mini delites boob glow

{ Michael’s THREESOME…cake for his birthday }


{ pink, hand-blown glasses by Capt Neptune }

Hiiiiiii guys !

Forgive me, I’m slightly buzzed from an acupuncture high…weird but I get like high from acupuncture & Chinese cupping– anyone else? I just got done with a session by Taylor Taylor ( two last names, what up ) in Hillcrest. He’s seriously the BEST ever. I cannot tell you how much he’s helped relieve my anxiety. LIFE CHANGING, I AM TELLING YOU.

If you went to Coachella & you’re feeling…like dog shit- call him up. He has you covered.

We went to Coachella for the first time ever this year but surprisingly we were pretty tame- nothing crazy. Not too much champagne actually.

A lot of you have e-mailed me an amazing question that I have to address on the blog: “Lauryn, why are your boobs glowing?”

Well SHIT, I wish they glowed naturally but THEY MOST CERTAINLY DON’T.

They’re glowing because I’ve been using a lot of sheer, shimmery oil on my neck bones & chest. It works super well after a level one spray tan. I figured I’d address the question here but it seems to be the theme of my e-mail inbox this weekend. Strange, but everyone loves a good boob glow right?

Ok what else besides boobs?


{ new glittery TSC iPhone cases }

If you haven’t noticed, you should know I’m very much into the whole Instagram LIVE thing. You gotta get on board if you haven’t met me on LIVE- here’s the thing: it’s like we are hanging out in real-time, in real life. You talk to me, I talk to you- full on convo. It’s fabulous & I couldn’t be more obsessed. Really though, it’s a platform that has absolutely no censorship or facade- because it’s REAL TIME, NO FILTER. If you fuck-up, you fuck-up & that’s that, you know?

So on that note: I’ll be on Instagram LIVE this week!

Here’s the schedule for ya:

♡ Tuesday, April 18th at 6:15 pm PST: a pantry tour plus tips & tricks to organize your own pantry on a budget
♡ Saturday, April 22nd at 5:45 pm PST: get ready with me…a night time look

** follow along here.

None of this is planned or rehearsed, just in the moment. WHICH I LOVE.


summer festival outfit by amazon

{ festival getup…summer lookbook is out too !! }


{ Palm Desert vibes | art by: @theaestate }

This is going to be a fun week on The Skinny Confidential…I have some sassy posts planned for you guys. In the meantime make sure you’ve entered the MEAL PLAN giveaway because it’s a good one.

With that I’m off to read, drink some ginger/turmeric hot tea, & enjoy flute meditation music on my new noise canceling headphones. Some of you asked about the mediation app & it’s called Relax Melodies ( I do the flute mixed with the rain sounds ).

Happy Monday!

Until tomorrow, lauryn x

+ read more about acupuncture & Chinese cupping

{ home deets lately }



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  1. Shannon Silver

    I freaking love TSC because where else can I find a place to make my boobs glow? This takes me back to high school, my best friend and I were OBSESSED with this cleavage powder from Too Faced that made everything legit (PRETTYS URE it was flavoured too?????) – this def needs to be revived! 😉 xx S

  2. erika

    I gave birth to flute meditation music while the nurse and my hubby were rubbing my feet. Can’t live without sleep sounds before bedtime. Can’t wait to check out your app. And need your glowing chest except mine is just rib cleavage 😉

  3. Lauryn

    That sounds like a peaceful birth. Flute sounds are the best aren’t they? Thanks for the support Erika! xx

  4. LesLeigh J.

    Ooh, I’ll have to try that meditation app! I’ve been using Headspace for a while now, and I like it, but the guy talks the whole time. It’s helpful, if you’re new to meditation, but I’d rather just have some peaceful sounds and relax my mind…

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