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{ after Michael literally pushed me down a double black }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ charming lobby at the Hotel Jermone }

Well hello!

All revved up today because I’m back from Aspen & ready to WORK!

We flew into LA last night, but you already know that if you follow along on Snapchat.

Ok, so Aspen, Colorado was magical—!!!

No joke though, it looks like a real life Narnia.

The town is by far one of most charming spots I’ve ever been to because 1.) the tiny twinkle lights are sprinkled all around the city, 2.) homemade hot chocolate & marshmallows are served at every restaurant in town, 3.) the people are engaging, friendly, & extremely down to earth, AND 4.) the city is covered in fluffy snow.

Also, Michael really turned on his romance card when he set up a s’mores & rose display:

mini delites | by the skinny confidentialmini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ too good…will be sweating a little extra this week }

Speaking of romance, it certainly helps that there’s a booming fire in nearly every hotel in Aspen, which kind of makes you want to curl up with a good book & your man.

It’s fucking freezing so a fire hits the spot. So does chic ski wear ( I sent out a newsletter on Friday with some snow bunny wear— if you’re interested in TSC newsletter, leave your e-mail below! ).

{ ‘laurynevarts’ on Snapchat }

As beautiful as the city was though, I’m feeling very, VERY overwhelmed with work.

Obviously you guys don’t see behind the scenes all the time so it’s sort of difficult to explain ( I’d be happy to do a BTS post, if you guys are interested in the boring shit ). There are a lot of fun changes/additions coming to The Skinny Confidential in the New Year so I’ve been trying to manage everything. Sometimes I feel like I take on too much…so I constantly have to reel myself in & concentrate on ONE thing at a time.

Creative juices are funny. If you pile too much on your plate, your work can suffer. So I’m constantly reminding myself that strategy is everything. Slow & steady wins the race, right?

…HUGE theme of my 2016: STRATEGY.

But more on that later.

SO. Aspen was fun even though I didn’t go a day without working…but hey, it could be worse because I didn’t go a day without skiing ( or drinking hot apple cider ). Certainly not complaining but in all honesty, I’m fired up to be back getting everything on the right track!

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

Aspen’s scenery }

 { hers & his }

Skiing was HILARIOUS. I acted like I was basically a professional skier to Michael ( we’ve never skied together ) & when we actually got to the slopes Michael practically pushed me off the most difficult mountain…which proved to be INTERESTING because I would say I’m a blue level, at best. Regardless, we ended up skiing so much that I feel very comfortable on the slopes now!

As far as sweating, I did TSC Bombshell Body Guide in my hotel room twice before skiing & is it just me or does skiing burn like 29857 calories? I swear it’s such a great workout, no?

If you’re headed to Aspen, Colorado, check out:

Hotel Jermone ( their craft cocktails are SO MUCH YES ), Steak House No. 316 ( so old school, so chic! ), The Little Nell ( where we stayed, it’s super charming ), The Wild Fig ( so romantic ), The St. Regis ( their hot chocolate bar!!! ), Matsuhisa ( awesome salmon sashimi ), Campo De Fiori ( just really insane Italian food ), Cache Cache Restaurant ( unbelievable wine selection…& they have handmade pasta…so YES ), & lastly there’s this rad lounge-y type place called Caribou Club ( they have a black jack table & all the winnings go back to charity! ).

Also, this deserves it’s own shoutout: the most fun we had overall was FOR SURE, mid-ski. We skied halfway down the mountain & grabbed some homemade pretzels that were served with country mustard & Nutella & each had one beer at The Ranger’s Station. After that, we skied down the other half of the mountain. IT WAS SO FUN. Simple is always the most romantic.

What’s up with you guys? Would love to hear what’s going on in your life! I always try to read every comment so sometimes I feel like I know you guys! Anyway, what’s new? Can you believe it’s almost Christmas/NYE? Sheesh.

Off to eat some apple pie dip & unpack.

Chat soon, lauryn x

SHOP THE SKI BUNNY LOOK: faux fur ( vintage, similar ) | black long sleeve ski top | white ski jacket ( sold out, similar ) | rain boots | sunglasses | white furry beanie

{ decor at Hotel Jermone }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ waffles at The St. Regis }

  1. Love your pictures! I live somewhat close to Aspen, yet haven’t really spent much time there yet (just moved to Colorado around 1 year ago). Definitely need to find some time!

  2. I have always wanted you to do a behind the scenes post! Ahhh yes please. And I am so jealous of this trip, it looks insane…would be perfect for a ski weekend with the bf! As usual, loving the blog. Such good vibes on here lately it is great to see you getting back to your old self after your jaw stuff. Love, Alicia

  3. I’m in Australia – & really struggling with the Christmas spirit since there is no rain or snow… Any tips??

    Nicola, xo

  4. Love Aspen (CO native…heyyyy!). Looks like a blast…very jealous! I would love to see a BTS post. Might help me out!

    Holiday season is ALWAYS so busy and stressful, yet so fun!

  5. Now I NEEEEED to visit Aspen. It looks so magical! I would love more posts about the nitty and gritty about the blog. I am just venturing into this world because I love reading my favorite blogs! You are such and inspiration!!!

  6. That faux fur jacket you’re wearing is amazing! It really looks real!! Is the brand really Jack Willis – and what size did you get? I am looking to get a fly faux fur jacket!!

  7. Love this!!! I’m in the process of planning this years ski trip right now so this was very helpful! We are in-between Aspen and Telluride!:)

    Have a great day!


  8. Aspen sounds so much fun! I love adventure! My life is actually really exciting right now, one, I just got the news from my Fiance that due to his job we are relocating to Chicago! I can’t wait, we’re from St. Louis, so I barely call that a city haha. And two, I just started blogging, so that’s been a huge focus for me. It’s super fun!

  9. Aspen looks gorgeous! I wish I could go there some day. Though I am not really a huge fan of skiing. But Aspen looks just beautiful enough to be able to get me out on those slopes!
    & I would love it if you could do a work post!

  10. I LOVE Aspen!! I am going in January and definitely going to have to hi up some of these restaurant suggestions (Nobu is my fav). Thanks for sharing!

    xo Annie

  11. This reminds me so much of my first trip to Tahoe (and first skiing experience) this Thanksgiving – I swear I am still sore from it! Your photos are fab!


    1. YES! You will love the Ritz when you make it to Tahoe; such a gorgeous hotel with amazing views of the entire area 😉

  12. I’m skiing for the first time ever on New Years at Winter Park! So happy you did a post. Def needed this thank you!! Can you add me to your news letter? Would love to see the ski bunny outfits you put together. XX

  13. I’m skiing for the first time ever on New Years at Winter Park! So happy you did a post. Def needed this thank you!! Can you add me to your news letter? Would love to see the ski bunny outfits you put together. XX

  14. Girl… I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you actually typed out 1) where you stayed and 2) what you liked that you did/went in the city! So many times I read other blogs and I am like I want to stay do that and they never give any details. Keep up the thorough posts! xo

  15. LOVE this post! I lived in Aspen for 3.5 years. It is, in fact, Christmas town. Next time you’re there, hit up Justice Snow’s; they’re cocktails are amaze-balls!

  16. Aspen is wonderful – I am so glad you two went! I remember a few posts back you mentioned you were wanting to go. Winter Wonderland is the perfect way to describe it – and nothing better than some bubbles & s’mores to up the romance, especially after all the skiing. 😉 Stunning photos, as always – the Clue reference is dead on! xx SS
    PS – LOVE that you are wearing faux fur! ♥ ♥

  17. Girl, these s’mores almost made me cry!!! So good! I am dying to go to Aspen and loved getting the inside scoop. Just have to teach the bf to ski now X_X.

    Totally hear you on the overwhelmed factor, story of my life. The blog takes a back seat sometimes and I try not to feel guilt! Slow and steady!! xxx

  18. Wow! Love this recap! I just started following you on snap and discovered your blog that way…i was only following on insta before but not allt he time. I love your engagement story and loved following along with your aspen trip! I’m dyinnggg to go to colorado in the winter! Looks amazing!!! XO


  19. Whenever you’re like ‘should I do a post on X’ you should hehe because we want to read it! I really really want to hear your thoughts on strategy and what you’re thinking for 2016. I need to get my head more around it, as I feel like I have had lots of travel then lazy AF days.
    Smor’s over everything. I love that Michael still makes the effort to make you feel special 🙂
    You da best! Looking fly girl

  20. Would love to read a BHTS post! And/or maybe a “Day in the life of…”? I.e-what time do you usually wake up/go to bed and how do you fit in work, working out, and everything else in between while still looking so refreshed?!

  21. The marshmallow display is so beautiful – I love those giant square marshmallows with ragged handmade edges! And round graham crackers -it’s a work of art! I am really obsessive about my marshmallows, I will toast them carefully for about 20 minutes to ensure they are even brown with no burned spots.
    I like the nutcracker in the hotel too, that is one of my favorite things about the holidays to see the big decorations! That and Christmas trees on top of family cars.
    Skiing and being cold burns a lot of calories.

  22. I would love to see a BTS! Also I’m sorry you had to deal with the IG hackers while in Aspen! Totally not cool!

    I’m from Colorado and Aspen is a gem! Have you ever been to Breck? It’s another one of my favorites!


  23. Would LOVE a behind the scenes post!! 🙂 can’t wait for 2016 blog posts! Love love love reading your blog! I’m expecting and due in the spring so I’m looking forward to reading normal things…will need an escape from the baby talk and get me back to reality lol! Ps. I’ve been using your pregnancy boob cream! Thanks for the tip, love this stuff!!

  24. Thanks Laruyn What a great post on Aspen! I think I’ll add it to our vacation roster for next year. We will have 2 boys 5 and under traveling with us. Did you see many children?


  25. I’m an artist and entrepreneur who often over commits herself, and you have no idea how much I needed to hear this message about not taking on too much! Balancing side hustles with a full time job and friends/dating/fam can be so intense. I’m so glad I found this blog post <3

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