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mini delites 3 mondays by the skinny confidential-gt

{ pink elephant cookie & Lucky Charms chocolate bars, OMMMGG }

mini delites- mondays 5 | by the skinny confidential

{ the best housewarming gift: a grapefruit-scented diffuser }

How weird is it when you reach a point where you actually like a good Monday?

Like who am I? What is happening to me? Really, we need a strong moment of silence……..

This is something that’s been actively happening & it’s really weirding me out. I mean I was never an “I HATE MONDAY, SCREW MONDAY” kind of person but as of late I’ve grown to…well…like Mondays.

There are multiple reasons for this. The first being that it feels fresh. I know it’s cliché, but Mondays are kind of a new start. Plus it forces you to go get shit done. & personally I feel a lot better when shit is done. Nothing better than falling into bed after a day of giving your absolute 100%. Another reason is tomorrow is Tuesday, which means the release of all my favorite podcasts. Now you should know I’ve really fallen in love with podcast. Unfortunately there are too many to name so I’ll just do a full post breakdown on my favorites, if you’re game?

Off on a tangent but podcasts just make everything better. Here’s the deal, I’m a kill two birds with one stone kind of gal. If I’m doing something that requires NO brain cells ( CLEANING ) I want to be learning. There are so many podcasts out there that provide a shit ton of knowledge. So ya, scrub & listen, fold & listen, Windex ( not really, I would never use Windex ) & listen, ETC.

A little sparkle, a little knowledge.

Anyway, back to Mondays… I’m also a fan of Mondays because I believe you can set the tone of the week with a positive start. Say you had a shit week the week before, Monday is a way to change your tune, you know?

Maybe the reason I love Mondays so much is because I’m a retired person. You know this if you follow along on Snapchat: I like peppermint tea, quietness, a good book, some Bossanova, & a freezing cold lemon martini…at 6:30 PM. Mondays are very much for retired people.

mini delites- mondays | by the skinny confidential

{ SO excited to dig into The Career Code }

mini delites 1 mondays by the skinny confidential

mini delites 2 mondays by the skinny confidential

{ meditation flow: ginger tea, natural rose water, & soothing candles }

Regardless I feel like if you don’t hate Mondays, they won’t hate you back.

Try it, it’s refreshing. Different. Against the grain. You get my drift.

Thoughts on Monday? Love or hate?

This thought has been occupying my head a lot lately so I figured it was necessary to do an ‘I LOVE MONDAY’ post. Maybe I’ll even make t-shirts. Stay tuned.

In other news, this weekend was eventful. We were in LA for work/play & just really enjoyed ourselves with some friends.

…However we missed our chihuahuas dearly ( retirement home moments ). Back in San Diego now & getting excited because it’s my birthday week! Who’s a Gemini too ; )?

10:02 PM & I am actually off to the gym right now. Sadly I didn’t have enough time to squeeze a cardio sesh in earlier today so there’s that. Gotta end this Monday strong though!

See ya tomorrow, lauryn x

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{ photo 1 & 4 }

mini delites- mondays 1 | by the skinny confidential

{ a tiny canister to hold AM supplements }

mini delites- mondays 4 | by the skinny confidential

{ bedside ring dish }

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  1. I LOVE Comartes Chocolate!! There are so many I still am dying to try, so the cereal bowl and pink elephants ones are for sure next on my list <3

  2. finally found someone who loves Mondays too!

    yes i do love Mondays, for me its a new beggining, i set my short-term goals to complete through the week and celebrate them done on the weekend. i also spend Fridays nights and Saturdays doing fun weekend things, but stay home on Sundays, being lazy ‘not actually’ but relaxing and doing nothing to collect energy for the next week.

    So guess you are not the only weirdoo, lol, welcome to the ‘retired club’

    & Happy Birthday in advance xo

  3. I’m also Gemini (my birthday is on June, 1st), maybe, that’s why I can relate to you on so many levels ahah 😀
    I’ve also grown to love Mondays over the last couple of months, it’s just that feeling of starting the week fresh and being excited about new opportunities. Overall, Monday can be as fun as any other day of the week, it’s all about what you do with it. Let’s show Monday some love! 😉


    1. I hope you had an amazing birthday Alina! How did you celebrate?
      Exactly! Monday is what you make of it.
      Thanks for your support :))

  4. i like this a lot – i think it’s just changing the mentality of how you view the day. easier said than done for many though! also needing a bossanova playlist from you! unless you posted it and i missed it, in which case, SHAME on me 🙂

    1. GREAT idea to create a playlist! I will get on that Kerri :))
      Definitely easier said than done but SO worth it!
      Thanks for reading!

  5. I love Mondays too, for me its a new beggining, i set my short-term goals to complete through the week and celebrate them done on the weekend. i also spend Fridays nights and Saturdays doing fun weekend things, but stay home on Sundays, being lazy ‘not actually’ but relaxing and doing nothing to collect energy for the next week.

    Happy Birthday in advance xo

  6. I’m totally feeling you on the Monday’s! It’s something about waking up with a purpose after two days of having no purpose… although let’s be serious, I love the weekends as well!

    I’m also a fellow Gemini… which is really by far the best sign. You just never know what you’re going to get with us, now do you? 😉 Happy early birthday!

  7. i agree with you whole heartedly! i’ve never been one to hate on a Monday. Funnily enough it’s Tuesday & Wednesday that sometimes get me. But it’s all about the mindset you approach it with and looking it as a reset to get shit doneeee

  8. fellow gemini hollla! And like another commenter said, it’s probably why I just relate with you/TSC so much. ESPECIALLY with extremes. And I def have a side that my boyfriend LOVES & one that he wants to strangle… sometimes both at once. It happens!

    I feel you with Mondays – although I do try to stay busy all week long, I find something very refreshing about Mondays. Maybe for the same reason I like New Years (+ the champagne)? Also LOVING the supplement canister & that candle looks amazing – I am having a major candle moment as of late. Have a great week! x S

  9. You guys SERIOUSLY need a reality show. The entire business plus your relationship would be so fun to watch on TV. Which network do I need to push this too?? I feel like you would be PERFECT for E! or Bravo!

    1. Which books have been your favorites so far Courtney?
      So happy you’re loving the recommendations. Do you have any books you suggest?
      Thank you for reading!

  10. I love small dishes.. especially for my guest bedside table. I like to find unique ones or vintage crystal dishes to add an eclectic, high end look!!!

    1. Hi Ellen!
      I LOVE:
      + Gary Vee
      + The Bitch Bible
      + Lady Gang
      + Ted Talks
      Thanks for all of the support :))

  11. Gemini here too! You love Mondays because you love your job (and it’s also very GaryVee). Point is, when you’re excited about what you do you will love doing it. Kill it this week!

    Success Blogger
    The X Class

    1. Podcasts are the best for car rides!
      I LOVE:
      + Gary Vee
      + The Bitch Bible
      + Lady Gang
      + Ted Talks
      Do you have any current favorites Amira?

  12. Would love to see a post about your favorite podcasts! Also on a side note, I’ve been drinking matcha tea lattes every morning after breakfast now. Super obsessed

    1. Matcha lattes are so delicious and loaded with benefits!
      I LOVE:
      + Gary Vee
      + The Bitch Bible
      + Lady Gang
      + Ted Talks
      Let me know what you think of them!
      Thanks for the support Angela!

  13. I love love Mondays too boo – you’re always so hard at work – like the late night shift Mondays and I can tell!

    I like them because you get so much done, everyones doing their own thing and it’s just a real GRIND. That I LOVE.

    If you love what you do you don’t hate Monday’s, am I right?


    1. Exactly Krista couldn’t agree more! Mondays are all about the hustle my favorite :))
      Thanks for reading!

  14. these look delicious & you have to love a recipe that includes ingredients you already have in the pantry! it’s been so fun to watch projects like these ^ in real time on Snapchat and then see the result via a blog post. Love.

  15. Happy birthday week to us! My birthday is on Friday so I guess I’m technically a Tauras/Gemini 🙂
    Just wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying the podcast. I look forward to it every week. And it’s also gotten me into podcasts altogether. I’m obsessed with commuting/cooking/getting ready and listening to a podcast. It’s really been helping me to have a better mindset throughout the day.
    P.S. Love you guys on SC. I resisted getting one for three years and finally cracked so I could follow along!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes and happy birthday to you Brittany! I hope it was fabulous :))
      What are some of your favorite podcasts?

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