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Mini DeLites: MILAN, ITALY

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ strawberry basil gelato…way too addictive }

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ a grainy picture of me & Michael at Roberto Cavalli x DISARONNO }

4:02 AM on Tuesday.

& surprise, surprise jet lag has me by the balls.

Went to bed at 5 PM last night, woke up at 2 AM today, you get the drift. And now we’ve been up watching MR. ROBOT ( << so gnarly, watch it ), eating Cheez-It’s & now I’ve decided to do a blog post. Because blogging at 4 AM is entirely normal.

Jet lag is so bizarre, I just feel straight up antsy!


Milan, Italy was stunning. Small charming streets, fruit-filled gelato on every corner, crazy shopping, & beautiful architecture.

It’s definitely a place everyone should experience, so if you’re thinking of planning a trip to Italy any time soon, definitely make a stop in Milan ( I’d recommend 3 days ). Side note: I’ll do a Paris/Milan itinerary x outfit recommendations, if you guys want?

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ ate wayyyy too much pizza! }

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ Duomo Cathedral…so crazy beautiful, so dramatic }

On to more specifics of the trip— we stayed in Milan for one day until Michael decided ( very spontaneously, I should add ) that we travel to Lake Como for 2 days, which turned out to be really unbelievable. Lake Como is just probably the most magical place I’ve ever been. Stay tuned for more details next week but basically it’s this stunning lake with tiny restaurants & boutique hotels. The lake is surrounded by intense greenery, mountains, & Italian-style homes.

After Lake Como we went back to Milan because FINALLY I was feeling less swollen. The whole swollen thing really ruined the whole Fashion Week thing for us. Like I said, we booked this trip months & months ago, planning to attend NY & Milan Fashion Week but I simply felt out of sorts & too swollen to really do anything.

Ultimately, I’m not too bummed because instead we had a romantic vacation. So things worked out.

Towards the last 2 days of the trip, I finally started to feel a bit better so I ended the trip with a little work- we went to a dinner for Roberto Cavalli & DISARONNO and met up with other influencers. Still though, I feel like I’m wearing a mask. Feeling swollen 24/7 is weird.

Also, Michael & I went to Duomo Cathedral, did some shopping, ate, walked, ate, drank Campari sodas, ate, & explored. I also had a collagen facial that was INSANE. And collagen facials are my favorite thing…ever? Basically it pumps the skin in all the right places ( & it also helped with my swelling A LOT ). It’s crazy because you can see a huge difference after just one. Will be on the hunt for a collagen facialist in California after this trip.

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ the most charming little streets }

Anyway, I have more to share but I feel like I should try to sleep for 2 more hours, ya?

This month’s theme is ORGANIZATION.

I am coming back from this trip completely re-inspired in blogging & in life. After my surgery I needed a minute to step outside. This trip did just the trick. I’m really feeling, I don’t know, re-motivated ( is that a word? )! I have a really clear vision of the next steps for my business, so October…it’s time to execute. It’s amazing how stepping away from things can bring so much perspective.

Ok! If you are toying around with the idea of going to Milan– let me know any questions below, happy to help!

Happy Monday ( or is it Tuesday? ), lauryn

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ favorite way to start a meal: Campari sodas }

  1. Yay so glad you are feeling better and less swollen! Please please do a fashion post, I especially love the outfit you’re wearing in the pic of you under the umbrella in the rain! so cute.

    Side note, I recently went to Scottsdale and was all about the Jalapeno Margaritas! after reading you write about them so often I had to try one and omg, game changer!

    Looking forward to the outfit post!!!

    1. Hi Shelby, omg so glad you finally tried a jalepeño marg! SO good. I totally felt the same way when I tried one, GAME CHANGER. Thanks for reading :)) xx

  2. i’ve been to Rome in Italy, unfortunately not Milan just yet. But i’m sure they’re both as wonderful as each other. Looks like a great little vacation and YES campari sodas are delicious!

  3. Those pictures are absolutely stunning and the food looks delicious. Sorry about the jet lag, I am sure it was worth it. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Heather, omg jet lag is ROUGH. I’m feeling way better though now, SO glad it’s passing. Thanks for reading

  4. Hmm heck ya! Planning a Europe trip with my husband for the spring of 2016 and Milan looks gorgeous! Where should we go/stay?

    1. Hi Martha! I am doing a travel itinerary with suggestions soon so stay tuned! Check back soon it’s coming in the next two weeks or so I promise! xx

  5. I’ve been to Rome, Venice and Florence… never made to Milan as a lot of people would tell me it had an “industrial” vibe… you’ve just moved it back on my list! Lake Como is DEF on the list!

  6. Sounds like you guys had such a lovely time (apart from you still feeling swollen)! All the food looks so delicious. I would love to see a travel post on Milan, and love the idea of including outfit recommendations!!

  7. Loved this post! You’re amazing, from your taste & sense of fashion, to your relationship with Michael (PS <3) and humor! LOVE watching your snapchats and getting a peek behind the curtain. Feeling so inspired by you 🙂 Also, would love a fashion post for Paris/Milan. Off to get a margarita pizza now 😉 xo

    1. Hi Megan. you are seriously SO sweet. Thank you! You have no idea how much your thoughtful comments mean to me. Thanks for reading

  8. First off, your trip looked amazing! I watched with jealousy over snap chat – ha! Anyways, I have been deciding if I want to purchase the Keepsake lace crop top you have for like the past week, but I was wondering what you wore under it. Is it completely see threw??



    1. Its up to you! It definitely is see through, but the design also covers a lot. I recommend wearing a bandeau bra. Not a regular bra. Does that make sense? xx

  9. I must admit I was sad that you guys were going home because I was looking forward to the adventures of Panicky Susan! Please do a what to pack guide!! That is my #1 problem when traveling especially since it was a bit cold and rainy when you were in Europe.



    1. Hi Jenna,

      LOL Panicky Susan is just ridiculous. Thanks for reading, and yes packing post coming soon I promise. xx

  10. You look AMAZING. The jaw surgery looks great, even with the swelling (which can take months and months to go down). I assume you also had fat grafting in your cheeks, which look phenomenal by the way.

    You look awesome.

    1. Thank you Chels! I am still very swollen. I didn’t have fat grafting, just jaw corrective surgery. Thanks again for reading xx

  11. Hey Lauryn, have you ever heard of a PRP facial? Its a natural way to boost your own collagen production here’s a place that does it in San Diego its really cool!

  12. So glad your trip worked out for the best!! Loved following your snapchapts of Susan LOL! So so funny, love it 🙂

  13. Italy, in my opinion, is the best country in Europe! Every year I visit a tiny village on the Amalfi Coast called Atrani, and it is just the best. So glad to see you went to Como, 5 years ago in my private PA days, I lived the dream and stayed 4 nights at George Clooneys villa. I was mostly enclosed inside the hedges of his double villa property, but I did take a trip on a little boat for gelato with Uma Thurman (!!) so I got to see SOME of the lake, and it is just so beautiful!

  14. I ADORE italy. I am insanely jealous. These are such cute photos as always <3
    xx, Pia

  15. Hey!
    I love your blog, and just started my own, finally!
    Um, hi, can I go to Italy?
    You seem like you had such an amazing time there!
    and that gelato, though! YUMMMM

  16. Beautiful!! The hubby and I just returned from Italy late Saturday night , we had a fabulous time in Rome, Venice and Florence. The wine and food, yum! and I found the cutest leather handbag! Rest up! I know I am just starting to feel normal myself!

  17. Getting out of your comfort zone is so essential to re-motivation and getting organized its like a MUST do! Seeing new things, tasting new tastes, hearing new languages, seeing new styles thats what travel is all about! I love traveling and I swear I have learned more about myself through traveling around the world vs. anything else. Thanks for sharing your beautiful trip, I enjoy following you on snapchat and seeing you and Susan see the world 😉 xo C

  18. Awwww the rain boots are the cutest. So much more girly than hunters!
    You look gorgeous btw the swelling you always talk about is hardly to notice.

  19. I LOVE Milan, it’s one of my favourite cities in the world. The modern areas, and then there is Navigli with the Naviglio Grande and aaawww, I should visit it way more often <3 😀

  20. Hi! Did you ever end up writing a Milan guide? I’m going in a few months and would love your recommendations!

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