy. Try their egg sandwich with a cold brew and grapefruit mimosa & you’re golden for life. It’s this little underground spot that has all the charm in the world.

5.} Which brings me to my final point: cereal. Yes. Cereal. We went to this place called Gold Bar ( HIGHLY recommend this spot ) ANDDDD Michael ordered a…wait for…Cheerios milk cocktail. Basically it’s this cocktail that tastes like Cheerios milk. With bourbon.

Is that fucking genius or WHAT?! I was dying. It was too dark to take an Instagram, I know, so annoying. Oh & the cocktail is called The Cereal Killer!! Ahhh. So good. The bar’s layout was amazing too; basically it’s a billiard room with a gold-hammered bar. So CLUE/Colonel Mustard with the candlestick-esque, right?!

We also went to the restaurant next to the bar, where I rocked some faux fur:

new york city | by the skinny confidential

{ a snap at The Clocktower NYC | wearing a faux vintage fur, similar here }

new york city | by the skinny confidential

{ Ralph’s Coffee }

new york city | by the skinny confidential

{ snapping our way through NYC }

And again, can I just say how much I LOVE Snapchat? It’s such an unfiltered way to connect with all of you. Plus it’s so fun to poke fun at Susan…if you follow me, you know what I mean. Some of you have snapped me the BEST tips too. Is anyone else with me on the Snapchat obsession? If you want to see something specific on Snapchat, lemme know below.

Ok, I have a VERY important date with my bed & latest book ( yessss- Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography…which is turning out to be a FABULOUS read ).

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s VSFW recap!! Excited to share.

Talk soon, lauryn

  1. My husband is obsessed with Arnold and all his books. He follows many of his workouts too! I loved all your snapchats in NYC! We are planning a trip there soon, next year hopefully. I am torn between going in the fall or going at Christmas time. What would you recommend? I can’t wait to read more about the Angel’s interviews!!

  2. i follow you on snap and the tales of panicky susan are just the best haha. honestly i replay the susan parts (shivering hands in airport kills me everytime). also, have you heard about moringa? basically Moringa is a plant that is native to the sub-Himalayan areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. It is also grown in the tropics. The leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, and root are used to make medicine. and the health benefits of are INSANE. its something i think you would be interested in, personally i take mine in capsules i ordered online and reading the label of how much it contains of basically everything healthy is mind blowing

  3. Great post, Lauryn! I love New York too. I think it’s my favorite city. I can never choose between New york and London! & all the photos are so pretty! <3

  4. Hiiiii.

    I love your Snapchat – especially Panicky Susan. I love how happy you are almost every time you snap – your laugh is contagious. Also, I love that you write me back on Snapchat – so many bloggers don’t reply to their followers and it’s nice to know I will get a response from you. 🙂

    Keep doing what your doing, I enjoy it. Also, would you do a post on when you take vitamins/supplements? I have heard mixed things about when is the best time to take vitamins and am curious to know if I am doing things wrong. (Example: taking probiotics, vitamins, when you drink your suja drinks, etc).

  5. Oh man! I would definitely be in for a Babe’s book club! Always on the hunt for some good recommendations 🙂 Also, I am SUPER jealous of Michael’s Cheerios milk cocktail, I’ll have to see if I can make my own!

  6. CHLOE is to die, I miss it so much!

    I love how you and Michael just explore without an agenda and do your thing. I don’t miss it after living there for three years, but I sort of do, just when I see your posts and ability to wear faux fur.

    Can’t wait for the update! The swelling (lack there of) looks so so good, aka you look phenomenal and happy.

    Happy for you!

  7. Love the update, and can’t wait to check out the post tomorrow! I lived in NY for two years, and as a west coast gal, I can say I really love being back and just VISITING NY. NY is amazing and out of this world, but sometimes I would feel a little trapped in the summer (Hamptons, or Hamptons?). Maybe I wasn’t adventurous enough 😛 I think an apartment there AND here would do!! 😀


  8. Doesn’t matter what country I’m in food isn’t going away anytime soon.I always order the appetizer and some kind of small salad,that with wine or a cocktail is plenty and I fill up on the ambiance of where I’m dining.I enjoy food but it really isnt that important to me.I’ve been 97 lbs most of my adult life,but I am also only 5ft.Would you please shoot me a email and tell me where I can get the marble appetizer slate with the horn handles you have in your home?

  9. I heard you say on snapchat there isn’t anymore Barnes & Nobles’ in San Diego. Good news! There is. It is in Encinitas and I am obsessed with it.

  10. Book Club!!! I’m in! Although, all my books are mostly non-fiction based. It could be like a babe’s get educated / taking back your power type bok club? No? Dammit, I’ll start it myself ?
    Planning a trip to NYC for summer next year so loving all the tips ?

    Nicola, xo

  11. Lauryn, what great spots in NYC! Delighted to know Ralph’s has hemp milk lattes! They are the best. If you want to make them at home, check out this recipe:



  12. please please please do a book post/book club!! especially about entrepreneurial/girl boss/take over the world reads – you’ve been there done that and created a bomb life and I would love to soak up any knowledge I can as I continue on my path to do the same 🙂

    Soooo sad I didn’t see you around soho!! (I live there!) so please do a meetup next time or call me and we can go to jacks wife freda/pizza/juice shots and then bounce around the hidden boutiques!!

    Went to dash courtesy of you last week and got the most amazing sunglasses so thank you again! I will send a pic soon!!

    Can’t wait to see your post on vs…
    xx B

  13. Haha, yes you should totally do a meetup next time in NYC!

    And OMG, I’ve been trying to get a book club set up for the longest time. My friend has one on facebook (Hot Nerds Club) but it’s so difficult to get set up and have people actually interact. If you had one, I’d definitely get the book. I love book discussions.


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