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Mini DeLites: Around The Home

The Skinny Confidential x Lulu and Georgie.
{ My absolute favorite side table from Lulu and Georgia }

The Skinny Confidential x Lulu and Georgie.
{ Typically not a rug fan, but I LOVE this outdoor rug }

The Skinny Confidential x Lulu and Georgie.
{ Her spot…the most comfortable blanket }

You know when you’re driving & you totally unbutton your pants to let it all ‘hang’ out while simultaneously looking out the window to ensure no one’s watching?

( If you don’t know what I’m talking about, lucky you!! ).

Whelppppp…10:04 am, Friday morning: shit got real.

I was sitting in the car & reached for my J Brand button. I nonchalantly unbuttoned them while sneakily glancing at surrounding cars through my peripherals. 

AKA I had a ‘my-pants-are-kinda-tight-FML-moment.’


I mean, it was bound to happen after traveling for work/play to Cabo/NYC/LA, we definitely ate/drank more than usual.

I know my body very well & I try to constantly keep in tune with it ( mind/body connection is everything ).

Because if I don’t take care of it, no one will.

So basically I sorta know when it’s time to kick my ass in to high gear.

& Saturday was the big day!

It was time to get disciplined/motivated on all things healthy.

So we decided to stay home ( hence the peak inside my home post ) & stay focused.

The Skinny Confidential x Lulu and Georgie.
{ Gold accents }

Whenever we’re home for the weekend, I like to read a good book, watch a TV series with back to back episodes, SWEAT, & eat super clean.

This weekend looked a lil like this:

Book: Brain on Fire

Apple TV: Game of Thrones ( GASPPPP. OMG, I know, I know— so sorry to all GOT fans!! I’ve never seen the series so we started from the beginning. Naturally, I’m already obsessed & on to season 2 ).

Sweat sesh: TSC workout plan…all at home. It’s super accessible especially for a homebody weekend. Can’t wait to share!

Eats: oatmeal, eggs, pesto spaghetti squash ( shocker! ), juice, smoothies, raw almond butter w/ apples, salads, & lots of WATER.

Also, true story: on Saturday I went to Whole Foods, grabbed an organic watermelon, walked up to the Juice Bar, & asked them to juice the.entire.thing. I carried my three gallons of watermelon juice home feeling like a superstar & drank it throughout the weekend. ( Yes, you read that all correctly ).

Anyway!! I’m continuing the above into this whole month…or at least until I don’t have the urge to unbutton my jeans at stoplights.

Happy Monday, xx lde

The Skinny Confidential x Lulu and Georgie.
{ I’ll take white marble everything, please }

The Skinny Confidential x Lulu and Georgie.
{ This doormat <3 }

  1. What a great idea! I have been craving watermelon juice and this is right up my alley. They juice for free right? As long as you buy the melon? 😉

  2. O.M.G. How did I not know they would juice an entire watermelon for you at whole foods!! I’m so on that. Thanks!!! 😉

  3. It all looks so lovely! I love the table too – it looks so lovely and I am a sucker for white furniture!
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. I juice my watermelon every week as a my refresher and add mint leaves to make it have a little kick, its delicious! Here in Bangkok you can buy an entire organic watermelon for 75 cents so I get a little dose every week!

    Beautiful home details, I cannot wait for my husband and I to move so that I can decorate! xo C

  5. Omg that is too funny that you seriously got a whole watermelon juiced at whole foods!! Did the employees seem annoyed? I feel like they instantly get annoyed if anyone asks for something out of the ordinary. I think I will try this and see how it goes! Such a good idea 🙂

  6. ok…need all the gory deets on that watermelon juicing thing. do you bring your own containers or do they provide? do they do this for free? do you tip? how long does it stay fresh?

  7. Ha ha! I’m 6 months preggers and know that feeling too well from before I broke down and got my first pair of maternity jeans. (For the record – !!!) I’m going to be following these tips once baby comes tho – can’t wait to rock my old clothes again!
    XO! S

  8. So a little tip with your watermelon. Juicing it, of course, is awesome. It’s seriously my fave. But you can also blend it. It’s a little more time consuming because you have to pick out the black seeds, but it’s awesome. I love the fiber and slushy texture, and it reminds me to have to chew my juices type thing. Plus it’s super easy to throw in some mint, cucumber, ginger or lime or whatever you already have at home to take it to another level. Love it.

    1. I blend watermelon at home all the time – usually with almond milk. It’s my absolute fav smoothie 🙂

  9. haha omg this post made me actually laugh out loud. It’s a kind of shitty feeling when you’re at the “unbotton pants” time but I’d just like to say I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has these moments that kick them into high gear! Travelling is bound to throw you off your routine- sounds like you’ll be back in action at no time 😉 In the meantime, I need to get on the game of thrones bandwagon! XO, D

  10. Love, love love the sincerity of this post! I have been trying a similar regime not only to detoxify, but also to save money! Do you have any tips on budgeting? Would love to hear them since I love just about everything else you post on your blog!


  11. Hahah I can’t believe you had your whole watermelon juiced. That’s hilarious!
    I’m also totally behind on GoT but so loving it!

  12. Ugh, I need to have a weekend like this. Work and interning are catching up with me and long hours have led me back to my unhealthy eating habits. This was just the kick in the butt that I needed to get back to being healthy!

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