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Mini DeLites: Healing At Home

mini delites on healing | the skinny confidential 5

{ a peek inside TSC office, loving the light at 2 pm }

mini delites on healing | the skinny confidential 2
mini delites on healing | the skinny confidential

{ found this vintage gem on Etsy }

I know, I know I’m supposed to be relaxing but I just wanted to say hi so I don’t die of relaxing ( is that a thing? I feel like I’m on to something with that one ).

SO!! HI!!

Firstly, your well wishes from this post legit made me cry. I’m not a big cryer but the advice & compassion coming from you guys is WILD, I couldn’t help feeling really emotional. I’ve never experienced such a positive, loving community. It makes me so happy to have readers like you guys. I’d rather have 10 readers like YOU than 1 million, anyday.

I took a lot of tips from your comments.

Some of you recommended floatation therapy, others recommended arnica, ice roller treatment, acupuncture, meditation, & then some of you even recommended: SLEEP. I’ll try everything at this point.

mini delites on healing | the skinny confidential 3

{ sweet tooth in full force ( at least I used grass-fed butter for some healthy fat, lol! ) }

Since I needed to get somewhat creative without going stir crazy, I made brown butter Rice Krispies on Sunday…total soul food ( especially when they’re warm ). You guys also recommended some INSANE Netflix TV shows via Instagram. We settled on Bloodline & White Collars with a list of many more to watch after those!

Just wanted to say: THANK YOU. THANK YOU for understanding. THANK YOU for having compassion. THANK YOU for following along on this journey. THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY.

mini delites on healing | the skinny confidential 4

{ a dress (<< look for less here ) I’m dying to wear when I feel better, silk slip not pictured }

Today was my third surgery. It was 30 minutes & the goal was to get rid of the rest of the infection. Today I took a 3 hour nap ( RARE! ), made an acai bowl, & read. So see? I’m trying to relax! Really, really trying.

Ok, that’s that. I’m off to rest more. Since Michael & I are having such an obsession with the book, The Cartel, we’ve now resorted to watching documentaries on the subject. Watching ( & reading ) the horrific-ness that goes on in Mexico makes me feel grateful & lucky. It really puts hard times in perspective; from here on out, I do not want to complain about my jaw struggle. It’s simply a big, difficult wave but it will pass.

& I will be just fine.

Thank you for making me feel so lucky! LOVE YOU ALL, x lauryn

+ again, if you were planning to attend the Create & Cultivate event to see me speak, please e-mail me! So bummed I had to cancel, but I’ll speak at their next event.

mini delites on healing | the skinny confidential 7

{ my furry, healing gurus }

mini delites on healing | the skinny confidential 6

{ marble candle holders, love them! }

    1. Thanks Alexis! I’m obsessed with the desk! My friend Westin made it. His stuff is insane! Have you seen it? –>

      Thanks for reading! xx

    1. Thank you Laura! Do you have any show recs? M and I need tons of shows to binge watch! LMK and thanks for reading!

  1. So sad to hear about your struggles girly, but I really love your attitude and ability to look on the bright side. Just seeing you write “I will be just fine” is inspirational and something I need to say to my self more. If you can get through this, you can get through anything. xxx

    1. Hi Jill, thank you so much you are so sweet! I appreciate your support! It’s so true, I’m fine. This surgery & recovery are intense, but I’m good. I do need to make time to relax but as I said, I will be totally fine! Thanks for reading

  2. Glad you’re finally taking some time to just relax! I hope the third surgery went well and I wish you a speedy recovery (which will only come from listening to your own body)!! Can’t wait to see that dress on you once you’re feeling better. Sending positive, healing vibes your way.


  3. Everyone needs a little love and encouragement every once in a while. Even fabulous babes like yourself. I remember when you did the post on everything not being perfection like a blog makes it seem – but that the blog is meant to be a beautiful space to muse on all things delightful…I think it is really real and amazing of you to share with your following on the temporary struggle you are going through right now – I had to put that temporary in there to remind you ;). It takes balls and trust to open up like you have and I think your community loves you even more for that. I know my respect level went up a notch. Like damn, this girl is genuine. But then I already knew that from emailing you directly and getting a response like I was a regular bestie. Thank you for always keeping it real and please know that even when you are recovering from jaw surgery you are an inspiration and motivation to so many <3 x

  4. Oooh, I need new book suggestions! Gonna check out The Cartel!

    Hope you’re feeling okay being at home. I know what it feels like to have a GOGOGOGO life and then be forced to relax. It’s like we have to retrain ourselves to. . .not do anything.


    COFFEESLAG What’s In My Bag

    1. Hi babe, you’re in for a reaaal treat if you read the Cartel. It’s a real page turner. I seriously can’t put it down! Let m know what you think! One of my other fav books I recommend to everyone is Why Men Marry Bitches:

      It’s so good!

      Let me know your thoughts

  5. So glad you’re taking time to yourself!! You super need + deserve it!

    in other pressing news WHERE is your brass greyhound on the windowsill in your first picture from? i am in love and it must be mine!

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you! Isn’t it insane? I’m obsessed! Here it is:

      Thanks for reading

  6. I feel so horribly that you are still dealing with pain and healing. But I commend you for being such a strong woman and working to get the rest you need. Take all the time you need. We’ll be here!

  7. You mentioned someone recommended flotation therapy? Like one of those isolation tank things? I just read about those and have wanted to try it. I thought about suggesting it on your last post but decided not to since I hadn’t personally experienced it yet. If you do, pleaaase do a post on it!! But only after you’re better, of course! 🙂 Keep relaxing and feel better soon!!

  8. so glad you like The Cartel. Don Winslow is my favorite author and the only reason I know about his newest book is from you and now I can’t wait to read it!

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