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Mini DeLites: Ixtapa BABY

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential
mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

¡Hola! from Ixtapa!

Michael & I are exploring Ixtapa for work & play but mainly to lay low after surgery. As I said, I endured a couple of fun complications so it was nice to get some R & R! The weather here kind of makes my jaw swell more because it’s humid but that’s ok because we’ve been keeping cool with watermelon mimosas.


Ixtapa is completely secret & adorable.

It’s this town that’s deep in Mexico & instead of looking like Cabo, it looks more like Hawaii, but not Hawaii you know? Super tropical & lush. The green here is deep, dark green & the water is a delicious navy blue. According to the locals there are sharks & crocodiles ( there’s salt water too!!) here which I find FASCINATING. Sharks AND crocs?! So cool. We are dying to spot one of them.

The hotel, Capella Ixtapa, is gorgeous. Firstly, they have some INSANE mimosa choices. Can we PUHLEASE talk about this for a second!!!

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

They’re made with fresh ( like the freshest of fresh of fresh ) juice…options:



Needless to say, I’m completely mimosa-inspired. I may never drink a basic, predictable OJ one ever again. Because papaya mimosas?! Papayas are AMAZING for inflammation ( champagne not so much though! ). So technically it’s good for my health, right?

The hotel also has an amazing assortment of fresh local fish covered in capers, lemons, bright red tomatoes, & goat cheese AND they have the best damn oatmeal ever.

Their recipe is rolled oats, a touch of cinnamon, a bit of brown sugar, and crushed walnuts. Sometimes simple is best, I swear.

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

Oh, & so far the most comical part of the trip was definitely the body wrap experience.

I love body wraps ( they’re full of benefits AND super hydrating ).

Michael has never had a body wrap. He was so awkward, it was painful. Basically, they scrub your whole body down, kind of like one giant dry brushing experience, have you shower, paint a full mud mask on your body, wrap you up like a mummy with a thin, plastic-ish sheet, have you shower again, and then massage you.


But we all know men can’t multitask, so the the experience was HILARIOUS for me to watch. He didn’t know what to do. He looked like that Emoji with its eyes popping out of his head, a real deer in headlights. I was laughing my ass off. All while feeling highly moisturized, of course.

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, if you’re ever looking for a chill, romantic getaway, check out Ixtapa because you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. In fact, you’ll be relaxed, refreshed, & buzzed.

Off watermelon mimosas, of course.

Although I’m still very much swollen ( seriously though I don’t recognize myself ), I’ve had a blast.

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

It’s especially fun because Michael & I are reading The Cartel together so it’s cool to compare notes & actually be traveling to some of the spots the writer writes about.

( >> YOU GUYS HAVE TO READ IT, it’s SOOOO good. I’m going to read the prequel next ).

Anyone else have any secret, hidden travel gems? We love traveling to spots that are not too touristy.

Ok, I’m off to ice my face & WASH CHLORINE OUT OF MY GREEN ( SO greennnnn ) hair.

Happy Tuesday! x

P.S. palm bikini is available here but I just ordered this one too because it looks like it REALLY holds the girls up! x

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

mini delites xitapa | by the skinny confidential

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  1. Xitapa looks awesome! I always love your photo diary posts. And omg, those mimosas sounds AMAZING. I might go try to locate some papaya juice now….
    xx, Pia

  2. My boyfriend and I have been looking for a romantic getaway! We may just have to look into Xitapa!

    I hope you are having an amazing time. Your swim suits are to die for. Also what is that tattoo you have on your arm? It’s so cute!


    1. Hi Angeline, I def recommend Xitapa! It was sooo relaxing and the food is insane! The tattoo is a lil inside joke between M and I

  3. This looks like a beautiful vacation spot! I am definitely adding it to my list. You look amazing, and I hope you have a speedy remaining recovery.


  4. Oh my god! It looks like paradise! I can’t believe it! I want to go there too. I have never been to Mexico. I am SO jealous! & Lauryn, you take some really good photos! I would if you could do a post about taking pictures. I am hopeless! 🙂

  5. So glad to see you’re on the mend! Your photos from Xitapa look absolutely gorgeous, and I’m loving that palm print bathing suit. Enjoy your mimosas girl, you deserve it!


  6. I love that bathing suit on you! The vibrant green on the white is beautiful. Love the other one you linked to and it’s a great price.

    That body wrap thing sounds good but also….claustrophobic haha. Have you ever tried the Korean body brushing? Where these little old ladies in their underwear basically (kind of painfully) brush all the dead skin off your body leaving you with baby skin? That’s what it almost reminded me of, but with a mud wrap added in.


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    1. Yes! I’ve tried it! Where they basically rub your skin raw? So painful, but soo good. My skin was softer than a babies ass after the Korean Spa!

      Thanks for reading!

    1. Thanks Dani! Whoops! Thanks for letting me know : ). Always tell me if there’s a typo. I love that, haha the grammar police, so good. x

    1. Krista! Eeek! You’re so sweet! And how’s the BBG going? It kicks my ass! Glad you’re trying it lmk how it’s going. Tag me on the BBG Get Social chat board @Lauryn-Evarts, lets chat!


  7. Aw I love that you guys are reading a book together!! This place looks AMAZING. And I love all of your palm beach you looks! Sounds like the best time, hope you are feeling better after all of that 🙂

  8. Your blog completely speaks to me! I started a healthier lifestyle about 3 months ago, and you have reminded me that life can still be just as fun and carefree. Your posts are sooo entertaining and addicting, too! Thanks!

  9. I lived in Cabo San Lucas for one year and traveled around Mexico but never have I heard of this magical place! It looks like a dream paradise!! Thanks for sharing all my love xo C

  10. That swimsuit is EVERYTHING! Can we PLEASE just be BFFs? I feel like you are everything I am and want to be. We’d get along swimmingly 😛

  11. I love Ixtapa! My boyfriend has a villa there and it’s soooo gorgeous. We’ll be heading out in December (to escape the Canadian weather!) haha. I hope your recovery is going well ❤

  12. OMG your trip looks seriously amazing. Makes me seriously crave mexican food, and fresh fruit!


  13. Oh wow I’m definitely going to try to make a watermelon mimosa! They sound so refreshing!


  14. I’ve been keeping up with your trip on Instagram and have been blown away by the beauty of this place! I had no idea it existed and now there is another spot on my traveling bucket list. Beautiful pictures 🙂

  15. Would you mind telling me how the one piece swimsuit runs size wise?
    You should try Harbour Island in the Bahamas for your next trip – beautiful and quaint!

  16. Hola! Love the post and photos, I’ve been to Capella Ixtapa twice and already planning a return – it’s SO fabulous!

    Just wanted to let you know that it’s not XITAPA – but IXTAPA (full name of the town is IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO) – just so your readers don’t get mixed up in searching for Xitapa 🙂


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