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Mini DeLites ( + Miami Sips/Eats )

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ sharing some bites & drinks from Miami…frozen grapes }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.
{ morning grapefruit…not pictured: chia seeds & rye toast }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ crack…but not crack. It’s just really GNARLY coffee that’s like crack, lol }

Can we talk about text message etiquette?

Like, there’s such a thing right? Apparently I may need a little lesson-y, lesson.

You know those articles that are titled “What’s your Love Language?” And there’s a mini, pointless quiz at the end that displays the magical answer?

Ok so, I need this quiz.

But for texting.

But really, everyone has a different texting language. For instance there’s the person who can’t F-ing spell. They’re typically the ones who seriously spell everything wrong. Half the time you don’t understand what the hell they’re saying. AKA “di, Laurin, dhat r uou doin tonight? I eally iss you.”

Uhhhhh…I iss you tuo?

Then there’s the ‘are you kidding me, is this real life’ text messager ( << hi Dad!! This is totally you! ) who will literally text you a 327234089234 paragraphs. Honestly though, my dad has texted me more than we’ve talked face to face.

Kidding, kinda.

I kindly tell him to get to the point…I mean, ten page isn’t necessary when you’re asking for a black coffee at Starbucks. “Can I get a black coffee?” would do just fine.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ smoothie: strawberries, pineapple, oranges, & coconut water }

Another annoying texter is the ‘dot, dot, dot’ texter.

When someone writes “…” It sounds likes they’re mad. Example: “hi, how are you…” or “I guess…”


Then we have the ‘Emoji-obsessed texter.’ This one’s ok with me because sometimes reverting to an Emoji-filled conversation is just necessary ( my Emoji preferences: the laugh/cry Emoji, the ant ( because!! the!! ant!! ), & the check mark ).

And then there’s me: the ‘lagging texter.’

Who clearly, after this weekend, needs maybe texting school?

People get mad at me because I take too long to return texts’. No, no, no not because I think I’m too cool for school. It’s just because I try to shift my focus off text message or I become too distracted. IS ANYONE WITH ME?? PLEASE!! Texting sometimes feels counter-productive, no?

Don’t get me wrong I like texting, but over-texting is kind of a waste of time.

Anyway this weekend I got kind of, sort of yelled at via text by a ‘dot dot dot texter’ who thought I was ignoring her.

But I wasn’t!! I was just trying to focus on work and the weekend…& well, the people I was actually physically hanging out with.

Also, let’s just agree that overusing LOL, texting back too quickly, & TEXTING IN ALL CAPS is annoying as shit too.

What’s your texting style? Tell, tell.

Happy Monday! – Lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.
{ two of my fav cocktails: rosé & vodka w/ squeezed oranges }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ poolside watermelon & cottage cheese w/ the cutest flower }

  1. I too am a lagger when it comes to text messaging. I miss the days where texting was limited to a certain amount of characters and cost 10 cents per text message. I think it actually disconnects us more than we think. Sorry I’m not sorry but pick up the phone and give me a call if you want to talk, am I right?!

  2. I am an over emoji user and also a texting novelist! I just get carried away! But I’m defs getting better at making actual phone calls, and not looking at my phone when I’m hanging with people.

  3. People get mad at me allllllllll the time for being such a delayed texter. But if you’re with someone else in person and you’re on your phone they get mad. You can’t win in this texting game.

  4. I think if I had to fall into a texting category it would be the emoji/gif obsessed! All my texts have gifs! I love how they convey my emotions! Haha! But … texters drive me crazy! I’m like “oh my god they have to be mad! Why else would there be a …??”

  5. I am an absolute ‘lagging texter’ I have no excuses really!! Totally going to be a NY resolution to work on!! xo

  6. I love your blog Lauryn and can totally identify with this post.
    I always take ages to reply to texts; my BFF calls me a texting slore haha!!
    Have a great day xx

  7. dot dot dot, doesn’t mean you’re mad at the person, for me it just means a longer pause than a comma, there’s something more to say, you shouldn’t think it means the person is mad 🙂

    Elipsis definition (dot dot dot) It is used to show that the sentence has been left unfinished or unstarted

  8. Haha I am a delay texter too just because sometimes I just get so annoyed with texting. I usually look at a text, then get distracted by something else on my phone (hello, instagram notification) and then completely forget to go back and text to person.

  9. I’m the WTL texter – way too long! Texting is absolutely so cool but etiquette should not be that we assume immediate response. I try to give focus to the present work, life and relationships and it’s hard at the whim of a texts, so I too put ‘responses’ in a different time in my schedule. Time slice them and respond at your sched. If its an emergency, people do call. Makes you think about how really important the answer to that text is…great ask, Lauryn!

  10. I am 100% with you on the neglect-but-not-really-I-just-forgot texting. I legit do this, ALL. the. time. If you need me to respond and I did not do it within an hour you should retext or email me because my mind has already shifted but not purposely!
    XO – Olivia

  11. I’m a huge delayed text offender! What happens to me is that I see a text and if I respond it’s going to be a CONVERSATION and I can’t right then or just feels like too much. Then I forget all about it. Then it’s been too long and now you need an excuse or something, which I don’t want to do and I feel awkward, so I wait. Then it’s been even longer and I don’t know how to recover. The anxiety kills me.. It’s killing me now thinking about it.

  12. Hahaha I am hooked on animated emoticons my gf thinks I need a intervention and ugh my spelling is bad too

  13. I am a textaholic because of the app LINE, here in Asia no one calls one another you Line them even businesses to ask if they have certain products etc. its kinda crazy but kinda cool at the same time. Because of Line, I use emojis my husband calls me a 6 year old ;p
    Miami looks like it treated you well!
    xo C

  14. I am definietly guilty of texting back too quickly and not being present to the people who I am physically with. I also send a ton of seperate texts instead of one large one. I have some serious anxiety about texting back. I feel like people will get mad at me if I don’t text back right away. My poor bf is always saying I never listen to him. I feel terrible!! Thanks for this post, such a great reminder to chill the F out!

  15. I’m a perfect grammar texter, though sometimes I do lean toward the LOL and emoji overuse. I can’t stand it when people use “text spelling”.

  16. I would say that I have a very particular texting method when generally communicating with people. If I’m having a conversation over text with my close friends I tend to be a bit more informal (using short forms, acronyms, multiple exclamation points) In general though I make sure everything is spelled correctly. Your texting style tends to say a lot about your personality and if you’re misspelling words out of pure carelessness, it shows the person on the receiving end you do not care to put in that little bit of extra effort.

  17. I’ll respond to a text immediately or never. Though I have to say in 99% it’s immediately and I don’t get that many text messages anymore.

  18. I can´t take the dot dot dot texters or the all caps texters either. And for my self, I am a delayed texter…always answering 2 or 3 days later. When I see the text, I am usually busy, forget about it, and remember a few days later.

    All of your drinks in this post look delicious!


  19. The guy I’m dating right now is a total “dot dot dot” texter. It took me a little while to come to terms with the fact that … equals a period or a comma to him, not a change in tone. Haha! I love that you identified the ddd texter. That just made my freakin’ day.

  20. Thats funny cause i was in miami this summer and we got the frozen grapes at the pool daily. Looooved it! Its a really refreshing snack 🙂 Thanks for that post 🙂

    Like your page by the way =)


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