Mini DeLites: Meal Plan Style


{ chia seed berry pudding }

the skinny confidential meal plan | by the skinny confidential

{ a bunch of my alcohol hacks ; ) }

You know I’m always hectic on a Monday.

I mean who isn’t but today was especially hectic. So much so, I’m writing this post in bed at midnight watching Vanderpump Rules.

It’s oddly hard to type because I decided to switch it up & get long gel nails- things are much harder with long nails in case you didn’t know. Michael loved his weekend scratch though. He is still talking about it. Although I supplemented scratching him with my new nails with THIS INVENTION. IT WORKS GREAT if you’re trying to preserve a manicure.

Ok so first off I figured we’d do a themed Mini DeLites here with a peek inside TSC Meal Plan with some visuals. Cool?

All of these pictures are of TSC Meal Plan recipes/concoctions. They’re quick, easy, recipes for the girl who’s always late.

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the skinny confidential meal plan | by the skinny confidential 3

{ a go-to nightly treat! }

the skinny confidential meal plan | by the skinny confidential 2

{ one of my favorite anti-inflammatory soups }

Anyway, like I said, Michael & I did no dairy, red meat, or alcohol for 15 days. We felt AMAZING.

Last week I slowly implemented cheese & wine which was MEH weirdly? Not as thrilling as I’d expect.

Then on Saturday we went out for Jordan’s birthday.

All innocent until you have one too many rosés & convince everyone that they need IN & OUT protein-style burgers at 11 PM. With fries. And maybe even a Diet Coke…which is something I never drink butttt ya gotta live once in a while.

Well, you play you pay, because the next day we were literally dying.

I guess that’s what happens with you cut those three things out & then stuff your face with a burger covered in cheese after a wine night.

It’s safe to say today was absent of cheese, meat, & wine. Trying to keep it clean today.

the skinny confidential meal plan | by the skinny confidential 12

{ favorite oatmeal medley }

Ya so I had a major food hangover this weekend but today I was back in action, literally behind the computer for 12 hours checking up on e-mails, conference calls, & mapping out a plan for the month, content-wise.

Tomorrow is Michael’s birthday so I have a few tricks up my sleeve including a lot of coconut oil– HA. He can expect a VERY OBNOXIOUS cake too…tune into Snapchat for the details.

Ok so again all these pics are recipes from TSC MEAL PLAN. With that, I’m going to get ready for bed & read my latest book with a cup of mint tea.

Hope you’re all having a good start to your week!

See ya tomorrow, lauryn x

+ be sure to tune in to INSTAGRAM LIVE this week. Here’s the schedule: tomorrow 3/28 at 5:30 PM PST we’re talking HEALTH/DIET/FITNESS and Thursday 3/30 at 4:45 PM pst is a GET READY WITH ME live. See you there!

{ photos }

the skinny confidential meal plan | by the skinny confidential 5

{ the coconut nut butter- RECIPE }


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