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Mini DeLites: BETTER

mini delites feeling better 4 | by the skinny confidential{ sunday night…obsessed with this popcorn lately }

mini delites feeling better 2 | by the skinny confidential
mini delites feeling better 1 | by the skinny confidential

{ marble Converse designed by Fashionlush }

HI again!

It’s 10:05 PM on Monday & I am feeling so, so, SO much better.

Like last week I was dying & now I’m Richard Simmons dancing with jazz hands on crack.

Thank you, thank you for your well wishes. Many of you guys have become like friends. The e-mails I’ve received have been just insanely amazing & I feel lucky.

Ok so, some random thoughts: suddenly I’ve developed a bizarre kind of social anxiety. Apparently after two months of house arrest, it’s weird going outside. Bright lights, loud noises, gas station germs, nail salon cuticle bits…ANXIETY. So currently I’m trying to get back into real life. It’s as if I’ve forgotten how to be a normal, functioning human being. Like literally why does the freeway have traffic? How do I park to grab a quick coffee? Did I leave the candles burning with the dogs home? ( NO I didn’t, but you get it ). Why is that person staring at my jaw? ( THEY’RE NOT. They’re staring at the scrambled eggs hanging off my numb chin from earlier this morning ).

Anyway. Will let you know how my re-introduction to society goes next week.

mini delites feeling better 9 | by the skinny confidential
{ at the office: striped planner x snakeskin iPhone case }

Today I went to the doctor for a re-check and he said I’M DOING SO MUCH BETTER. I won’t bore you with the details. Then I went home, finished up some work, & started cooking a Blue Apron meal ( specifically their spicy eggplant pasta ). Mid-cooking Michael walks in & says he’s very stressed, work-wise, & I tell him “YOU NEED TO FIND something else other than work to wind down at night!”

Look at me dishing out advice that I need to give myself. HA.

So he grabs the spatula & finishes cooking the whole meal.

( Note: this is a good way to manipulate a guy into cooking for you ).

Apparently his ‘something else’ is suddenly cooking. Let’s see how long this lasts. Currently Chef Boyardee’s in earphones next to me ( he invested in high quality earphones so he doesn’t have to hear quote on quote “the keys of the keyboard CLACK TOGETHER” ) & listening to the CALM app which is like mediation on steroids.


mini delites feeling better 5 | by the skinny confidential
mini delites feeling better 6 | by the skinny confidential

{ the BEST Rice Krispies ( UM COCONUT CARAMEL?! ) from bliss & baker }

I’m very excited for tomorrow because I’m attempting a light hike ( & some fucking fresh air ) with my dad. I could really use fresh air. I feel like I’m going insane being inside so much. I know, I know…I’m getting ahead of myself— I need to take it down 27271727 notches, what’s new. But trust me, you’d go crazy too. Anyway, after that my outing will probably consist of grabbing a SmartWater & peach at Whole Foods. Assuming I find parking, which would be weird. Then home, work, cook ( << right Michael? ), sleep. Groundhog day over here.

Can you tell I’m feeling better? ; )

Chat tomorrow, I’m off to enjoy a carrot Kombucha & popcorn. x

P.S. I’m extending TSC giveaway just because! Don’t forget to enter— it’s a goodie.

mini delites feeling better | by the skinny confidential

{ pretty in purple }

mini delites feeling better 7 | by the skinny confidential
mini delites feeling better 8 | by the skinny confidential

{ no evil monkeys from The Nanz }

  1. So glad you are feeling better! The colour of those orchids are seriously the most gorgeous I have ever seen. And I love that you are going on a hike with your dad. I am so close to mine, and sometimes when life/health/stuff is overwhelming QT father/daughter time can seriously be such a breath of fresh air …no pun intended… Not to sound creepy, but I can just tell from the TONE of this email you sound better! I’ll have to use that tip to get my guy to cook for me some time – he is another busybusy bee that can use something other than work, and it’s a win-win for me! 😉
    Keep on healing strong! <3 x

    1. Hi Shannon! Aren’t Dad’s the best?? QT with my Dad is seriously one of my favorite ways to spend time. And it’s not creepy at all! I think you’re so sweet! I am definitely feeling MUCH better. It’s still super swollen but the infection was horrible and I’m glad it’s getting back to normal. Thanks for reading babe

    1. Thanks Annie, aren’t they so cute?? My grandma always finds the best stuff! Thanks for reading :))

  2. Have you ever tried Buddha Bowl popcorn? One flavor is made with coconut oil and himalayan salt. Organic and non-GMO. SO YUM! Good luck not eating the entire bag!

    1. I haven’t tried Buddha Bowl, I’ll look into it! Can you send me the link? It sounds so good!! I die for anything with coconut oil! Thanks babe

    2. Of course! Here is a link from amazon. Looks like they only sell large quantities. I get mine from Sprouts!

    1. Hi Brandi! They are seriously SO good. They are delivery based via the web, but you can find them at one of the businesses they sell to. Here’s their website link, definitely email them and let them know you saw them on TSC and want to try some of their treats!! Thanks for reading

  3. Hi Lauryn, I totally understand your sudden social anxiety!! I have anxiety in other ways but it came to me out of nowhere and it seems to get worse! People say when you get older you get more anxiety’s but its damn hard dealing with them. From being fearless to nervous a lot of times takes some getting used to! I hope it passes for us both soon. Glad you are feeling better tho! X

    1. Hi Richelle, ugh social anxiety is the worst!! I am so nervous to rejoin society, LOL! How do you deal with your anxiety? Do you have any tips? LMK! Thank you for reading babe

  4. Those shoes are amazing~! I’m so glad you’re doing better.

    Totally had a dream about you, and how you were feeling better!! I’m still sending “get better quicker” vibes your way!

    1. Hi Danielle! Omg so funny! What was I doing in your dream?? Tell me! Thank you for the support and healing vibes! I appreciate it! Thanks for reading

  5. Glad your feeling better! I hope you get your feeling back in your chin. I didn’t and it’s been 6 years! So embarrassing when people tell you that you have food on your face. But I guess it’s a good thing that they even tell you.

    1. Hi Angel, thanks babe! Really? 6 years! Ahhh! I hope I get feeling back soon. Did you have any complications after your surgery? Any infections? And yes, I need people to tell me when I have food on my face, that’s the worst! xx

  6. Hi Lauryn! I’m a new follower and I love your website, insta, and snapchat! You’re super inspiring! Just wondering, what music did you have playing in the background of your snaps? It’s so relaxing~

    1. Hi Lily! Isn’t that music so relaxing? It’s “Brazilian Lounge” on Pandora. I seriously listen to it every day. It’s perfect for work, cleaning up, cooking, having friends over. It’s got such a chill vibe. Thanks for reading

  7. So great to hear you’re finally feeling better and once you get back into your normal routine the anxiety will slowly start to go away! Wishing you all the best pretty lady! XO

    1. Thank you!! I know, you’re so right! It’s just going to take some time to get used to people and being out in public again. Lol I sound like such a recluse! I swear I’m normal lol! xx

  8. Skinnypop is delicious!! I ravenously eat huge amounts of it so don’t buy it that much. But it’s great for sneaking into theater in lieu of “bad popcorn.”

    1. I know, right Jennifer? The thought of overly greasy, gross butter movie theater popcorn literally sounds so gross! Thanks for reading :))

  9. I find that when my social anxiety gets OUTTA CONTROL I gotta start with little outings that end up with a reward of sorts. Like…. “Okay let’s get coffee but you HAVE to go inside and jnteract with real people” or “let’s go grocery shopping and buy a treat but only AFTER all the other shopping is done” BALANCE right?!

    1. Hi Jamie, yes BALANCE. I try to live by that motto. Balance, moderation, a little bit of everything, not a lot of anything (except P and Boone :))) lol! I like your system, thanks for the tip I’m going to try that! No rosé until after I go out in public?? Thanks for reading,

    1. Thanks Anne! I know, isn’t the purple such a pretty, deep purple? I love it! Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. Hi Anita! Yay! You will love them I promise! I’m obsessed! Let me know what you think or take a pic on Instagram and tag me! Thanks for reading

    1. Hi Ashlyn, oooh what’s gabba? Is it like a stress mint?? Tell me more! Will you send me a link? Thanks babe! xx

  10. Glad to see you are feeling better!! I tried to find these FANTASTIC marble converse through FashionLush but I cannot seem to find them anywhere. Any idea if they are even available for purchase yet? Thanks!


  11. So happy to hear you are feeling better. Your surgery sounds like it has been a gnarly process! Dying over those monkeys 🙂

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