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Mini DeLites: BREAK’S OVER

mini delites | by the skinny confidential
{ juices, soups, & a wellness shot from the local health bar }

mini delites | the skinny confidential

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Hello hello! Happy Monday. Absolutely exhausted which is weird because Sunday was very relaxing…but then Monday hits you like a ton of concrete bricks, you know the drill.

Mondays for me are so full speed it’s like running on a Treadmill 105 mph. I’m working on this because running on a Treadmill that fast is just too overwhelming. Slow & steady needs to be my speed on Mondays. It’s just better.

Sunday was the hot minute I’ve been waiting for: a day break from social media.

Yes, that’s right folks. I didn’t blog, didn’t post an Instagram, not even a measly Tweet.

Sure, I Snapchat-ed twice ( 3 times? ) but if you know me, you know this is NOTHING. Typically I Snap like 50 times a day.

…& what a fucking rarity for me to take a BREAK from social media. WOW.

Seriously though, it felt weird.

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mini delites 5 | by the skinny confidential

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Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve taken a solid social media DAY break in 6 years. Like a full day. Bizarre-o-land.

But it was also nice…

Real nice because I had the opportunity to read, lounge, spend time with family, & read some more.

Honestly having a day like this is a mental break, kind of wellness day, no?

Funny how I’m the one to mention the importance of taking a day break from the Internet, a few months ago I could barely disconnect for 10 minutes.

Really though, a sort of re-fuel is necessary. It makes me more sane. I’m a work in progress & this is something in progress: learning to disconnect.

There’s something calming about disconnecting, isn’t there?

Actually I think it makes me a better blogger ( person? ) to completely shut it off for a day. Therapeutic in every way possible. Especially to just read without looking at a bright screen. Real books. I just love the smell of real books.

What else?

Oh, I finally watched The Devil Wears Prada. Am I late to the party or WHAT? It was good, a little surface, but good. THAT’S ALL.

( DON’T you DIE—EEEEE how she says that in the movie? When Anne Hathaway brings Meryl coffee & the pre-released, unattainable version of Harry Potter & she deadpans: “that’s all.” IT KILLED ME. Now, every time Michael brings me a nightly cup of tea I obviously say, “THAT’S ALL.” Today he filled my tank with gas & I looked him straight in the eye, expressionless, & uttered: “THAT’S ALL” ).

Ok, ok, so does anyone else like a day away from social media? How do you get away from everything? Do you put your phone on silent? Turn it off? NEED TIPS ON THIS IF YOU CAN’T TELL.

OK, 11:52 PM. Signing off for the day. My CALM tea is really kicking in so it’s time to sign off BECAUSE I’m falling asleep on the keyboard.

That’s all, lauryn x

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mini delites 2 | by the skinny confidential

{ champagne with a view of SD }

mini delites 6 | by the skinny confidential

{ in Michael’s MAN CAVE }


  1. I completely agree! I sometimes take a day off from social media, in fact I took all weekend off. I just kept my phone inside and spent time outside and left it at home when we took a walk! It was hard, but I just needed a break! Yesterday, I was so busy I did it unintentionally lol…And I just wanted to say I totally love y’alls podcast!

    1. Hi Alexis! First, I’m so glad you like the podcast! Second, WOW. You are committed. I have a really hard time disconnecting but it was definitely a breath of fresh air. Teach me your ways!

  2. Another option for brussel sprouts: Roast them @ 400 degrees for about 12-15 minutes with just a sprinkle of salt & pepper…once they come out of the oven, splash them with red wine vinegar & raw local honey! Omg to die for!!

    1. Wait, BAILEY. This sounds amazing! So simple & so healthy. I might have to ad this recipe to TSC Bombshell Body Guide! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. AH the struggle is real when it comes to committing to having a day off the social media/blog/snapchat….but you’re right it’s definitely needed from time to time. For me if I’m feeling like a need a few hours even away from it all, I’ll just turn my phone on airplane mode…is that weird? haha At least for like the morning or afternoon or majority of the day and then get back on when I feel “socially cleansed” hahah it works though!

    PS. Love when they fill up the gas for us…like why would we need anything else? We do it all anyway, right?

    Have a great week pretty lady! Love keeping up with you and Michael…&& hopefully THAT’S not weird lol you guys remind me of my boyfriend and I so much it’s hilarious.


    1. Hi Ash, NO it’s not weird AT ALL. I feel like there are just some things in relationships that everyone can relate to ( like stuffing watermelon jerky down your man’s throat… yes? maybe? LOL! ). Airplane mode is a good idea. One question though, when you turn it back on, do the flood of texts, emails, & notifications give you a giant rush of stress? LMK!

    1. Try it Michelle! Make a day of it with your husband. You guys can go do something fun & have a little date dat & night. Make him take you somewhere fun or romantic for your no social day

  4. I tried a couple of time to digitally detox but it didn’t really happen. Even on vacay, I find my self checking my phone … It’s an addiction!

    But I’m gonna take a digital detox for a day challenge soon…


    Tamara –

    1. Try it Tamara, just commit! Maybe leave your phone in your car or something so it takes way more effort to go and check it? LMK if you try it!

  5. good for you for taking a break!! we NEED breaks in our lives…seriously, so smart! That’s awesome. Wait, it’s killing me that you just watched devil wears prada…isn’t it great? such a classic!!

    Glad you got to refuel! XO


    1. It’s the best! There are certain movies that you just need to watch every once in a while. They’ll always be good! Thanks lady, the break was definitely nice.

  6. It’s so necessary to take a day 100% to yourself without any electronics. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish without 9847598345 distractions and how rejuvenated you feel the next day.

  7. On Sunday, I kind of unintentionally took a social media/computer break. I was feeling really uninspired and not motivated so I turned on House of Cards and binge watched and kind of did a hard reset on my brain. It worked. I’m feeling way better this week and kind of ready to take on the world.

    It’s so important to take a look at yourself and realize when things aren’t really working and to make some changes. <3

  8. I loved this little catch up post! I’m so glad you got a much-needed break on Sunday, you deserve it!
    It KILLS me when she says “that’s all” I die every time hahaha

  9. I just went 35 days without social media– my tip was to delete them all and you won’t think about them! Even if it’s just for a day 🙂

    1. Hi Emma. OH. MY. GOSH. 35 days??? That’s so intense. How did you feel? Why did you decide to go without social for so long? What were the downsides and upsides?? I must know! Thanks for reading

  10. I use an app called Forest which lets me grow a virtual tree for every 25 minutes that I’m off my phone. It’s been working great for when I need to study as 25 minutes is long enough for someone with such short attention span like me. this app still allows you to answer phone calls and doesn’t kill your tree if you do.

    1. Hi Syazrah, that’s a cool concept for an app. I’ve never heard of something like that! How tall can the tree get? Does it just grow forever if you don’t use it? I’m curious. How tall has your tree grown? xx

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