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Mini DeLites + The BIG Move

The Skinny Confidential talks moving.

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Life’s been a windwhril lately, or is whirlwind? Regardless, it’s been F-ing CRAZY.

Let me update you: Michael & I found a new place together in downtown San Diego but we’re also moving to LA half time for work…so ya. I’m definitely going to miss my old place but ultimately I’m soooo glad I lived by myself for a while before moving with him. I highly recommend living alone before moving in with a guy. ( & BTW: we found ‘our space’ so I didn’t have to move in to his space…THANK God ). Will keep you updated on how that whole deal goes.

Anyway this weekend we went to LA to celebrate the JNB trunk show & we were going to stay at our new place BUT we forgot to get SDG&E set up. Soooo we ended up at a hotel called Palihouse which was super cute. But shit, wish we would have turned on the electricity, lol.

The Skinny Confidential talks moving.
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Especially when you’re juggling two dogs ( if you have kids during a move, serious props ), two different households, two different cities, work, the holidays, & I’m helping my grandma move too. I mean? SOS?

And just for the record merging two households is no joke…now I guess it’s time for us to start wedding planning? HA. I’m literally crying AND laughing out loud now.

The Skinny Confidential talks moving.
{ too early for holiday lights? }

Does anyone have ANY moving tips? Only because I feel like I’m drowning. HELP!

& of course, happy Monday!

Chat tomorrow, x Lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks moving.

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The Skinny Confidential talks moving.

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The Skinny Confidential talks moving.
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  1. My advice is:
    1) do not even think about wedding planning until the new year.
    2) lists, lists, lists and delegate, delegate, delegate – ask for help and give your boyf lists of things that will ease your load and stress!
    3) no packing the night before the move. be 99.9% ready to go and sip a wine spritzer instead.
    Sending good vibes!

  2. I would say attack ONE AREA at a time. Don’t try to unload the living room and the bedroom and the office all together. That is waaay too much stress for me. Hope that helps (:

  3. I just had to move, from Oregon to Washington DC!!! Something that really helped me stay organized was keeping a notebook. I would label each box with a number, and then in the notebook I would write everything that was in there ( i.e. jackets, books, excess bathroom items, etc ). It was a great way not only to ensure that I didn’t lose anything in the move, but also to make sure I packed everything. I hope this helps you out, good luck! 🙂

  4. Girl, I feel your pain so so so much! Moving has made me cry more than anything else ever. I 100% gave away all of my stuff except for my fave wardrobe pieces and became a sort of minimalist after moving from Vancouver -> NYC -> SF for the bfs job over 2 years. NO more ever please!! You have such cute decor though, this probs won’t work! Soon it will be a distant memory and you will forget the pain lol. XXX and good luck!

  5. I’ve been there and done that. My husband and I moved from a big two-bedroom condo in Orlando, Florida all the way to a small one-bedroom in San Francisco. It took nearly three weeks for our stuff to make it across the country, and we had a lot tough transition time. I would recommend PURGING as much as possible ahead of time, and hiring movers to pack and wrap all your delicate stuff, because things will get broken. At least you don’t have all your wedding gifts yet. Save a room or space for wedding gifts and wedding planning in your new house. You’ll need it.

  6. Congrats on finding a place! It can definitely be stressful but is oh so worth it in the end (trust me, I’ve moved 6 times in 6 years lol!) Just take it slow, pack well and methodically and it will help a ton when you’re unpacking! XO, D

  7. So happy you love the Skin Savior Beauty Balm and all of our One Love Organics products. That is truly the balm that does it all from removing makeup, to moisturizing skin!

  8. Good luck moving! I know it’s SO stressful! I moved almost every semester of college– my biggest tip is to make sure you label your boxes by room and what’s in them!! Things get lost SO easy! xoxo

    1. I totally forgot to label. I’m probably the worst at the actual act of moving. So unorganized! Thanks for the tips! xx

  9. A year ago i had to pack up our place alone (as usual, haha). Our new place was not ready and we knew we would be living in my brother in laws basement guestroom (9 squarefeet) for 3 months and in between there was a month-long trip to australia (summer stuff needed!) So while packing i had to think about each item: basement, australia or storage? This was by far the craziest move. In Down under the pay back came and i got very sick for the first week but i saw that one coming…good luck to you! Two cities sounds fun!

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