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Mini DeLites: Hawaii


Yes, yes we are back from Hawaii.

If you follow along on Snapchat, you can see we had about about, er, 4 hours of sleep & then it was straight to podcasting ( with the lovely Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking ), shooting an editorial ( more on this next week when pics are ready! ) working out, & then content work. Friday was full of meetings, although I did get a very fun break when I was able to stalk Moon Juice. If you don’t know what Moon Juice is, get on board.


SO MUCH GOODNESS in one spot.

Chinese herbs, beauty foods, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, oils. The works.

Basically my witch doctor heaven.

No sketchy ingredients. Just goodness for your insides.

After picking the brain of Luke, the man behind the counter who was SO knowledgeable (!!!), I learned my body was lacking in a few things. Luke suggested:

Spirit Dust:

Contains Reishi ( used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine, this herbal mushroom is rich in water-soluble polysaccharides, a molecule that is believed to enhance the immune system, improve blood circulation, and lower blood pressure ), Astragalus ( an adaptogenic herb used in traditional Chinese medicine to boost the body’s immune system ),
Longan ( this fruit is bountiful in vitamins A and C, & antioxidants and is believed to help improve blood circulation ), & Goji ( rich in polysaccharides, vitamins, & essential fatty acids, goji berries protect and repair skin due to their high Vitamin A content, while reducing skin inflammation and boosting the immune system ). The rest of their magical dusts can be found here.



Well, shit. This is insane for anxiety. I’m an overly anxious person & I cannot believe how soothing this is to my nervous system. Lately I’ve been adding a few scoops of this to my magical golden turmeric milk before bed. The perfect relaxing mocktail.


Maca is a complex, nutrient-dense whole food source of vitamins, amino acids, plant sterols, essential minerals, & essential fatty acids. Maca root has been traditionally used in Peru as a stress-fighting adaptogen, and to increase stamina, boost libido and combat fatigue. I put mine in green smoothies & it’s like an IMMEDIATE HIT OF ENERGY, but not in a shakey way. He also recommended raw Tocotrienols for pre or post workouts. He said they’re game changers & your body ends up craving them. Add these to a smoothie too – you won’t be sorry.

Pearl powder ( yes, like real pearls ):

Apparently, not only can you ingest pearls, you can also make a scrub out of them with a little  water & it whitens dark spots on the face. TRYING THIS IMMEDIATELY. Will let you know how it goes. You know I’ve been trying to get rid of this sun mustache since Britney went barefoot in a gas station. Other benefits: pearls have been used for centuries as a beautifying antioxidant & potent source of enzymes, biocompatible minerals and amino acids. This adaptogen delivers dozens of essential trace minerals into the bloodstream for bone and cell building, longevity, joy, & overall glow. UM YES PLZ.

Raw almonds:

…& then I bought 2339482 bags of their raw almonds. WHY? Well because. They’re activated California almonds given the salt & vinegar treatment with Dulse + apple cider vinegar. Also, they’re non-GMO, raw, & gluten-free. AND SO FUCKING GOOD. I can’t stop eating them. Like, I went back for seconds ( thirds ).

I have more to say but wanted to give you a SparkNotes version ASAP.

And before we go, let’s discuss Hawaii?

I’d say it was the perfect reset. Michael & I had a lot of laughs, a couple of cocktails ( DOES HIS ONE Piña Colada COUNT? ), exercised, enjoyed some yellowtail sushi, sprinkled in some work, rode bikes, & enjoyed the slow, slow pace of Maui.

Our hotel, Hotel Wailea was really beautiful. They had this tea there that I literally dream about. It was a light pink Hibiscus mint medley that was just so refreshing. I feel like I’d fly back just for the tea. The service at the hotel was amazing, everyone was always smiling. Looking so relaxed. I mean, they even opened FRESH coconuts for us…like it was NOTHING. As you can see, the perfect reset.

If you’re planning a Hawaiian getaway, be sure to check out Hotel Wailea, you won’t be sorry!…Especially because their mushroom truffle risotto paired with a perfect glass of Brunello was heavenly.

Of course, an outfit post of my Hawaiian looks is coming soon, so stay tuned.

THIS WEEKEND was a madhouse. It was catch-up x 100. Chiropractor, house cleaning, unpacking, organizing, unpacking some more, prepping blog posts, strategizing next steps for TSC, hanging out with the dogs, & reading. Productive at least though. Currently, we are dog sitting for five dogs ( yes FIVE ) so that’s been fun.

OK, I’m off to bed to read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

See you tomorrow. I have a very different kind of post tomorrow. One which I hope you guys will like? I’ve been thinking about it for months & now I’m ready to write it! Always gotta let it stew first though, right?

– lauryn x

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  1. I would seriously come to CA just to visit Moon Juice that place looks insane. Super into Maca right now even putting it in my morning cup of jo. Love u babe xo

  2. I’ve been having the Brain Dust in my morning iced coffee. I feel SO ALERT. Looking into trying the other dusts! …and trying to convince my husband we need to go to Hawaii!!!! Love you travel snaps!

  3. Hawaii sounds wonderful! I haven’t been in years but will def mark down that hotel! I wish we had a moon juice here in SF (TOTALLY intrigued by the sex dust)! I had a juice once from Juice Shoppe with Reishi & was hooked! Def looking into the Ashwagandha. Have you ever put it in your Natural Calm?? So excited for tomorrow’s post – I can tell I’ll like it already 😉 xx Shannon

  4. I have been taking Asgawanda for the past few weeks and I REALLY love it! That and asparaguls (or whatever the fuck) but maca has been major for helping baalnce my hormones which have been out of wack because of caffeine

    Anyway – love this post – thanks for sharing those ingredients – I am going to check that out because I love Moon Juice!


  5. Lauryn— I don’t know if you have heard of this site but you can basically custom blend your own teas! It’s and I feel like you could probably whip up a blend close to that Hibiscus Mint Magic if you wanted! One of my customers at my bar is OBSESSED with Adagio.

  6. That and asparaguls (or whatever the fuck) but maca has been major for helping baalnce my hormones which have been out of wack because of caffeine

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