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MINI DELITES: A Throwback To Miami

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After making TSC Year In Review I realized I COMPLETELY FORGOT to share my Miami video & pictures with you guys!!


So in the spirit of true procrastination I’m showcasing a little video filmed while we were in Miami.


You can also read the full MIAMI RECAP. Here’s the video, enjoy:

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In other news, Michael & I were in LA the last two weekends for work. We also had some fun too: dinner at Estrella ( try their cheese plate ), way too many matcha tea lattes at Alfred’s Coffee, some meetings here & there, a dramatic BLUNT haircut ( see Instagram ), Sugarfish sushi ( I mean…HOWWWW is it so good? ), a stop in Malibu, & a romantic lunch of dover sole at a little secret hole in the wall we love. Also note: the 4 hours sitting in traffic on the way home. Thank God for podcasts, they’ve been my savior lately. Especially loving Tai Lopez, Serial, & Gary Vaynerchuk.

MALIBU FARM IS EPIC. IT’S SO GOOD. Go there. Get turmeric shots, wellness shots, cold brew, watermelon juice, the arugula & strawberry salad, AND BASIL ice cream. You really can’t go wrong. The view is just insane. While we were there a women dropped her engagement ring in a crack on the balcony ( I know, I was literally dying for her… ) and after three hours she FINALLY fished it out of the crack. The whole scene was like a movie.

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miami | by the skinny confidential

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Speaking of movies, I really just cannot put Elizabeth Taylor’s book down. That era is CAPTIVATING. To have no social media is SO interesting. Really though, I’m already planning on reading Sophia Loren & Judy Garland bios too. If anyone has any specific recommendations let me know below. By the way, Michael is reading Riveted by Jim Davies. He’s loving it.

This week is going to be gnarly, work-wise. Wish me luck. Why does it always feel like January is a swift kick in the ass?

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Also, I’m going to do a full-on Q & A this month, so leave ANY questions below with your first & last name and I’ll share them on the blog with answers. Sound like a plan?

Ok that post was a bunch of random-ness…now off to make some turmeric golden milk!

Happy Monday! x

{ photos | video }

miami | by the skinny confidential


miami mini delites | by the skinny confidential

Nasty Gal Alina Swimsuit | Bright red French bikini top | RAYE Sienna Slide Janessa Leone Gloria Hat AMUSE SOCIETY ‘Sandrine’ Print Woven Wrap Le Specs Le Debutante Sunglasses Colorful Beach Towels 

  1. Miama looked amazing! I love the mini skirt you are wearing in the first part of the video. So cute! & I can’t wait for you Q & A’s! Such a great idea, Lauryn.

  2. Absolutely beautiful video & photos! I love Miami, I have cousins who live in West Palm Beach, so we used to drive down there often…I could totally go for that right now with all this winter weather. I have a question for you…what is your eating schedule during the week vs the weekend? Like the types of food. I follow you on snap chat so I see glimpses, but would love to know more! I used to eat less healthier on the weekends when we first got married, but now I just eat the same every day. Clean usually and I feel like it may not be as good for my metabolism! Alexis Rochester 🙂

    1. Thanks Yara, it’s actually SUPER comfortable too. Definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for reading

  3. Omg I loved this post (whats new lol)! you look absolutely stunning #goals
    seems like you had a great time in miami 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

    1. Hi Suze, I know right? So lucky! I was seriously crying on the inside for her. Basil ice cream might just be my new favorite thing. You should try it!! xx

  4. I was just in Miami this weekend, but for a non-blog thing and I had so much fun I forgot to take photos. Which I completely regret now, looking at your gorgeous photos, but when it’a girls trip with like 6 girls, you kind of forget about photos haha. Love your beach pics!


    COFFEESLAG What I Keep In My Car

    1. I feel you! I am THE WORST at remembering to take photos. Lately I’ve been counting on my friends to remind me. I bug them the entire week before a trip to remind me to take tons of photos. They are super helpful actually! Where did you stay / go / eat in Miami?? Thanks for reading

  5. Love the one piece look, and LOVE your new blunt hair look!

    I’m in your hood this week for work – San Diego is gorgeous!! Where do recommend going for a healthy dinner, or what do you like to order from Postmates ?

    1. Hi Mindy! Welcome to San Diego! What area are you staying in? If you’re close to downtown check out Searsucker, Ironside, Bang Bang for sushi, & Banker’s Hill. For yummy, casual, healthy food go to True Food. It’s one of my favorite things to Postmates. Also, check out George’s in La Jolla, they have the best view! Hane Sushi is super good too! Have fun while you’re here! xx

  6. The bathing suit! Talk about a motivation piece for summer. Will have to make it down to Miami myself for a little winter sunshine 🙂


    1. It’s so necessary during the winter. It’s way too cold right now, I need sun! Thanks for reading Dana

  7. Miami sounds absolutely gorgeous! Your randomness is enticing 😉

    Thanks for the feedback btw also lauryn

    Love, Stephanie

  8. Thanks for the book recommendations, I love reading biographies. I do have a question- do you ever meal prep? And if so what? With school starting again I need some suggestions of good things to prepare ahead of time. Also would you be willing to do an everyday make up tutorial? I know that’s not really q&a type deal, but I enjoy your everyday look. Thank you xx Catherine Wallace

    1. Hi Catherine!

      Thanks for sending a question :)) I love doing makeup tutorials. The tutorial closest to an “every day look” is the how to cover under eye circles video. Check it out:

      Also the brow tutorial because duh, brows are important every single day:

      I hope this helps! xx

  9. Basil ice cream?! That sounds fab. (I also LOVE the song in your video). Awesome pics as always <3
    xx, Pia

  10. Love the post Lauryn & LOVE Miami, you’re making me miss it so much! I have a question for you about blogging. You are a total blogger inspiration btw!! How long did it take before you started to get a strong following on your blog and do you have any tips on building your audience?

    TIA, xo

    1. Thanks for the question Deepa! I’m glad you like this post. I’m obsessed with Miami! Where are your favorite places to eat / drink?? I am always looking for new great spots! xx

    1. Hi Carly! The suit is my favorite! Did you see they have a few different color options too? Here:

  11. I am sure you have covered it before or at least parts of it, but I would love an overview
    of your skincare/routine, & if it differs from day to night… Can’t wait to see this Q&A from
    you, : )

    1. Hi Taylor! Thanks for the question. It definitely differs from day to night! I’ll explain in the Q&A, xx!

  12. Question for the anti-aging queen: Thoughts on Botox?? Yes, no, maybe so..? Spill!

    Love the Miami swimsuit- provided me the extra motivational push I needed to make it to the gym tonight :))

    1. OOH good question Sarah! I’m excited to answer this one! Eeek! And good for you for going to the gym! I need to do that today still… LOL!

  13. you’ll love Ava Gardner’s bio too! so fun reading about their lives and relationships with other famous actors!

    1. Hi Andrea, oh no. STAY WARM. I can’t even imagine how cold that must feel. Do you ever even attempt to go outside? I would literally hide inside 24 seven if I were you! xx

  14. Hi Lauryn! Loved this recap and all the fabulous Miami outfits. This post makes me want winter to be over like right now! I have a question- I am trying to really be intentionally positive and forward thinking in 2016. I really want to dominate this year, but I have been having trouble not comparing myself to others, feeling good in my own skin, and just “staying in my own lane”. Do you have any tips for staying positive about myself and not comparing myself to everyone else? Thanks 🙂

  15. These pictures are seriously incredible! That swimsuit looks phenomenal on & I looooove the low-back and cheeky cut. Rad one pieces are my absolute favourite, as of late. I also love the photos /video of you and Michael out & about – you two are seriously a handsome couple! I have not been to Malibu Farm yet but have heard really rave things & I never knew I could want basil ice cream so bad! I feel you on brutal January’s, but that’s usually a good sign of a year to come… or at least that is what I keep telling myself. PS – Those pastel towels are seriously the most darling things in the world!!!

    I actually have a TON of questions because I’m annoying and I know I keep mentioning it – but when did you know it was time to take the leap of faith, and leave your full-time job to pursue blogging full-time? Also, what are your tips on taking blogs to the next level, and what do you think are the new trends / future of blogging/social media? I would love to get answers from you because not only are you super f’ing inspiring, but you have always remained true to your content, readers, and style! xx SS


    jaw drop. Love a good one piece here – in Miami I like to wear crazy shit because everyone dresses so colorful. This is PERFECT.

    So good to meet you Saturday! It was seriously like a movie, ha. Thanks for being so sweet, kind and inspirational. You and Michael, are the best.


  17. We had a place in Miami for a hot minute but ended up moving to the bird streets off Doheny instead! I loved it there though such a cool vibe! Question for you is about your hair OMG I just love the color what do you do highlights? Share share! I know you don’t wash it often and love the dry bar but more in your color Courtney Bentley

  18. Lauryn,

    Were there any restaurants you would suggest in Miami?! I’m going for my birthday next week with some girl friends and love your taste! 🙂

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