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Mini DeLites: LAKE COMO

lake como | by the skinny confidential

IMG_6803-gtLAKE COMO is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

( For the record, Phuket, Thailand is a close second ).

Michael & I were spontaneous & decided last minute that we HAD to check out Lake Como.

Since my original Milan Fashion Week plans were kind of ruined, we decided to randomly head to the lake & stay at The Grand Tremezzo.

lake como | by the skinny confidential

lake como | by the skinny confidential

If you’re ever in Milan, I highly ( HIGHLY ) recommend you check out Lake Como. Why? Well 1.) George Clooney lives there. But you know that if you follow me on Instagram. But really. He has a house there. So obviously I was on intense alert searching for him. 2.) The food. The food is just really incredible. We had copious amounts of pasta ( shocking ) accompanied with my favorite red wine varietal, Brunello. Breakfast was a gorgeous spread. Seriously. So impressive. They had six different fresh jams ( think: white peach, & raspberry lemon ). AND GUYS, they had six different raw honeys. So yes. I was in heaven. The hotel’s mimosa picks weren’t too shabby either. They had me at FRESH BLOOD ORANGE MIMOSAS. 3.) The lake. Oh yes, we can’t forget the lake. We rented a chic, little boat & buzzed around the lake. Michael took the lead on that one. My MO that day was sitting in the front of the boat, doing nothing. I had no WiFi which was AMAZING. And the lake was really one of the most peaceful moments of my life. We sat there in the middle of lush, dark green trees on a huge lake, alone. It was just us. The air was probably the freshest air I’ve ever breathed in. I don’t know if I’m accurately describing it, so here’s a visual:

lake como | by the skinny confidential

lake como | by the skinny confidential

After our boat ride we went to the hotel’s bar which was in a Rio de Janeiro-ish kind of setting. We enjoyed Caprese salads & drank blueberry mimosas on the lake. It was definitely one of my favorite days of the trip.

SO. That was Lake Como. I am already bugging Michael to go back.

Today I have a to do list that looks similar to a ten page scroll. Leaving for three weeks SURE has some consequences. On the itinerary: work, blog, emails, organization, Home Goods, work some more, & later tonight- TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

Ok so question for you guys: where is the most BEAUTIFUL, peaceful place you’ve ever traveled? We are so into traveling right now, I would LOVE to know your favorites.

Until next time, lauryn x

+ wearing: white dress ( sold out, similar here & here ) & sunglasses ( similar ).

++ SHOP my vacation style here.

lake como | by the skinny confidential

lake como | by the skinny confidential

lake como | by the skinny confidential
lake como | by the skinny confidential
lake como | by the skinny confidential
lake como | by the skinny confidential


  1. Likuliku Resort in Fiji… and the people operating the resort were equally as beautiful, warm and friendly.

    The food was also INSANE… breakfast was a spread & a la carte menu… and the lunches and dinners were coursed & five star… all the veggies were grown on site!

    It’s the only resort in Fiji with overwater bungalows and the snorkeling was ridiculous… we saw turtles, octopus, giant angel fish, etc (the lagoons off the resort are protected, so there are TONS of creatures to see)

    Bonus is the resort is eco-friendly and all the water used is from the on-site desalination equipment.

    1. This makes me sooooo happy because we are going there on New Year’s Day i – we were not able to get a overwater bungalow, but we got a beach bure with a private pool! Do you have a blog with a post on this? Would LOVE to see it! We could not decide between Tokiriki and Likuliku but now I am SO glad he chose this. My bf is HUGE on fish and we would both LOVE to see octopus!! Lauryn – SO sorry for hijacking your thread, but I couldn’t not respond to this!

  2. Lauryn – I swear your travel posts are my favourite. I love that you were able to find a secret place and get away. The pictures seriously look so crisp, and fresh. Going somewhere AWAY from wi-fi is seriously so refreshing. The dress looks perfect for the occasion too! Those jams sound divine, as well. I am so jealous! That water is so blue, it is the perfect shade. Sure looks heavenly.

    Okay, so this sounds totally lame, next to freaking Italy, but Jenner in California. I can seriously go on and on and on about this place, but I will spare you. It is where the Russian River meets the Pacific ocean, and it is just breathtaking, and only 60 miles away from SF. Seriously, you can whale watch at dinner, hike cliffs, rent boats, take kayaks out IN THE OCEAN – and you are completely disconnected. Some hotels boast not having wi-fi. It is our secret place to go when we want to get away from the city! There are some awesome wineries along the coast (lots are private, but totally worth sending an e-mail to get in). I always feel way refreshed after a weekend here.

    Tokyo was another place I felt completely at peace in – it was a huge city with a lot going on, but it just “fit” me. Hard to explain but it was the first place I have been (and was going through a lot of personal family stuff) and just felt at peace with myself. I am already dying to get back there next year!

    1. Hi Shannon, OMG Jenner sounds amazing! It sounds totally zen and out in nature. I love it. Definitely going to look into it. Thanks for commenting with all your recommendations. You’re so sweet! xx

  3. it looks absolutely gorgous and very very holiday-delish!. I am curious what is the tattoo on your wrist – I’m sure others have noticed/wondered about it too. xox

  4. I live in nanaimo on Vancouver island, here and a lot of British Columbia have lakes and oceans that kind of resemble lake como from what I can see. The terrain is rugged and lush. I’m going to Kelowna this weekend, okanagan lake is absolutely beautiful. Kelowna is technically a desert, but it’s surrounded by mountains and incredible vineyards. Whenever I go on vacation I realize how much i love home. I highly suggest it, especially if you’re looking for somewhere to curl up by a fire this fall. 🙂 xx

  5. I am obsessed with the Scottish highlands. I spent some time there last year and returned this year when I was living in Edinburgh for a month. It is so peaceful and old world British.

  6. You HAVE to check you The Brando resort on the private island Tetiaroa in Tahiti. I was lucky enough to travel there once and it is basically now my life goal to make it back there again, it’s that amazing! Spark notes: used to be Marlon Brando’s private island but now it’s an amazing resort with ~30 private villas, beaches straight out of screen savers, super good local food, adventure activities galore (eg paddle boarding, snorkeling, remote island excursions), relaxing spa & the most friendly and attentive staff you could imagine. You could go here on your way to the Fiji resort others mentioned!! Haha

  7. hey Lauryn! love all of your posts per usual. You are the best way to unwind from a day in the finance world!! I know it’s a bit cliche-but Santorini is absolutely incredible, no pictures do it justice! I was there with my boyfriend a few months ago and it was an adventure unlike any other. A bit closer would be Nantucket Island. I’ve grown up spending my summers there and nowhere in the world compares. I would love to see your fashion take on such an uber preppy yet very fashion forward environment. Please keep up your amazing posts, I look forward to them so much!

    1. Hi Kathleen, thank you for the recs. I love it! Thanks for reading and your sweet comment. I’m flattered you like the blog. Finance world is crazy I’m sure. xx

  8. It looks gorgeous! I’d love to go. I think the most beautiful place I’ve been to is probably Norway – Bergen and Stavanger are my top picks. The fjords are just stunning, there’s really no other words to describe them.

  9. Just got back from my honeymoon in Cabo/Baja and stayed at the most beautiful peaceful resort Rancho Pescadero. Saw you typically go to One & Only but I highly recommend looking into this place. It’s amazing! Beautiful empty beaches and the most quality food – optimal relaxation and peace time!

    1. Hi Ryan, sounds so nice! I think i’ve heard of this place. We love Palmilla, but do you think it’s better? xx

  10. Alright Lauren, I’m gonna have to disagree with you about Lake Como. I live in Italy, in Torino (1.5 hour drive west of Milan) and I must say… you went to the wrong lake. There’s a couple other lakes around Lake Como, and one is WAY BETTER.

    Lake Maggiore.

    It is utterly amazing. There’s 3 islands (Borromean islands) in the middle of the lake. One of them has a huge beautiful summer palace, one is known all over the world for its incredible gardens, and one is an uninhabited fishing village (with incredible restaurants of course). You take a boat taxi and visit each island. It’s so beautiful and romantic and everything that you could ever want in a lake.

    Lake Como is beautiful, but people know it because of George, so it gets al hyped up and touristy. Lake Maggiore is more of a “hidden gem” and that’s what I really really love about it.

    Next time you are out my way, also visit Cinque Terre (it means “five lands”). Just google it. I have no words.

    1. Hi Katie! OMG darn I wish I knew about this hidden gem earlier. Okay adding it to my list for the next trip. Thank you for the tip!! xx

  11. That sounds like an absolutely amazing trip! You should definitely check out Qualia resort on Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia!

  12. Wow it looks stunning and a place I would love to visit some day for sure. My fave place I have ever been is without doubt Rome, Rome all the way for me. I know some people say its busy and dirty etcetc but I have some of my most treasured moments there, from the endless history, the weather, the cobbled streets, the cafes, the gelato, the vino, oh god i just love it, so much so we went back for more a 2nd time:) xxx

  13. You must must must go to Amalfi, but staying in the village of Atrani. It’s about an 8 minute walk to the main Amalfi town, but much less touristy as a lot of people don’t even know it exists. It’s the BEST! My home away from home. You should also go to New Zealand, my actual home, although I live in London!
    PS Clooney has TWO villa’s on the one section. He even has a little pub hidden under the stairwell x

  14. We LOVED lake como! Be sure to check out Bellagio while you’re there. We kicked ourselves for not taking the day boat trip to Sweden.

    Have an amazing time! Looking beautiful as always.


  15. Japan. You HAVE TO do Japan. You would fall in love with Tokyo! I’m here right now & planning to write up an itinerary on my blog asap – keep an eye out for it! <£

    1. I stopped in Japan during my trip to Asia a few months ago, but I wasn’t there long enough. I need to go back FOR SURE. Thanks babe. xx

  16. Traveling is sooooo addictive!

    Lake Como looks so beautiful and peaceful. Me and the husband were in Europe this summer, and we took the train from Venice to Milan and we saw Lake Como from the window and just looked at each other like, “we should kick our plans and get off the train now!” hah!

    We did go to Cinque Terre, Italy and it was UNREAL. Definitely the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and I would recommend it to everyone. Just freakin gorgeous and relaxing 🙂

    Loving all your travel posts!

  17. Basically the whole of Italy is amazing and relaxing. If I’m old I wanna move there and have a vegetable garden and just enjoy my life. My parents also love Italy so we went there a lot. Venice is beautiful but I’ve never been to Lake Como!

    1. This is about 20% swollen. If I showed you guys what I looked like after surgery you wouldn’t believe me. I still feel so swollen : (

  18. Funny that you were looking for George Clooney as I was looking for his house in Sonning on Thames! I loved Lake Como too and can’t wait to return, my father in law lives in Swiss Italy so it’s not far away

  19. Lake como is heaven…. We honeymooned there, really all of Italy is incredible. I’m going to plug my country here… Go to Tofino! It’s a tiny but stylish surf town on Vancouver island. Stay at the Wikanninish… Total lux without feeling disconnected from the wild. You can learn to surf, eat fresh cold water fish caught that day, the hiking is redick, the town is small but the dining is world class and the air will make you feel (and look) 10 years younger. Come see Canada, Lauryn!

  20. Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu, Peru! Hands down the most incredible place I’ve ever been. Plus – we hiked the Inca Trail into Machu Picchu so we WORKED for that view! 🙂

  21. We just got back from Italy and it was so gorgeous! Lake Como was one of the places that we wanted to go to but just didn’t make it. We did spend time down in Taormina, Sicily and were SOOO glad we did! It just felt like a truly Italian getaway, we were the only Americans!

  22. I went to Lake Como this summer!!! 🙂 We stayed in a hostel because we were backpacking… not as lush but still just as beautiful! The only place I think is prettier is Switzerland! Absolutely the most stunning place I have ever been. Zurich is fantastic and anywhere up in the Alps as well. Interlaken and Geneva… basically everywhere in Switzerland is worth going to see. There’s so many hikes and lake activities all around Zurich. Must go!!

  23. My husband and I went to Lake Como, Italy for our honeymoon! We loved it and want to go back so bad. We stayed in Bellagio at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni and it was amazing! So beautiful and the food was amazing. We had so much fun walking around the small town going in and out of shops and drinking wine. Glad you enjoyed it too!

  24. The Amalfi coast!!! Not sure if you’ve been yet or not, but it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen! We also rented a boat and sailed around the coast and it was like something out of a dream. The best part is, you can indulge in tons of pasta and gelato, because walking through the cliffside towns gives you a great workout! 😉

  25. You guys seem like you’re having the best time <3 it's so nice to just like get away together and enjoy each other!

    I am obsessed with Cape Town South Africa- it's like on the beach (so key!) but it's got a cool Brooklyn type vibe in some parts, like trh old biscuit mill. People there are so friendly and kind, and there's so so much to do! Camps bay is lovely, hiking is amazing, food was bomb and it's just unlike anywhere I've ever been!

    Still dying for Thailand tho! Need that trip stat!

    Xox Krista

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