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Mini DeLites: Beijing, China Part II

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

So I recapped part one but now it’s time for part two!

Picking up from where we left off: we have a friend in China who’s an amazing producer, Zhang Jizhong ( he’s also going to be the voice of the panda in Kung Fu Panda!! ) so we met up with him twice while we were in Beijing. He was kind enough to show us around.

The first time we met up we indulged in hot pot. The second night? He took us to a hotel mansion ( if you follow me on Snapchat, you already know this! ) called J.E. Mansion. This particular spot was INSANE. It was definitely the most beautiful house I’ve ever been in. Everything was so grand. There was a spot to get married in the most traditional Chinese way possible, real life/huge sand gardens, king & queen quarters, & the most beautiful eating quarters ( WAIT! I MUST be Chinese ).

Basically you feel like royalty ( uhm, I was not mad about this ).

Horribly lit picture, but you get the point:

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

We all sat around a huge table that spun around ( << classic Chinese centerpiece ) with food. We enjoyed Chinese beer ( & a little red wine ) with real deal Chinese food. And I could totally get used to eating off a huge-ass Lazy Susan ( HA! ). Zhang really gave us a real Chinese experience.

It’s safe to say that my dream of being a Chinese royal has been slightly fulfilled. Too bad I can’t live there & make Michael feed me organic grapes.

The next day & our last day I had a meeting with Vogue China about collaborating & bringing TSC over to China in some capacity ( fingers crossed!! ). Vogue China is fab & is everything you’d imagine Vogue in China to look like.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

{ clearly very much feeling my selfie stick }

For our last night we went to this charming little restaurant in the heart of Beijing ( by the way, Michael’s itineraries don’t F around…they’re basically as serious as a heart attack. He plans for months & studies each location to avoid the overly touristy spots ). This restaurant served spicy nuts upon arrival— a solid detail that really just sets the tone for the whole experience. We were escorted to our table for a night of delicious food & they served us a bottle of wine from Napa! I got the salmon with veggies & Michael ordered a table-side steak. They took our picture & for dessert brought over a little cake that says ‘BEIJING WILL MISS YOU!’ Cute, right?

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

( To be honest though: the food in Beijing was my least favorite. Thailand was definitely my FAV of life. Hong Kong was a close runner-up. There was a lot of food in Beijing that didn’t sit well with my stomach ( I’m not particularly psycho excited for peking duck, diverse cuts of meat, &/or animal feet of any kind ).)

The next morning we woke up at 5 am, slightly hungover, & headed to the airport. We had a layover in Tokyo, Japan ( Japan looks so damn cool, I’m dying to travel there next ). During the layover we ate Japanese noodles that were seriously orgasmic. YAY FOR CARBSSSS! Good thing carbs don’t count in Japan…#iwish.

Oh, & if you’re wondering, I worked out while I was on vacation. I did some yoga & TSC Bombshell Body Guide 3 times a week. Also we walked everywhere which was so fab that I’ve been determined to walk everywhere in LA & San Diego now. Walking is SO good for you & it’s accessible but I feel like a lot of people forget to walk. You get it!

Anyway, Beijing was fun but the feeling of coming home to my puppies? AMAZING. I missed them SO much while we were gone— I literally haven’t stopped spooning them since. In fact!! I think it’s time to go smother them with love now.

Talk soon, x le

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

  1. You are so lucky that you have Michael to plan your trip itineraries for you! Sounds like an amazing time, but I don’t blame you for not liking the food. I always like to try new things but I draw the line at feet of any kind!

  2. You look great on the Great Wall girl!! 😉 It’s awesome that being away inspired you to walk more – living in NY and SF has been amazing for me in that sense, I forget that most other cities have driving cultures! You make Asia look so fun – we’re thinking Japan for the trip after next. XOXOX

  3. Beijing looks amazing! That’s added to the travel wish list now. Totally agree with walking everywhere, it’s probably the only reason I’ve been putting off driving the last couple of years!

  4. I’ve been to thailand when i was like 10 years old. I dont remember much, i was young since. But i do have some memories still stuck in my mind.

    Your snaps and posts makes me wanna go there again. Hopefully soon. My boyfriend is in japan already. He always discribe tokyo as an awesome place, specially nightlife.

    Hope you had memorable good days.
    Looking forward for your next travel.


  5. You’re missing out on the chicken feet for real, JUST SAYING. Glad you had a wonderful time in Beijing! I hope you can get TSC to catch on, and that you’ll document what seems like a marketing adventure!

  6. I love the decor of that restaurant! The Mansion is also stunning. What an incredible trip and keeping fingers crossed for bringing TSC to to China + Vogue. That would be incredible! And you HAAAAAVE have have HAVE to go to Japan. Tokyo is SO incredible. Seriously, because of you, I moved Thailand to number 1 on my travel list now. The food, the atmosphere, the colours, and the tranquility of it looked so incredible… but you are so right, there is no place like home. x

  7. I too wasn’t crazy about the food in Beijing when I visited back in 2010. When I read about Michael’s itineraries I giggled to myself because I am the same way when it comes to planning – I am HUGE on reading what local bloggers have to say about an area and try to avoid overly touristy spots 😀

  8. I had the exact same feeling about the food in Beijing!! Everything was so fried. Not good for the digestion lol. And I second someone else’s comment about Tokyo – mind blowing place and you have to go

  9. Lauryn, love these posts on Beijing. Such beautiful pictures…but I’m like you – food in Beijing is not my favorite. It usually doesn’t sit well with me, either. King’s Joy was the first place that i really really enjoyed there.

    Super fun to see your travels!


  10. Such beautiful photos!

    I also wasn’t a huge fan of fancy meals in Beijing. I did a lot better getting noodles or dumplings in a small shops, or asking for vegetarian meals once my Chinese was better.

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