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{ New Year’s Eve look, feeling hot pink lately }


{ the cutest little treats }


How is it that we had two ( three? ) holidays & a full weekend to chill and I’m still tired? WTF? Is anyone else with me? I feel like I could go back to sleep…

The holidays do that shit to you I guess.

SO today apparently we’re all back in business.

This was crystal clear by the number of spam e-mails I received. NOTHING LIKE 39875239457 random e-mails on the Monday after New Year’s. Sort of felt like my e-mail inbox projectile vomited on me. But really, today was an absolute classic case of the Mondays. Thank God for espresso shots.

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{ pre-NYE sparkly decor }

In other fun news, I’m going to be basic & not drink all of January.

Because MAN, am I bloated or WHAT.

Really I just felt like it’s kind of time to clean out. Take extra probiotics, drink more water & mint tea, eat more protein, dry brush every day ( watch Snapchat tonight! ), and take my workout routine up a couple of notches.


Sometimes you just gotta balance your life like your checkbook & since December was a real party, January won’t be unicorns and daisies. I’m not mad though because it will feel good to reset & clean out.

What about you guys? Want to do it with me? Yes, no, maybe so? If you’re in, let me know below.

Almost experiencing an indescribable feeling if you will, in regards to sober January. I feel like it’s a solid start to a solid year. This past year has been kind of nuts with my jaw surgery so I’m ready for ya, 2016.

SO who knows maybe I’ll even take it a little into February. My dad is doing it with me so we’re like those twin Emojis. Cute right?

mini delites new year's | by the skinny confidential

{ ending 2015 off right…with the best avocado salad at our favorite hole in the wall Italian place! }

A fun TSC post is coming tomorrow ( it’s kind of late but what the f is new there? I’m Queen Procrastinator ) so stay tuned, excited for you guys to read.

Ok nighty night, off to bed- reading Elizabeth Taylor’s autobiography now & LOVING it.

…Maybe I’ll even dabble in a little Housewives too. Whoever is questioning Yolanda needs to back the hell up. I mean GEEZ live & let live!

Talk soon, lauryn x

P.S. Extending the $1,500 dollar giveaway to Thursday, 1/10. Enter here. x
{ PC 2 }

mini delites for new year's eve | by the skinny confidential

{ essentials for a holiday get together }

Mini DeLites new year's 3 } by the skinny confidential

{ prepping healthy food for the week! }

  1. Everyone is soooo tired, me included….I went so far as adding another week of holidays because I simply can’t do it…
    I usually don’t drink the whole month of february (and with me the male part of the family) but I too decided to start in january this year and make it two months. Good luck to us!

    1. Hi Carla, seriously! I am imagining that the first week will be hard but then it will get easier and easier? What do you think? Do you usually struggle in the beginning or at the end of your dry month? Thanks for reading! xx

    2. I more or less can switch from one day to the other. Once I have decided to commit to something I just do it, really.

  2. Happy new year dear Lauryn❤
    First of all you’re so gorgeous :)) I’m so feeling you!! “am I bloated or what” :D:D
    I’m doing a green smoothie detox with my husband and also looked up the recipes in your book (love your book so much)…well see how that goes 🙂

    Wish you all the best for 2016❤

    1. Hi Edith! Which green smoothie detox are you doing? Are you and your hubby just drinking green smoothies or are you just eating clean in general? Let me know how it goes! xx

  3. Do you ever touch up your hair color yourself or do you always go to a salon? My roots are starting to look not so great and would love to use a more affordable option than going to the salon, but I’m terrified of messing it up even worse. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Katie! For color I always go to a salon. I don’t want to risk it! LOL! I justify it by telling myself that IF I miss it up it will cost WAY MORE trying to fix it. Hair is worth investing in! xx

    1. Hi Ashley, no refined sugar or no sugar PERIOD? If you’re going 100% no sugar let me know how it goes! I’ve heard it’s seriously the best! Happy New Year!

  4. My boyfriend and I are doing booze-free January too! Allllllmost broke last night (red wine was just so appealing…) but STAYED STRONG! Can’t wait to feel healthier (and have a glass of wine in February ;))

    1. Hi Carly, good for you for staying strong! I’ve realized I pretty much have to avoid situations with alcohol for the first week in order to get over the booze crave bump, LOL! I can’t wait to hear how you feel after a full sober month! Keep me posted

    2. Hi too am doing dry -until Jan 25th when we have a ski vacation. And then for Feb, wine weekends only. I went to a party Saturday night, and a girls waiting night yesterday and wasn’t even tempted. Tonight-just feeling kind of blah and can’t relax and want a glass of red. But made tea instead. What does that tell me!!!

  5. I’m totally in!!! I had already planned to reset in January – no booze, clean my act up. The holidays were amazing, but way too much!!! and I agree, 2015 had some serious low points. I’m all about 2016, going to be an awesome year!!!

    1. Hi Lilly! Just remember, 2016 is what YOU make it. Let’s all seriously commit to taking 2016 by the balls!! Thanks for reading

  6. Good luck. My husband and I start our sober month (actually 5 weeks) the Monday after the Super Bowl, which is like a holiday in our house, and thus why we don’t start on Jan 1. Enjoy sleeping better, less bloat, more energy and glowing skin!

    1. Hi Whitney, totally understandable. The Super Bowl for us is like a holiday too. Chips & gauc, chips & dip, BEER. Maybe ill do another month of no drinking after Super Bowl Sunday. LOL! Happy New Year

  7. The hubs and I are totally in for clean and sober January. Your snap about being swollen and hungover was totally my life too. I drank all of the champagne.

  8. I have literally entered 3 times haha! My friends are probably more annoyed with the fact that i talk about your blog all the time rather than the fact that I tagged them in posts 😉 I’m doing no dairy January so I feel you on the bloated thing. Did you hear Khloe Kardashian lost 10 pounds just by quitting dairy? Sigh. I will miss the cheese 🙁

    1. Hi Lauren, I LOVE CHEESE! It’s definitely the main cause of bloating though. I don’t really eat other dairy products ( milk, yogurt, etc. ). Just CHEESE. Loosing 10 pounds is pretty tempting though… Let me know how much weight you lose after this month! xx

    1. Yes so good!! You should read it! Do you like reading autobiographies? I find them to be super inspiring.

  9. Definitely with you on the whole no drinking for the month of January. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post & I already entered the giveaway (yay!) fingers crossed!

    Hope you had a happy & healthy new year’s.

  10. Love this little round-up! And good luck with your sober january! I’m hoping to take the party-ing a notch down and the work out a notch up, and practice more of everything in moderation! happy new year-lookin’ gorg as always!

    1. Hi Carly! Moderation is EVERYTHING. Have you tried writing it down in your calendar or schedule? I’ve been scheduling my workouts, it helps SO much. It sets the intention, if that makes sense and it’s easier to be accountable. Happy New Year! xx

  11. Hi Lauryn,

    Happy New Year! A friend recently told me that she swears by Manuka Honey to cure her colds, and I was wondering if you knew anything about it. I’m always looking for good natural remedies for when I’m sick, and TSC is always a good source for this kind of thing.

    I’m excited to see what’s in store for TSC in 2016!

    1. Hi Cass! I will definitely look into it. Honey can help sooth your throat, just like a cough drop. I’m also addicted to essential oils. They can definitely help you feel more comfortable. The best thing honestly, is SLEEP! Your body heals while you’re sleeping. Thanks for reading! xx

  12. part of me totally wants to go for sober January but the wine in my fridge is just. so. tempting. We’ll see how it goes! lol

    1. Join us!! Come on, you know you want to! The more people that do it the easier it is! We can all hold each other accountable.

  13. So in for no way rosé! I want to go alcohol free til the super bowl! So a liiittle into February ??

    1. Hi Amber, love that idea! Might as well go as long as you can! Let me know how you feel when you do start drinking again. xx

  14. I’m totally with you on no drinking! I’m taking it until Valentine’s Day (because champagne…) Okay, minus my vacation…because I like to try the local drinks, but that’s just a few days!

  15. Loving that hot pink number on you! And I’ll be right there with ya for a sober january woo for health goals lol HNY girlfriend!! XO

  16. Will definitely not be drinking this month. Not that I do very much anyway, but still. Also, I’ve noticed that December was a month filled to the brim with sweets, to the point where I stopped enjoying them as much because I’ve almost turned numb. So I’m really watching sugar intake just for my own wellbeing – anyone with me?

    The X Class – A Success Blog

  17. That hot pink dress is ridiculously cute! & I’m 100 percent with ya on the no drinking this month. Definitely drank enough for the next couple months during the holidays, haha.

  18. I love that hot pink romper on you! Your style is always so fresh – it keeps me reading 🙂 I have two bachelorette parties in January so not doing the sober January thing but I’m rooting you on lol ;0 My plan is to add in MORE exercise, MORE greens and MOOOOORE water. XO

  19. happy day five of sober january 🙂 I have been reading up a storm of articles on sober months/lives… seriously don’t know if I will ever go back!! (jk I like champs and corona light too much) but some of the things I have read have kept me so motivated so far so here are a few fun facts!
    > alcohol can diminish the bodies ability to burn fat by as much as 70%
    > alcohol can interfere with protein synthesis (aka those two combines = might as well skip pilates and go for pizza)
    > many (if not all) articles said that they had better sleep, sex, focus (hi, me I need this), energy and glowing skin like juice cleanse status, and lost weight.

    so yeaaa I think I will give it a shot for a few more weeks!!

    also my blog is finally live!! (still SO under construction, and lacking content) but wanted to share!!

    xx B

  20. 5 days into my first dry January and loving it! So glad to hear there are so many others- hope to gain new healthy habits from this.

  21. It’s like you want to kickoff January on a high note and the holidays give you a week long hangover it stinks but I’m still feeling extra motivated! Sending love C

  22. Ugh, I hear ya! A month of no drinking (especially post holidays) makes me feel SO much better – and I sleep amazingly and get some much more done. So I’m with you. Hey, nearly a week down right? Time is flying!

  23. I’m so ready for a sober January! All the holiday drinking has left me in a bit of a lazy daze, and so far, 6 days no booze is helping tremendously. Book rec for you and Michael: Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. All about the psychology behind habit forming. An amazing read to start the new year. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your healthy recipes on snap!

  24. I’m so down for a recovery month or two. I’m getting my boobs done in the beginning of March and I’m trying to be as healthy and clean as possible going into it to speed up recovery and make sure I feel my best after!

  25. I was totally considering doing a dry January this year and this post is a sign I should! I’m in. I think I’m also going to cut out caffeinated drinks for the month of Jan and focus on herbal teas!

  26. i just read this but im sooo in. im not drinking until march if possible lol. at least until mid february and cutting back on sugar and carbs. felt like december lasted three months of me eating carbs and drinking wine haha sooo bloated right now. anyways, feels good to know you and more people are going through the same as the new year beginsss. YAY! xx

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