Mini DeLites: Charming Venice

lauryn evarts in venice 7b by the skinny confidential
lauryn evarts in venice | by the skinny confidential

Yesterday we gave you some Venice hotspots. & today… just a mini recap.

You know the trip was a birthday surprise.

Like I ACTUALLY, LEGIT did not know where we were going. Maybe I played my music & diverted my eyes to keep the whole surprise thing going but really I had no idea until we were sipping champagne mid-air & they announced VENICE.

lauryn evarts in venice 1 by the skinny confidential
lauryn evarts in venice 3 by the skinny confidential

Venice is one of the most romantic places on the planet!






Can you blame me?

lauryn evarts in venice | by the skinny confidential

Basically the trip was spent eating, relaxing, listening to Bossanova, enjoying my birthday, & we definitely turned on the whole romance card.

Michael put such thought into each detail & every little thing was very, very special. My favorite part of the trip was going to Ernest Hemingway’s ‘island’ to enjoy some lobster & chilled Pinot Grigio. Just an overall ideal day. Italians do it right, man. Plus there’s so much bread… sure do love bread.

lauryn evarts in venice 6 by the skinny confidential

Venice is so colorful, cute, & sweet. A must-see when you guys go to Italy! Has anyone been? How charming, right?

Three days in Venice was just enough & then we jumped on the train to Florence ( again, didn’t know where we were going ).

lauryn evarts in venice 5 by the skinny confidential

I’ll give you a Florence recap x itinerary next week. Promise.

In other news, I have nothing fun for you today. Basically we’ve been nose to the grindstone since our Italian return. Work, work, work. Which is fine. I prefer to bust ass, relax, bust ass, relax rather than half ass the bust ass part & the relax part, you know? So currently it’s 1:15 AM & definitely time to wind down the day. Super early day tomorrow.

lauryn evarts in venice 2 by the skinny confidential

TSC update: FOUR ( yes FOUR!!! ) new posts went live tonight in the ‘exclusive’ section on The Skinny Confidential App AND a brand new episode of the podcast is up & READY for you to LISTEN to. Lots of newness. Check it out & share your thoughts.

lauryn evarts in venice 4 by the skinny confidential

Side note: Android users can listen to the podcast too now! PodOmatic hooked it up for free! YES.

Ok literally falling asleep at the keyboard – pathetic. Ok, chat tomorrow, lauryn x

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lauryn evarts in venice 4 | by the skinny confidentiallauryn evarts in venice | by the skinny confidentiallauryn evarts in venice | by the skinny confidential



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30 replies to “Mini DeLites: Charming Venice”

  1. Hey Lauryn! LOVE the Venice recap! I was there for one of the stops on my honeymoon so you’ve got me feeling all the nostalgia!
    Also, I wanted to add that I am an android user and I have been able to listen to the podcast for free ever since you first started podcasting. I was able to get episode one the day it released on Podcast Republic. It’s a free app for android users. Just thought your readers might be interested in another app that I really like.

    1. AW! Where else did you go on your honeymoon Mary?
      Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely look into that.

  2. Just a quick note…did you mean to say “I have not shit today”?? had me cracking up either way!!

  3. Such a beautiful place! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and your pictures are spectacular as always 🙂
    Listening to episode #14 right now

  4. Venice looks so wonderful (lobster and pinot greej at Hemingway’s island?! yes plz) & I LOVED your birthday dress! All these pictures are too stunning! Venice is darling. x Shannon

  5. your hair in that last pic tho! do you have a tutorial on it that I just missed somehow? if not, consider this a reader request!

    Said this yesterday on Michael’s post but have to say it looked GORG in that birthday dress!

  6. Your low messy pony is TO DIE!!!! Can you do a tutorial post or youtube video on how to do this? SO cute!!!

  7. Hi Lauryn! This post is really nice as your blog! I am happy that you like Italy, my country! Next time you should definetely go to Naples, the food (especially pizza and spaghetti) is amazing and I am sure you ‘ll love the city! Plus you can stop to Capri and Ischia islands and do a tour of the Amalfi coast which are one of the best places to visit in The south of Italy;) xx Raffy

  8. This was my boyfriends and I first trip together and it was so romantic! I love Venice and waiting for the day we will return. But there is so much if Italy to see though right? And so much pasta to eat! The Blonde B