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Mini DeLites

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness.{ At the book party wearing Stone Cold Fox }

Confession: I played hookie today.

I moved around meetings, cleared my workout schedule, & napped/chilled/read ( reading this & loving it ).

My body was screaming one word: REST!!!

Between my book launch party, a friend’s baby shower, & my brother’s birthday, this weekend was full of so much adrenaline, that I literally crashed.

Ever had so much adrenaline one day & then your body feels depleted the next day?

Yah. That’s how I felt.

BUT! The book launch party couldn’t have been more fun. It was seriously so amazing & fun to meet the readers of TSC ( & damn you guys are hotties!! ). And to all of you who came out to support: thank, thank, thank you!! It was so nice to meet all of you!! You’re all the cutest.

So after a full weekend, it seemed that ‘rest’ was today’s theme.

Ultimately it’s so important to listen to your body when it comes to rest. The singer, Jewel was quoted saying: “if it’s between sleep & the gym, I’ll choose sleep.”

Smart cookie.

Anyway, I’ll keep this post short & sweet with only one pic ( << don’t worry I’ll do a full, huge-ass recap of the party this week!! ).

Currently I’m in heaven AKA bed with homemade Sprite, a “Housewives” reunion ( team Yolanda ), & Pixy.

Goodnight lovers! X L

{ Also, I extended TSC book giveaway, check it out here }.

  1. So bummed I wasn’t there for the party! Looks like it was so fun! I read the book in 2 hours straight – adored it. Can’t wait to post about it 😉

    sending love & hugs!

    soph x

  2. Congrats on your book launch, Lauryn!! So exciting. I’m totally with you – sleep is one of the most important things. Even if you cram in a super productive day, you’ll outweigh those benefits when you don’t get enough sleep and suffer the side effects. Good call, lady. We all need days like that! xx

  3. Playing hookie is literally one of the best feelings in the whole world, right? As I’m reading this I’m thinking about the fact that I THOUGHT about calling out last night, but I ended up not. But I might plan a big huge day just to play hookie and to just do alllll the things I’ve been putting off lately 🙂

  4. Congrats on the launch party! My weekend was supposed to be a full weekend but ended up being a “rest” weekend, so I totally get it! Good for you for listening to your body!

  5. I love a hookie day! Will be needing one in about a week getting the last of uni assignments done. Always good to listen to your body, especially when it needs rest!

  6. Congrats on your big book launch Lauryn!! I am SO excited to read your book- it looks perfect! I always love the vibe here on your blog. 🙂
    xoxo, em

  7. So proud of you, Lauryn. Josh was thrilled with his personally autographed copy of The Skinny Confidential. So cool!!! Congrats! You have inspired me to update Josh’s blog. It’s hard being a caregiver. Josh has adored you since you were little!! Still loves you to death, brain injury and all! xoxo paula

  8. Yolanda is the best! I’ve thought about taking up a lemon diet in hopes of becoming just like her.

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