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Mini DeLites: CABOOOO!!!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

Forgive me as some of these pics were taken on my iPhone…truthfully I was too busy eating chips & salsa to use a real camera.

On Thursday Michael semi-surprised me with Cabo for my birthday.

I say semi because I know him too well & sort of knew that’s where we were headed.

( You know how guys think they’re being all slick & shit but the woman has too much feminine intuition for their obvious ways? Like if Michael were to throw a surprise party for me I’d have to act ‘surprised’ I suppose…I just know him too well for surprises!! HA! Sorry babe ).

So ya we went to CABOOOOO. If you don’t know Cabo is my favorite place in the world. Like when I die, write on my grave: “I’d rather be in Cabo.”



Here’s a peak into our Cabo vacay:

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

Guess there’s not too much to report. I mean we did what everyone does in Cabo…eat our body weight in chips & spicy salsa, raft around the pool, drink jalapeño margaritas, eat, eat some more, get lymphatic drainage massages (!!) & lounge around ( under an umbrella for me thanks! ).

We did go to Floral Farm which was F-ING INSANE. Think: a farm to table restaurant with a little ice cream stand, live band, the freshest foods ever, homemade pizza, carrot margaritas, AND beet & grapefruit cocktails. I cannot say enough good things about this place! My girlfriend, Annie recommended it & it’s soooooo worth the little drive. It’s out there on a bumpy road but the charm of the restaurant is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.


Also, I’m having this moment where I’m so obsessed with the colors/vibes of Cabo. Like I want a cactus garden stat & I could really use more hacienda-ish colors around the house. My indecisiveness further proves my GEMINI, I CAN’T DECIDE ON ANYTHING, THIS OR THAT personality.

What else?

Oh. I have a special, little story.

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

Here’s my story & maybe you guys won’t really get it because you don’t personally know our friend, Joel.

Michael & I have a friend named Joel. He is a bartender at the hotel we go to in Cabo. This hotel is super special to us & naturally every time we get there we immediately say “WHERE’S JOEL??!!”

We LOVE Joel.

He’s the sweetest, kindest man. His personality shines through him & no matter WHAT he’s always smiling. ALWAYS.

So last time we went to Cabo, Joel was no where to be found.

This time though, he was behind the bar, smiling, whipping up the best ginger margaritas EVER.

Of course Michael & I rushed over to give him a hug because we adore him!

Two days in to the trip Joel told us his wife of 27 years had passed away from cancer.

He smiled with tears in his eyes & said he was remaining positive & that although he missed her he would continue to live a positive, happy life for himself and his two children. He encouraged me to take care of myself, health-wise.

Here’s this man who just lost his wife of 27 years and he’s smiling & being so strong while continuing to work and support his family AND encouraging me to lead a healthy life.

Maybe you guys won’t understand the story because you don’t personally know Joel, but the point is, attitude is a game changer.

If you’re having a bad day, think about Joel. He’s still smiling in Cabo, radiating positive vibes shaking margaritas.

Super inspiring so I thought I’d share.

Joel: if you’re reading: WE LOVE YOU : ).

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

So I’d say my birthday was a success! But now it’s back to reality. Really though, the amount of work that hit me in the face today…was painful. It’s literally midnight & I’ve been up since 5 am playing catch up. I did stop for an hour to make sweet potato/quinoa patties ( shoutout to my Snapchat friends! ) & did the 27 minute TSC Bombshell Body Guide. Anyway, I feel like I’m looking at at least 4 more hours of work tonight if I’m lucky…UGGGGH.

Also, two things before we part ways: 1.) check out the Nordstrom sale & kiss me later. 2.) a full blown post on my Cabo Insta outfits will be up on the blog this week. Some of you asked me outfit questions via Instagram but I was too busy drinking ginger margaritas…so an entire outfit recap will be up soon, swear.

Question: where’s your favorite place in the world to travel & why? xx

Oh, & before I go, this post wouldn’t be complete without a pic of Michael telling me to get off my phone or he’s going to throw it ( & me ) in the ocean:

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

  1. Cabo looks amazing! So relaxing borderline being lazy. I love it! Next vacay is definitely going to be Cabo.

    I completely agree with you on having the right attitude, seriously it can make or break you and I’m rooting for Joel!! (I don’t know him personally, but I’m sending more positive vibes to him!!)

    My current place I love traveling is Japan (haha) I suppose England would be the next place I love too~

    Hahah, that last pic is priceless. Lol <3


  2. Hi! I’m heading to Palmilla (and Flora Farms!!) next week and so excited! Just wondering if there is a special way you order your margs so they aren’t so loaded with sugar. Would love to know. Thanks!!

  3. I wish someone would surprise me with a trip!! Just the chips and salsa alone is making me jealous. I will say a little prayer for Joel…my in-laws have a time share in Cancun that they go to at least twice a year and they really have made friends with the staff there. It’s so cool that they remember them (and remember my FIL likes his bacon burnt) and it makes it feel like your visiting a second home or something.

    x. Morgan /

  4. Lucky girl – that Michael takes you to Cabo 😉 But about Joel, let’s all send him some goodwill. He sounds strong but it’s always good to have a support system.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday in Cabo! Cheers to a blessed year! If I could travel the world I would go back to Paris where I left my heart years ago on a trip with my college, FIT. I never thought I could love a place more than NY, but Paris it is! Love the suit you’re wearing in the last selfie 😉 so cute!

  6. I’m headed to that hotel June 1! Cannot wait 🙂 do you have any specify recommendations??

  7. What a wonderful birthday surprise! And Joel sounds like what I aspire to be one day but I think you have to be born that appreciative and nice right?


  8. Looks so perfect, I wouldn’t want to get back to reality either! I think I get legit separation anxiety from vacations but really, I always tell Sam he can leave me behind on trips like this. Glad it was a good birthday!!

  9. Anywhere with a tropical beach is my favorite place to travel 🙂 I work a lot and really hard so vacations with a lt of R & R are my jam 🙂

    Lauryn-could you do a post on summer reading/books you want to read for the summer? I’m headed to Maui on my honeymoon in a few weeks and I need something to read while chilling on te beach and drinking my skinny sangria…

  10. I love all the random thoughts in this post:) The Joel story was super sweet and inspiring, your trip to Cabo looked amazing (P.D. Flora Farm is as incredible as you describe it, carrot margaritas are out of this world), and my favorite places to travel:

    1. For a more city, urban experience: Paris, France or Mexico City
    2. Relaxation: Cabo or Tulum
    3. Other random places I love: Barcelona, Zacatecas (Mexico), Puerto Rico, Italy

    That is all!

  11. Omg, so sad to hear about Joel. He was our absolute favorite at one & only too! Prob made him take one too many photos with us at the pool, a couple of years ago. Thank you for sharing. Will definitely keep he and his family in my thoughts <3 love all your pics!

  12. Omg everything about this post…I heart. The Joel story won me over. Whenever I go on vacay my husband and I tend to find a friendly buddy similar to Joel who you just say hello to each day and feel happier because of it. So sorry to hear about his wife but what a great attitude he had to share with you and the rest of the guests. On another note-cabo is probably my fave place in the world too- going for our anniv and def already have plans for flora farm!

  13. Love the Joel story…so touching and optimistic!

    I traveled to Positano, Italy with my family a few years ago and stayed at Le Sirenuse Hotel. It was INCREDIBLE. So romantic. I highly recommend it for your next getaway with Michael! Here’s the website if you’re interested: Hello, honeymoon!

    Lots of love,


  14. The story about Joel made my day. Sending good vibes his way!!

    I have never been to Cabo, but hope to go soon. I’ve heard great things about Tulum. My favorite place has been Italy. It’s so beautiful and of course the wine is fab.

  15. Love Cabo too. We tend to spend a lot of time in San Jose Del Cabo for the Art Walk, great food & Flora Farms. But my soul lies in Tulum. I go twice a year….solo for a yoga retreat and then a romantic trip with my husband. We stay at BeTulum. It is perfect. It is magical. My other fav is in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast at Casa Angelina. The beach club is off the hook, the views are amazing, the food is incredible and they rent the most adorable boats with captains for day trips into Capri…..ahhhhh!

  16. Happy belated birthday!!! Poor Joel – what an inspiration though! I’ve never been to Cabo but now I really want to go there. My favorite place to travel is LA…so much so that I’m moving there in 2 weeks!

  17. I didn’t think I could have been more jealous when I saw that food then I kept scrolling to all the other ones. Damn.

  18. Hi Lauren! I love your blog and have been following you on snapchat lately (you and susan are adorable!) 🙂 – My boyfriend and I are looking to plan a vacation to Cabo soon and are looking at hotels down there, I know you highly recommend the One and Only, do you have a recommendation for an ocean front suite with a pool? I’m looking online and they don’t have that many photos of the rooms. We are looking at the Ocean front casitas suite, if you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate them!! Thanks so much xoxo
    – Cami

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