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Mini DeLites: Hong Kong Is On Point

The Skinny Confidential goes to Hong Kong.

The Skinny Confidential goes to Hong Kong.

{ sweater here | skirt here }

Hi from Phuket!

Like I said, Asia is amazing so I hope this post will express our lovely experience.

So. Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is like New York on steroids but at the same time it’s nothing like New York.

It’s a big city with a lot of hustle & bustle AND LOTS, AND I MEAN LOTS OF SHOPPING. Honestly guys, if I lived there I’d go broke. I’ve never seen so much shopping. Seriously everywhere we turned there was a huge-ass designer store or a cute boutique filled with pretty trinkets…almost to the point of too much shopping ( shit, I never thought I’d say those words…HA!! ). I bought this tiny Chinese coin holder ( which I’ll keep my herbs in, LOL ), some slip-on white shoes ( weird, I know, me? White shoes? ), and a little, black cross body bag ( it’s like a tiny, nano sized bag that crosses across the bod— perfect for holding a passport ).

Basically I wanted to buy all of Hong Kong because they have all the newest trends & their shopping is just on point in every aspect.

BUT there is SO much more to the city than just the shopping.

The Skinny Confidential goes to Hong Kong.

Tea time was HUGE for me in Hong Kong. We discussed this yesterday so I’ll let ya check out that post if you’re interested. I seriously turned into a cup of mint tea, I loved it that much.

Another really fun adventure was hiking The Peak. The Peak is this BEAUTIFUL, lush, green-y spot that overlooks the city. You can see the whole spectacular city if you hike to a certain spot. The Peak is magical in every way. Michael and I kind of, sort of hiked farther than we were supposed to…whoops. After The Peak we went to this super tourist-y restaurant called, wait for it, The Peak Lookout! Again, the restaurant was a view of the entire city. Gorge. After our healthy hike we enjoyed spicy pasta & chilled rosé aka summer water.

A real gem of a restaurant in Hong Kong was recommended to me by my friend, Annie. She’s been to Asia & RAVED about a specific restaurant- she told us we “HAD TO GO TO SEVVA.” Sevva is pretty much like heaven. Here’s how Sevva went down: we walk in & music is immediately on point ( first thing I look ( or listen ) for in a restaurant— if the music is off, the energy is off ). After we got seated under flowers that were hanging from the ceiling ( literally fresh flower covering the ceiling ), I ordered CHICKEN BONE BROTH WITH WHISKEY.

First of all, CHICKEN BONE BROTH rocks my life & with whiskey in it? Medicinal benefits x 3237925!! Shortly after we were served fresh cucumber cocktails, avocado/lemongrass ( lemongrass is everything this trip ) salads, & amazing cuts of grilled fish with truffle. And for the record, the atmosphere at Sevva was cool. Not like hipster, too cool for school, but just COOL. After dinner, the outside of the building lit up while a rad band played. Fun times. ( The chicken bone broth with whiskey though? That was the coolest. ).

The Skinny Confidential goes to Hong Kong.

The Skinny Confidential goes to Hong Kong.

Another different restaurant was Sushi Shikone. These master sushi chefs whip up the most raw, delectable fresh sushi while you watch inches away. The wasabi is the freshest I’ve had & their raw tuna was better than sex.

Here’s the thing though: it’s like seventeen courses. I cannot eat if I’m full. I just can’t. The feeling of an over stuffed stomach makes me cringe. I don’t like it. I eat until I’m 90% full & then I stop.

But Sushi Shikone? The food keeps coming & coming…& coming.

Quick story: Michael is very polite. He will sit there & smile & stuff his face even if he’s full. He’s also very disciplined. Me? Not so much, when I’m full, I’m full. So there we were on our 6th ( or was it 8th? ) course and I said to him “babe I’m full, I can’t eat anymore.”

Guys, you would have thought I told him our relationship was over. He was seriously embarrassed. So instead of letting me just tell the chef I was full, HE ATE MY PORTION TOO. I was dying. Basically he was stuffing his face full of urchin ( which definitely isn’t his favorite ). He looked like he was going to explode while I sipped my green tea. Sorry babe!

The Skinny Confidential goes to Hong Kong.

Another insane experience in Hong Kong: we had lymphatic drainage massages. THISSSSSSS…is a whole, big-ass post. I promise I’ll share details this week.

Ok, so the service in Hong Kong in general, is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Every detail is well prepared, thought out, & special. The people are all so accommodating.

Other highlights: our cab driver fell asleep while taking us to The Peak ( I woke him up by fake coughing ), we found an amazing craft cocktail bar in Soho called Quinary ( a must try! ), dim sum is everything ( YUM ), daily fresh watermelon juice, skin care ( I found this serum which I’ll talk more about that is like vitamins for the skin!! ), Ralph Lauren’s underground coffee shop ( see Michael pic ), & the people ( …the people are just really, really great— we even made a few friends : ) ).

I’ve been snip snapping away on Snapchat so find snippets of my travels under the username: laurynevarts.

Ok, phewwwww, long post. Sending you guys good vibes from Phuket!

Lauryn, xxo

The Skinny Confidential goes to Hong Kong.

The Skinny Confidential goes to Hong Kong.

  1. Ahh, I am SO happy you enjoyed HK!! Can’t wait to hear your recap of Phuket. Did you get my email with recommendations for spas, restaurants and must-sees? I hope you did, I lived there for 8 years so I know what’s up haha 😛

  2. So glad you enjoyed my hometown!!! Also love your stories with Michael. He sounds like a super good sport, sea urchin is not easy to eat unless you love it. Can’t wait to see next travel post

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed Hong Kong!!! <3 I am from Hong Kong so this post really makes me miss home since I am living in London now 🙂 OMG Sevva is *insert preach emoji* 😀 I really like the afternoon tea at Sevva as well! You can give that a go if you visit again 🙂 And hahaha that was so nice of Michael to eat your portion!!!! I would have just sat there as well if I were full lol but then sushi is my soft spot so I might have just eaten everything haha 😀 xx

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed Hong Kong! <3 I am from HK originally so this post really makes me miss home since I am living in the UK now 🙂 Sevva is *insert preach emoji* I love this restaurant!!! 😀 You can give their afternoon tea a go as well if you are visiting again <3 And Michael was so nice to eat your portion!!! hahaha 😀 I would have just sat there too if I felt full but then sushi is my soft spot so I might actually end up eating everything in the end 😀 xx

  5. Asia sounds AMAZING Lauryn and your pictures are seriously on point!
    I’m planning on going traveling later on this year and hadn’t really considered Asia but after following your travels I think I may have to!
    xox Jade

  6. I already wanted to go to Asia so badly, but this post + your instagram photos are killing me. Also, this just made my belly grumble… going to go eat now haha

    Sarah | QueSarahSera

  7. love love love hot tea! I start every morning with english breakfast tea w| lemon & honey. This ginger tea you speak of, I may just have to try 🙂

    Gorgeous pics as always!


  8. I have honestly never been interested in visiting Hong Kong, but you are totally changing my mind! This look amazing!

  9. Hi! I’m heading to Hong Kong on Wednesday- where are there details about this ralph lauren bar i honestly cant find it online! also would love to see more pics of the shopping you did

    ALSO last question- can people who arent staying in the hotel go to the tallest bar? (i think four seasons maybe ritz?)

    1. It’s in the Mandarin Oriental & details are here: I believe you have to buy something small ( we bought a backgammon board ) & they will take you downstairs and serve you champagne/coffee! x

  10. I love HK and knew you would love it too! Its one of the best cities in the world for shopping, dining and entertainment! I hope you guys go to Vietnam next, Da Nang (city) in Vietnam is FABULOUS I mean SO beautiful!!! I am excited to see your trip to Phuket photos! P.S go get an herbal compress massage (next level) Lots of love C

  11. Looks incredible.
    Hope you had a lovely time.
    Come over to Aus…

  12. Headed to Hong Kong for Christmas 🙂 So happy to hear some of your recommendations thanks girly. Any packing tips? What you noticed about their fashion style or anything?


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