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Mini DeLites: Boston, Cheez-Its, & Create & Cultivate

create and cultivate | by the skinny confidential
{ latest blogging conference details below }

create and cultivate | by the skinny confidential

{ TSC anti-inflammatory drink from the upcoming MEAL PLAN ; ) }

Well hello from Boston!

Currently about to hop on a flight back to San Diego. You guessed it, of course we are 23487 hours early because Michael jumped the gun on airport timing. Nothing new there. I guess Cheez-It’s & a banana it is for dinner because Michael was convinced we’d be late if we grabbed food. Shocker: we are anything but late. In fact the guy checking tickets asked “why are you so early?” HA.

Regardless I really don’t mind being at the airport early ( besides the fact I’m starving ). There’s something therapetic about working from the airport. The WiFi is usually decent & for some reason I always tend to get a lot of computer work done. Trying to look on the bright side here.

::Pops a stale Cheez-It in mouth::

Ok SO BOSTON. What a city! We have had too much fun here. Like I said before we traveled back East for a little work, a little play, & to visit our friends, Alex ( ALSO KNOWN as MOOSKNUCKLE on Snapchat ) and Jana. No surprise but we’ve stuffed our faces with a lot of lemon pasta, pizza, & mozzarella. The wine was flowing too.

…Thank God for a good, efficient hydrating sheet mask.

create and cultivate | by the skinny confidential

jacket ( similar ) | jeans | slides | sunglasses ( similar ) | choker }

create and cultivate | by the skinny confidential

{ …& lately on Instagram | some you asked about the black hoodie- it’s here }

Anyway, while we were in town I decided to do a last minute TSC meet-up which was so fun! A bunch of you guys came out to drink skinny margaritas, eat beet ( PINK ) hummus, & shoot the shit. Nothing better than meeting you guys in person- especially cool to learn about your blogs- very impressed. I am going to be doing a lot more meet-ups wherever I travel ( NYC next? )…maybe even thinking about live podcasting?

Speaking of New York City…I’m speaking at Create & Cultivate May 6th.

Who’s coming?

Curious about the venue? I’ll let C & C explain:

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

“This is a 365 day conversation around entrepreneurship and being a woman in the modern digital world. We gather the next generation of curious creatives, entrepreneurs and girl bosses to spark conversation around the topics they are passionate about from influencer marketing and brand building to raising money.

At Create & Cultivate you are destined to meet other talented, like-minded creatives, all while learning tips and tricks from some of the best in the business. Attendees get access to a highly curated, impactful one-day program of workshops, mentor sessions, and panels, as well as delicious cocktails, food, pop-up shops, photo booths, gift bags, and more.

Our attendees come to feel inspired, enhance their business, drink killer cocktails and cultivate new friendships in an amazing and beautiful environment!  Create & Cultivate has taken place in Brooklyn, Montauk, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Palm Springs, & Portland, and continues three times a year, nationwide.”

{ stalk the badass founder & her cool vision here }

DATES: MAY 6TH, one day, 50 speakers, 600 attendees

mini delites glasses | by the skinny confidential

{ favorite ( FAKE ) $10 specks }

TSC Speaker button

In all honestly ( & this is NO BULLSHIT ), when I was starting out 4 years ago, I would have figured out a way to go to this conference. It’s all blogging/branding questions answered in one space so it makes it so much easier for someone who’s new-ish to navigate the web space. This isn’t one of those conferences that you go to & realize three days later that you learned NOTHING. You know those ones that are just a real bore?

This is a conference with resources, amazing influencers, & answers to questions that are weird to ask ( AKA how do bloggers/vloggers make money? The ups & down? Tricks of the trade? ). Plus it’s whimsical & you’ll get 1981238 Instagrams because the conference’s asethetic is just impeccable.

Essentially with this conference, you’re investing in yourself. I’m very excited to be part of it.
If you’re interested, check out the schedule. A peek at some of the speakers:

mini delites 1 | the skinny confidential

{ flattered to be included in this badass line-up! }

I would love restaurant/sight/must-go recommendations in NYC. Also, should we do a meet-up?If so, leave your info below for us to contact you with more info.

If you’re unable to come to the NYC conference, definitely check out this book, editorial planner, & blog-doo. They’re awesome resources for bloggers. ALSO I got you covered because I’ll do an Instagram LIVE after the event recapping what we talked about. Funnnnn.

Ok I’m off to throw on some cucumber eye pads, pre-flight. Everyone looks at me like a madman but beauty is pain & these Cheez-Its are really making me swell.

Hope you guys are off to a successful week.

Happy Monday! x lauryn

+ looking for San Diego interns- check out my latest Instagram to apply.

++ ALSO, just answered a bunch of your ASK LAURYN questions ; ).

{ photos }


{ hope to meet you guys at C & C ! }

TSC Speaker button


  1. Ah I wish I could go to the NYC meet up (of course its when I’m not there, grrr). I love hearing about your travels and totally agree that airports are PRIME for getting work done for some reason.

    xx, Pia

  2. I swear, I’m doing good at saving money and then you post something that you like from Amazon and I buy it! That planner is exactly what I need…just ordered it. If you ever come to Detroit, you should do a meet-up here… 🙂 It’s honestly a really cool city and not scary at all like most people think it is.

  3. I would love to do a meetup in NYC. ABC Kitchen could be a fun spot to do that. 🙂 Also, the Union Square Farmer’s Market is fab. Plz contact me if you do a meet up at Hope to come see you speak!! 🙂

  4. Hi Lauryn!! Love reading your blog I’ve been following you for the past couple of years:) I was wondering if you had any tips on how to place sheet masks into my current face routine. Right now I use an oil based makeup remover, foam cleanser, toner, acne medication (BP and Retina) and then a moisturizer. Would you recommend using the sheet mask after toner but before acne medication? Thanks so much!

    1. I would use one after the cleanser and before the toner probably! I keep my face routine pretty simple but that way you can clean up the rest of the mask with the toner then apply the medication and moisturizer. xx

  5. I’d love to go to that conference sometime. I just blog part time as a hobby, but I’d love to get more into it!

  6. Hi Lauryn! I would love to be apart of the meet up if you decide to do one! Going to the create & cultivate conference for pretty much every reason you listed above! I’ve wanted to go the past couple & after a friend bailed on me for this one I decided to come solo. Terrifying, but like you have said –bye bye comfort zone — My email is for more meet up info.

  7. awesome you will be speaking again at create and cultivate! booked my tickets months ago. After the one in Dallas I am hooked, what an amazing space to learn and mingle with inspiring women. Highly recommend to anyone in the digital world or looking to get into it, it will definitely motivate and inspire! See you there Lauryn. Would love to attend your meet up in NYC!

  8. if you guys came to seattle or anywhere close for a meetup, I would definitely be there, it would be amazing to meet you, I have learned so much from you & been a reader since the beginning. thank you for what you do, I always find value in your posts and podcasts:)

  9. I’m going to the C&C NYC conference and can’t wait! Really such a good lineup and I know I’m going to learn a ton. You should totally do a meetup while in NYC! I’m thinking of having Blogdoo completely revamp my site and I’d love to get your opinion on my mood board before officially turning it over to you guys.

  10. I am LOVING those shoes! I have yet to experience airport writing since I don’t fly much, but I can imagine how easy it is to just zone out and focus on the writing. If you ever come to Vancouver, BC (or even Seattle) and have a meet up I would LOVE to come! I actually live on Vancouver Island which is a ferry ride away, but it would be worth the trip for sure : )

  11. I wont be able to attend the conference but I would love for you to do a meet up in NYC!! I live right outside the city and would definitely come in for that!


  12. I would LOVE to have info about an NYC meet-up if you do one!! PS Have always wanted to go to Boston…planning a trip there sometime this spring/summer hopefully!

  13. What were some of the restaurants you went to while you were in Boston? They looked amazing on snapchat and I definitely want to check them out!

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