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Mini DeLites: Just A Little About Miami

mini delites miami | by the skinny confidential

{ kind of feel like the Coppertone girl }

mini delites miami | by the skinny confidential


Hi, hi, hi!

Miami was so much fun! We went on business ( & definitely played too ) with Michael’s partner & his girlfriend.

I promise a full Miami recap ( AND A VLOG!!! My first ever vlog! EEK. ) is coming but in the meantime here are some hot spots we hit:

The Bazaar:

Can I just say I was SHOCKED!!! The restaurant just goes above & beyond really. The food is so spot on. First off, they have these little caviar cones ( I am big cavair fan, anyone else? The taste with champagne is soooo delicious ). You get the cavair bites to start & it’s kind of game over from there. They’re filled with capers, lemon, caviar, onions, & a little creme fresh. My idea of heaven paired with a dry champagne. Is anyone with me on this?!

Afterwards we ordered the baby Japanese peaches, Brussels sprouts ( because duh, yes please & more thanks! ), sliders, & hamachi. I have to say the food was really on point. I’m pretty picky & this restaurant really encompassed all my food goals.

Oh, & I forgot to mention, the dessert. So it was probably the BEST dessert I’ve ever had. GUYS!! A deconstructed key lime pie. So it was all separated & you had to go ahead and make it yourself. First off, who doesn’t love making food themselves ( it’s kind of an ego boost, LOL ) & this deconstructed key lime pie was made with all the best ingredients. Think homemade crushed graham cracker, real key lime filling ( what up Florida! ), & coconut whipped cream. Is it bad that I made Michael take me back the AGAIN just for dessert? I’m kind of evil that way.

mini delites miami | by the skinny confidential

{ having fun on the beach }

The Beach:

I have one thing to say about the beaches in Miami. Just one: why are Miami’s umbrellas so cute? There are striped pink & white, black checkered, & bright green ones. I went to the beach just to scope the umbrellas. Chic.

Is this a bizarre thought? Hmm.


This may be super tourist-y of me but maybe not? Weigh in if you’re from Miami. We found this Italian spot in the local mall. Basically it had a lot of European vibes going on, which I love. We started with an artichoke, tomato, cucumber, olive, lemon vinaigrette salad & then we all ordered CARPACCIO, of course. Their salmon carpaccio was really everything I dream of: fresh wild salmon, capers, lemons, some herbs, & raw goat cheese. Pair that with a glass of dry rosé & I’m good to go for life.

Carpaccio, if it’s done right, is SO filling & such a great entree choice. I especially like to order a side of arugula & avocado. Drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil & lemon on top, and you’re golden.

This is probably one of my favorite things to order at restaurants. So obviously I’m a fan of this one.


Very scene-y but super worth it. If I haven’t told you guys, I hate night clubs. I’ve been to my fair share of them & I find them pointless. If you like them, no judgement— it’s just you can’t speak, or hear, or enjoy any food….SOOOOO, yuck. Also, I prefer smooth jazz if we’re being entirely honest. Anyway, the reason I liked the SLS is because it’s swanky with a nightclub-ish feel without the bullshit. The music is not too loud, the food is just right, & the club is a lounge, so I’m in for a little— you know?

Bal Harbour Mall:

For some reason this mall makes me think of the show, Dexter. BAY HARBOR BUTCHER!! Ok, I’m weird. But really, this mall is the SHIT. I swear they pay models to walk around the mall. It’s super bogue-y but not in an intimidating way. Plus it’s literally the perfect scenery to make fun of Michael in. He’s too easy in this mall. His big dilemma was picking between a light grey or a navy belt. He went with light grey. YAWN.

This mall has EVERYTHING. Highs to lows. I got some fantastic foundation & powder that’s really up-ed my makeup game. If you guys are interested, I’ll do a post! Also, Carpaccio is in the mall so I highly recommend getting your BF buzzed off rosé & going shopping ; ).

mini delites miami | by the skinny confidential

{ I wanted to bottle this up & take it home w/ me }

mini delites miami | by the skinny confidential

The Edition:

WOWOWOW! My best friend in the whole world, Steve, stayed at The Edition Hotel so we hung out there a lot ( we stayed at The St. Regis ). The Edition Hotel is fucking EVERYTHING Miami is made of. Think: white marble pool table, pineapple drinks, jazz, homemade bread, huge plants, a bowling alley ( AND ICE SKATING RINK ), floaties, & the most comfortable lounge situation. I think we’ll stay there next time we go to Miami.

If you’ve stayed at The Edition, weigh in!

Prime 112:

AGAIN, guys I don’t know if I’ve being tourist-y but I tend to like the traditional stuff. Prime 112 restaurant is on this list because they have the BEST DAMN BAKED POTATO IN TOWN.

I’m a real baked potato lover.

They’re a great carb & so freaking good. This restaurant gives you awesome sides for your potato AND they have grass-fed steak soooooo…this one gets 100%. Also, I made friends with our waiter who was so, SO cool…I’m even sending him TSC Bombshell Body Guide, ha!

Great service, great vibe, great potato.

Where do we have to go next time?! Share! You guys seriously have some awesome recommendations via the blog & Instagram.

So, we’re in Puerto Rico now. A lot of you have asked via Snapchat why we travel a lot. I noticed some bloggers don’t address their frequent travels ( & that’s totally fine! It’s entirely their business, so whatever works for them really ) but I definitely wanted to share why we are traveling a lot because it’s covered on all my social media platforms. I travel a lot for blogging, it’s sort of part of the job. And Michael travels even more because of his business. Both of us work from a computer constantly so it’s very easy to pick up & leave. Our day to day isn’t really just sitting at desk— it’s more of a work throughout the day type of thing without set hours. Between the two of us it’s a lot of travel & we definitely like to enjoy the travel— work hard, play hard, right? It would be pointless to not have some fun while we work.

Ok! Talk soon, x

– lauryn

+ more Miami recaps: 1, 2, 3.

{ PC 1 & 3 }


mini delites miami | by the skinny confidential

{ snake skin flip flops }

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Vaseline. The opinions and text are all mine.

  1. Okay, so I’ve never had caviar before and, honestly, have been too freaking scared to try it! Who in the world gets scared of luxury small bites?! Anyways, your description totally gave them street cred in my book, soooo champs and caviar on the beach in Miami is next up on the bucket list!

    1. Hi Alex! You will love it. They usually serve caviar with a few other tasty snacks too so you’ll have plenty to try 🙂


  2. How do we subscribe to your newsletter? 🙂 and do tell about the foundation please! Loved reading this, hope you’re having a blast!

    1. The right side has a sub feature! Or e-mail me & I’ll add to you the newsletter: xx

  3. Love this recap!!!! I’ve never been to Miami but it’s on the list. That one-piece swimmy is incredible on you. Likely wouldn’t work for my tall af self (can we say camel toe? LOL) but you rock that suit!

    Also, when you said “This mall has EVERYTHING” I couldn’t help but picture this- hahahahha gets me every time.

    Have fun in PR!!!

  4. Miami is so chic! & I totally looked up the business M has and I am fully intrigued – how neat & amazing. Y’all are the real-deal super power couple of all time. 😉

  5. Just checked NYC off my list (finally!) and Miami is next up! I will keep your favorite spots handy =)

    We have a Bazaar in LA, and it really is such an EXPERIENCE… not sure how the Miami one is set up, but I loved that they would move you to another area for dessert & coffee.

    Can’t wait to see the Puerto Rico recap… it’s on my list as well (and Amsterdam, Vancouver, Chicago, Paris, Cuba, Thailand, etc etc etc)

  6. I love the Edition and I’m so glad to hear you love it as much as I did. My Husband and I live in Miami part time and stayed there last Thanksgiving just for fun because it was new. We loved it so much that we signed up for the membership program, which is amazing. Please tell me you tried the sweet pea guacamole. Also I’m obsessed with the Bazaar as well, the dragon fruit ceviche is TDF!!

  7. You shouldn’t have to explain/justify your life just enjoy it. Who wouldn’t. It’s a v lucky, v amazing opportunity and theres nothing better than travelling no matter how far or wide a trip is. Plus you look like a babe doing it so why not.
    Enjoy – I’m jealous.

  8. Hey Lauryn!

    I love your Miami recap!! Definitely have to say that you hit some of the best spots we have to offer. The Edition is beautiful and so fun to stay at, you should also check out 1 Hotels ( they are eco-friendly which is why I love them, and it is also an incredibly beautiful hotel which is in South Beach.

    Carpaccio is actually one of my favorite Italian restaurants (even if it seems a bit touristy) but it is SO good!! And Prime112 is the shit. It’s been there for so long and is still doing so well! You should have stopped by Joe’s (Miami classic) since it’s stone crab season, but maybe next time. I was also going to say if you want to branch out into the more ‘cultural’ aspect of Miami, definitely check out Wynwood… lots of great food and art there, not as chic as South Beach, but still has a lot to offer.

    Some of my favorite food places though are Bazi, Byblos (which is also beautiful), the Dutch is also worth a visit, and definitely the Gang (which is in Midtown on the other side of the bridge, but well worth the visit), as well as Pubbelly Sushi (SO SO good and the little neighborhood it is in is also a really nice strolling area!),

    Anyway, that was a LONG post, glad you enjoyed the city and come back soon! Hope you enjoy the rest of your travels 🙂

    1. OH! And definitely check out Sweet Liberty (cocktail bar that serves food) really cool vibe and the food is by Michele Bernstein over there (so it’s great “bar” food and they have incredible cocktails, it’s co-owned by John Lermayer who is a pretty amazing mixologist).. as well as the Broken Shaker (if you haven’t – it’s at the Freehand and one of the most quintessential ‘Miami-Vibe’ bars… really loungey and tropical and beautiful – they also have amazing cocktails), and they just opened a restaurant, 27 – that is also incredible!

  9. Next time ya’ll are in Miami have dinner at Gianni’s at The Villa Casa Casuarina [AKA Versace’s Mansion, turned boutique hotel]. The food is awesome and the scenery is even BETTER. Definitely something everyone should try at least once while in Miami!

  10. Hi Lauryn! I was just in Miami for my dear friend’s wedding… Next time you are there, check out the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. They are supposed to be phenomenal during the day; I was there at nighttime and it was magical! I also liked the Bal Harbor Mall and that neighborhood of Miami in general (more so that South Beach because I’m a little granola and prefer calm tanning and natural bodies to picture perfect muscles in my face the whole time… But thank god for your guide and tips, I’m getting there!) I also recommend the Epic Hotel, there is a really funky and great restaurant there called Zuma. Ps. I liked all of your outfits and your pretty nail polish.
    Love, Carla

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