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Mini DeLites…& Instagram Politics

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ Flamingo cocktail picks…summer 2014!!! }
Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ So excited about these red Tieks }

Ok, so my friend was over tonight & between a micro green salad & spaghetti squash ( plus a lil red wine ), we started discussing Instagram politics.

They’re so gnarly they can literally give the President an anxiety attack.


This is a serious epidemic guys.

Instagram isn’t like Facebook. Not everyone is friends. You kinda follow who you want to follow.

People are basing their day off how many likes they get…I’m not judging because hey, I love Instagram.

All I’m saying: is when did Instagram become such a crazy dynamic?

If you think I’m a crazy loser, check this song out.

Ever woken up & said: WTF should I Instagram today?!

Geez- pressure, pressure.

I’ve seen some of my friends be called out by people for “not following them” on Instagram.

Who to follow? What time to post? Does my photo flatter my side boob? Should I take it down? OMG so & so isn’t following me back. Black & white or color? Brannan or Sutro?? Seriously…or does X-Pro II look better? How’s my selfie?!


So anyway, my friend ( who will remain nameless because she can’t deal ) & I are sitting here literally, seriously crying laughing because we just had a forty-five minute conversation about if I should follow the guy she’s casually seeing.

…& honestly, we’re still on the fence. #instaproblems


X Lauryn

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ How cute are these triangles on this Target ‘dollar section’ notepad?! }
Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ A gift from Fashionlush }

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ Packed in my oversized handbag: 2 ingredient fruit bars }
Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ Latest thrift store find: a tiny, blue swan }

    1. I think it’s legit to casually follow the guy for friend is seeing. Just keep it cool on the likes and comments. I sorta hate myself for having this convo with BFF too 😉

  1. Haha! Oh God, even I don’t know! I guess we have to “analyse” what following someone on Instagram means? I don’t know most of the people I follow so it isn’t like Facebook where it might be weird to add him… plus maybe you (on the surface) give away less information via Instagram but for us girls it’s more fun to stalk.

    Oh go for it, add him! It’s just the click of a button!! If you already follow loads of people it won’t matter and if he really cares that much, he’s a loser and not good enough for your friend :p

    Lucy xxx

    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Friends, Travel, Italy

  2. Social Media politics are weird.
    People shit themselves if they’re not followed by someone.
    I actually had a conversation with someone the other day about a friend of hers who stopped being her friend because she didn’t “like” her facebook statuses enough.
    Major ridiculousness.

    On that note, should YOU follow your friend’s casual buddy? NO, because just like everyone else, some men look too much into “follows” and “likes”. Avoid putting ideas in his head. I’d save that follow until they are serious (if they ever become serious)
    I guess it’s kind of like the 2014 version asking him for his phone number or AIM screen name.

    We are a strange society.

    OH, I love the little swan! Thrift store finds are the best!


  3. I have become So lazy with Insta lately, its become a chore for me now not like it was 4 months ago for me. I used to LOVE instagram had fun showing my selfies and my accomplishments or cute finds but now I feel I have to edit it three times before I can post it, choose the right caption and hashtags and its just So much effort its not fun! I so agree I have a feeling our world is becoming a bit to INSTASESSED!

    xo C

  4. So funny how social media can impact your life! I’ve had the same conversation with girlfriends many times. I say follow (and double-tap) with abandon – life’s too short.

    Suppose Anything Goes

  5. That swan is a major score! I recently just got into using Insta and I like it so much better than FB….not clogged with peoples baby and ultrasounds pictures 😉
    ~Amanda | Meet @ the Barre

  6. Ohhh, Insta. It’s kind of sad that people are so obsessed. This is what the world has come to. But at the same time, I can’t bash it because that’d make me a hypocrite. I love Instagram. I’ve sometimes gone into bed planning to read until I fall asleep, only to scroll through Instagram for a whole hour. Oops. Oh, and I say follow the dude. After all, it’s juuust Instagram. Teehee.

  7. Oh ya, it’s baaaaaaaad. Like, it’s bad enough with my friends but my parents are getting super weirdly into IG so that’s just bizarre. P.S started to read the book last night. so fun!

  8. Haha! Just joined Instagram and hadn’t really thought of the Instapolitics that I’m sure do come hand in hand with it. BUT! I love it :o) Keeps me on the look out for pretty things every day.

  9. I love this post. Instagram politics are cRaZy! I say people should post what they want, and follow who they want to follow, just as long as people don’t post blurry pics. #petpeeve

    I do love whoever commented about what does it mean if you follow someone who you are into, if they “like” your photo, etc. Now, that is when insta politics get even crazier – add in the dating part! cra-azy. And yet I think it means something…haha.

    I say definitely follow the guy – you can learn more about him for your friend! That’s what friends are for 🙂

  10. So I gotta admit that I’m totally hooked on IG and here’s why. First, I never really got into FB mostly because I was always a little weirded out that my ‘friends’ were suggested to me by FB and most of them I went to highschool and college with and although I want to keep in touch with a few, most I don’t. With IG I feel like you follow who inspires you, or has similar interests to you. I like that IG is ‘photo sharing’ compared to ‘what are you doing right now’ sharing. And I like that my plain iPhone pics can look better with a simple filter. 🙂

  11. Great post, I love IG but barely have any time for it. My biggest worry is that people think that I am not liking their posts on purpose when I am simply just not using the program. It great though, a lot more fun that FB and G+ and ALMOST as fun as twitter!

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