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Mini DeLites: Coming At Ya From NYC

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

Hi from NYC!!!

Michael & I have been planning this trip for the last year to come to NY Fashion Week BUT I AM STILL SWOLLEN. I just wasn’t feeling up to doing pictures, networking, & going to parties which is a total bummer. Honestly I’m just not feeling 100% still. I feel about 80%. I don’t really feel like myself. The doctor says it can take up to 6 months for the face to settle…And as you can see from me covering my face with the phone in these pictures, it has most definitely not settled yet.

I for sure thought I’d be ready to rock three months after surgery & attend Fashion Week no problem.


I’m nowhere near ready to be out & about. I had to cancel & forgo everything-Fashion Week. This whole surgery thing has been such a humbling experience because I went into the process with this attitude of ‘I’M GOING TO HEAL SO QUICK’. Not so much ( the infection has also prolonged the healing process too ).

So anyway, Michael & I decided to still come out here to eat, drink, & play. We’ve kept it low key with lots ( LOTS ) of pasta, walking, shopping, & computer work.

Not shockingly, we love New York so it’s a nice contrast to San Diego & LA.

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

We’ve been running around trying new restaurants ( should I do another NYC itinerary? ). Michael & I are obsessed with this App he uses called ‘The infatuation.’ This isn’t sponsored, FYI, but it’s just really the best App on the planet if you’re eating & drinking in New York City.

Seriously every single one of their recommendations is SO on point.

I’m getting ready for dinner & drinks with the Saint Laurent Paris NY team & we’re going to Cata and The Box. Very, very excited because I heard both of these places are QUITE interesting. Will share details later this week. In the meantime, do you have any recommendations for New York? I want to lay low because I don’t exactly feel like Heidi Klum right now…I feel like the Nutty Professor & I have much more in common.

Follow me on Snapchat to see dinner! Username is ‘laurynevarts.’

Talk soon, xo lauryn

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

  1. Yay I’m so glad you’re here! Definitely check out Santina in Meatpacking. It is SOO you. I can already see your photos of the place and food on your blog. It’s amazing and by far my new favorite spot. I live in the neighborhood, maybe I will see you and nerd out and say hi! Have fun!

  2. YES! Please do another itinerary! My boyfriend and I are going in December and I am dying to try all of your amazing recommendations 🙂

  3. Oh Lauryn this jaw thing is a real pain in the A! and I’m thinking EEEEEK cause I’ve got jaw issues which could lead to surgery too. But you’re in NYC and thats the best medicine ever!
    Please could you go to Big Gay Ice-cream in the West Village and tell me what it’s like, and Bubby’s for pancakes in Tribeca, they will totes make you forget about your jaw!
    Have a blast in NYC!

  4. I am sorry you aren’t feeling your best. I empathize. After I had a baby, I struggled with hormonal acne in a way I never had before. It made it hard for me to want to get out. It was humbling to realize that I had placed so much of my sense of self on my complexion. It is no where near like the way you are recovering from a serious surgery but I thought you should know that your radiance of beauty shines through no matter what! I hope you feel like 100% soon.

  5. Go to Rare for the best turkey burger (or beef burger) and sweet potato fries of your life! They’ve opened up some more locations now and a couple have rooftop bars too– I think you guys would love!

  6. Sorry it is taking so long to heal You are beautiful and I would not let a little swelling slow me down. Enjoy your trip

  7. My (new!) husband and I just did a mini-staycation after our wedding two weeks ago, and stayed at the Trump Soho….one night we did drinks at City Winery and then stumbled upon Blue Ribbon Brasserie…I am not a huge red meat eater, but was craving steak, and we had the BEST EVER hanger steak with mushrooms and potatoes and a couple glasses of red wine late-night…they serve ’til 4am! They also have really great seafood, I have heard. Everything was fresh and amazing, we are STILL talking about that random dinner.

  8. awww thats really too bad you couldn’t go to NYFW! You can live vicariously through the thousands of photos being posted online?? haha. Enjoy NYC and feel free to stop in Toronto on your way back =D haha

  9. I live in NYC and a must see is the San Gennaro feasts that are happening all around the city! The best on is obviously in the Bronx on Arthur Avenue but they are happening everywhere and will def be a good way for you to see the real New York and get some authentic Italian food. soooo good 🙂

    Hope you heal soon!!

  10. I hope you enjoy NYC! I live here and absolute love it! Let me know if you need any reccos! I just did a blog post on the best ice cream in the East Village 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!



  11. Aw you still look gorgeous considering your face is swollen! I have traveled to almost every continent except 2 but have never been to New York! I hope to go someday and go when its FashionWeek because its always been a dream of mine! Thanks for sharing xo C

  12. Hi!
    I was working at a fashion week event for a company called AMG Naturally. I was so excited because I saw your name on the guest list and thought I’d have the chance to meet you! It’s funny because I only heard of this company last week but immediately thought of you when I did because its skincare products that are FOR REAL 100% natural and I knew it would be right up your alley. But makes sense now why you probably didn’t end up attending! If you get a chance though you should still check out the product. (I don’t work for them and am not trying to sponsor them or anything lol) Wish I could have met you! I’ve been obsessed with your blog for the past 3 years and it even inspired me to make my own as a senior project while I was attending university in Italy (since they have NOOOO health food blogs in Italy and thought it was a cool opportunity to create one)
    Feel better soon

  13. OMG THE BOX. I went there a few nights ago while I was in NYC, & it was…. interesting, to say the very least. I’m thinking about adding this to my NYC guide as well…. definitely with an advisory attached, though. hahahahah. Have fun!

  14. Freemans on the Bowery…walking in there at dusk is kind of magical 🙂
    Cafe Habana in SoHo
    Malaparte and maybe The Rusty Knot (depending on the night), The Other Room and Little Branch in the west village, Decibel sake bar in the east village (the downstairs)
    Enjoy 🙂 🙂

  15. Forgot to add, a+ choices for healthier fare: Juice Press, One Lucky Duck, Pure Food and Wine, Organic Avenue

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