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{ Caboodles life }


{ favorite chapsticks because they’re pink tinted }

Switching it up over here & for one straight week, all day, everyday we are going to do #beautyjunkieweek. Make sure you’re following along on Snapchat ( BEAUTY GIVEAWAYS ) AND Instagram ( going to do INSTA LIVE + mini Insta blog entries ). All the content will be beauty, beauty, beauty…& nothing is sponsored. Of course I’ll go in-depth! After some intense Twitter polls, I saw that you guys want a lot of beauty content. SO I want to make sure I answer any & all your questions. Obviously I need more than a week but I’m kind of loving a themed week here?

Ok so on another note: what is new?

Nothing much here. On Friday I had dinner with a friend ( chopped salads & rosé ) and then on Saturday we woke up, worked out on the beach, ate brunch, podcasted, & then celebrated my brother, Myles’ birthday with chips, salsa, margaritas, etc. Yesterday was spent off social media, in bed, reading, & watching Hand of God ( a new show on Amazon that’s just insannnnnnne ). Pretty mellow weekend.

What else? Oh, Michael & I did 15 days sober so the rosé on Friday was festive. We cut out red meat, dairy, & coffee so we’ve been feeling GREAT. It actually was surprisingly easy. Dairy really slows me down, man. Anyone else? Also I have been stepping my workouts up a lot. You know, you go through phases I feel like. Anyway, I feel much stronger thanks to the right vitamin medley ( post? ).

Just trying to be super healthy over here…as I stuff my face with a green banana chocolate chip muffin. LOL, it’s a healthy one from the new TSC Meal Plan at least !!! And it’s dairy-free, sugar-free ( sweetened with organic maple syrup ! ), & gluten-free ( oat flour ). I am addicted. Michael ate ten so he is too- HA.



Ok let’s get to the beauty details here.

As you know I kicked off #beautyjunkieweek with my make-up organization tips ( helllllo men’s shoe boxes ), so today since it’s ‘Mini DeLites’ I’m just showing you a couple of products I liked this month.

The standout star here is DEFINITELY the sparkly It Cosmetics brush set– I’ve been testing them out & I LOVE. I just love It Cosmetics always- they get it right. The set has: a powder brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, liner/brow brush, & comes in this cute shimmering case that holds each brush securely. It’s very efficient.


{ BYE BYE Under Eye, Great Lash, FROWNIES, perfume roller }

ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT: disposable eyebrow/mascara brushes. If you don’t own some- get on board. Here’s the thing…they make SUCH a difference for the brows. It’s an odd obsession, I know. But trust me- when you fill in your brows NOTHING is better than a few brushes up with a disposable brush. I bought a 100 pack & I use them all the time, everyday, after a brow tint or after I fill in my brows. They make the brows look natural. Plus I’m a huge fan of brushing upward because it lifts the face…AKA instant facelift.

Do yourself a favor & keep one in every purse you own. Also feel free to brush your BF’s eyebrows too. In fact, I encourage it. Downward hairs bring the face down!

The hot pink brush is fun too.


{ brush up! }

And can we get nostalgic & talk about Caboodles? Remember a million years ago when I filmed a video on WHAT’S IN MY CABOODLE? I love a Caboodle. It really brings me back to the Saved By The Bell, Lisa Frank, Trapper Keeper days. Right though?! I found this vintage one on eBay.

Ok with that: what kind of posts do YOU want to see this week? Hit me with everything & anything beauty related. Off to read…& eat another muffin.

lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast episode because it’s all about E-MAIL ETIQUETTE. Which is VERY MUCH a thing, right?


{ going to try Lancôme’s latest colors for you guys }


{ some recommendations ^^^ }



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40 replies to “Mini DeLites: Beauty Junkie Week”

  1. Hi Lauren! The 15 days sober thing is super interesting. Would you feel comfortable ever doing a post on how much you drink on a normal basis throughout the week? I struggle a lot with finding the balance of not drinking too much as I typically have a number of work events (that are based around alcohol) plus social events throughout the week, and I imagine your life is very similar! I’m definitely a girl who loves a glass of wine or a cocktail so I do find it difficult to keep things in moderation. Do you have evening go-to non-alcoholic drinks when you’re doing 15 days sober? Thank you! xx

  2. Taylor should take Annabelle on a paint wine night date. He shouldn’t make her eat anything that is messy because she’s a sloppy eater (her words from her podcast).

  3. Lauren! I know you’re all about live posting, but could you potentially save those live streams you do to post to your blog? I can’t be the only one that doesn’t totally follow the live chats, I don’t want to miss Anyang!! ❤

  4. Would love a post about vitamins and also your experience doing the 15 day no coffee/dairy/red meat, maybe from your perspective & from Michael’s as well. I know my boyfriend is a die-hard coffee and red meat fan, whereas I am a one cup of coffee in the morning kinda gal & stick to mostly white meat/fish options on a day to day basis. Love the Caboodles box, too! I had a silver shiny one when I was in elementary school that housed all of my blue eye shadow and Wet n Wild eyeshadow sticks. Man, love a good throw back!

    1. It felt so amazing. Will definitely share more about it with you guys. AH caboodles are my favorite. Brings you right back!! xx

  5. I’m doing Whole30 right now (on Day 17!) and it’s kind of crazy how good you feel when you don’t drink. I’m always gluten-free (Celiac), and do very minimal dairy & caffeine… so I think the no wine was really a kicker! Still miss it though 😉

  6. Love these monthly favorites, who doesn’t love a good caboodle?! I’d love to learn more about all the at-home beauty gadgets you’ve tried/use for skincare. I know you love the art of the ice roller, but I’m seeing so many other crazy beauty tools right now. I’ve been super intrigued by dermarollers lately for wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines – any at-home tools you’ve tried and loved, or even tried and hated? Love your blog and podcast!

  7. I’m also interested in vitamins for general wellness and energy. I just signed up for a vitamin subscription from Ritual. Have you heard of/tried them?

  8. Since when do you have a brother?! (I feel like all these siblings keep coming out of the woodworks…haha)

    Vitamin post, please 🙂

  9. Mocktails are great for this Nikki! Fresh fruit juices, kombucha, chia seeds, etc. The combinations are endless. xx

  10. I’m doing Whole30 right now (on Day 17!) and it’s kind of crazy how good you feel when you don’t drink. I’m always gluten-free (Celiac), and do very minimal dairy & caffeine… so I think the no wine was really a kicker! Still miss it though ?