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The Skinny Confidential celebrates the holidays.

{ cookie decor }

The Skinny Confidential celebrates the holidays.

{ around the home }

The Skinny Confidential celebrates the holidays.

{ almond milk x perverted gingerbread men ( I can’t help myself…too easy ) }

Confessions of a holiday procrastinator:

1.) wake up.

2.) scurry the F out of the house, grab the nearest beanie, my Hunter rain boots ( HA— totally not raining ), two hard boiled eggs, & an iced tea.

3.) coffee run while checking e-mails frantically in the longest line ever.

5.) haul ass to the mall & spend 293872395 hours on finding a parking spot.

The Skinny Confidential celebrates the holidays.

{ heart ornaments }

The Skinny Confidential celebrates the holidays.

{ cookie decor }

6.) opt for parking in a secret spot behind The Container Store ( eeehhhh, feeling smart at this point ).

7.) walk by The Container Store, unable to control myself.

8.) walk in to The Container Store ( feeling…not so smart at this point ).

9.) walk out of The Container Store with a bunch of moving necessities ( A SHOWER TOOTH BRUSH HOLDER? A RAZOR HOLDER? SOCK ORGANIZER? REMOTE CONTROL RACK? THIS IS LIFE. )…realize that I NEED TO GO GIFT SHOPPING…NOW.

10.) run ( but really, runnnnnn ) to twenty other stores to grab gifts ( people are giving me weird looks ).

11.) end up at True Foods ( because you would too ) & eat grass-fed street tacos with a glass of champagne ( the holidays are meant to get toasty? ).

12.) wrap/work/bake perverted gingerbread men/Pilates/work/wrap/clean house/install shower tooth brush holder ( #essentials ).

The Skinny Confidential celebrates the holidays.

{ tip: add a candy cane to your green tea for a hint of peppermint }

The Skinny Confidential celebrates the holidays.

{ using ornaments as name tag holders }

So ya, that was my day.

How was yours? What are your holiday at-home traditions? Any TIPS FOR PLANNING AHEAD DURING THE HOLIDAYS?

Clearly I need a couple.

Plus I cannot ( I repeat cannot ) leave the damn Container Store with at least 10 unnecessary “essentials.” HELP?

ANYWAY! I’m going to go install my razor holder.

Until next time, Lauryn xx

The Skinny Confidential celebrates the holidays.

{ a blurry view from my office }

  1. Ha I feel you! This year is the very first time I managed to get my Christmas shopping done before the 22nd. Very proud of myself!
    Your container store is my Poundland. How can you leave without 10 random, highly unnecessary items if they’re only 1 pound?!
    I loved your lookbook/gift guide by the way.
    x Alex

  2. My goal (since weeks) was to have my first draft of my thesis completed today by 3 pm and then go for a run. I am now on page 40 (of 40 pages) and the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. This did not come cheap, I have worked 24/7 during the last 4 weeks. And I still have 1.5 weeks to the deadline, which seems incredible right now! I’m so ober procrastination!

    So, whatever the holidays bring, bring it on!

  3. Haha I am totally a holiday-shopping procrastinator too! I am on holidays right now and am actually about to go run out and do (hopefully) all of my Christmas shopping in one go. (OOPS! lol) Glad to hear I’m not alone though 😉

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