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Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and beauty.My BF & I for a lil Saturday night party }
Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and beauty.{ Floral office decor }

You know what?

I don’t hate Mondays.

Like really- I haven’t hated them for years.

Actually, quite the contrary: I F-ing love ‘um.

Every Monday I log on to Instagram // FB & I see a quote about how Mondays suck ass.

I mean…if you absolutely hate Mondays more than life itself, then maybe examine why.

Is it because of your profession? Because it’s a new week? Because you can’t sleep-in? Because of a person you have to see?

Personally it’s a fresh start, a day to rock, a night to feel like I’ve been super productive, & ultimately a day to clean the slate & just freaking kill it.

I love my job— & if I didn’t love it, I’d find something else to invest my time in. It’s that easy.

Because at the end of the day who wants to absolutely dread a day of the week?

I mean…technically the day comes 52 times a year…so maybe find a reason to kinda, sort of like Mondays. Pick up a hobby, hang with your GF’s, or take a walk on the beach every Monday so you have something to look forward to.

So. What’s your thoughts on Monday? Tell, tell.

Oh! & happy St. Patty’s Day, X L

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Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and beauty.{ My favorite Pilates studio, Core 40 }
Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and beauty.{ Summer scents ( here // here ) }

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and beauty.{ Time to detox: Suja’s three-day juice cleanse starts this week! }
Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and beauty.{ This little bug rebelled today & wore yellow instead of green }

  1. Love your attitude about Mondays. I believe Mondays don’t have to be a bad thing – make it another great day of the week! 🙂

  2. I love this post – with everyone sporting the I hate monday mentality sometimes its hard to snap yourself out of that mind set. You inspire me – thanks for pulling me out of the monday suck! You are so super cute I love your blog and your little puppy is just too adorable 🙂

  3. Hi Lauryn!

    I’m definitely gonna buy your book! I’m from Sweden and I have a question that I thought you might be able to help me with. The thing is that I found the perfect pair of combat boots on an American website but I don’t know which size I have! Do you know the American show size equivalent for European 41? When I google I get different answers 🙁 So I thought it might be worth a try to ask someone American, heh!


  4. This post was exactly what i needed this morning! Thanks Lauryn! I am miserable at my job and spend every last free second exploring how i can make a living doing what i love…fashion and clean eating, Thanks for the inspiration babes!

  5. Im from Ireland and I read your blog all the time, absolutely love it 🙂 but just one teeny little thing that annoys all Irish people…. It is st.patrick’s day or st.Paddys day NOT St.Pattys day 😉 xxx

  6. Hi :))

    I read your blog every single day, I never skip one! ( it’s saved to my home screen as an icon) So this is my first time commenting on a post, but I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on Monday! I go to work every Monday into the office where I am in a good mood, and I ask my manager every time, how was your weekend and she says (in a manly voice) not long enough, and she contines to say she is SOO tired. Like If you are that grumpy and tired every single Monday, then sleep all weekend! Lol

    Ps. I love you and your dog, your such an inspiration to me.


  7. I was never one for hating mondays…I love to work, I’m grateful I HAVE work and even the jobs that were not great would not make my mondays bad. BUT: I’m in for sunday blues! Not every sunday and not always bad but yes, there is the occasional sunday night with a gloomy feeling. I think it’s related to having difficulties to unwind, especially “on command”, like on sundays.

  8. Loved this post about Mondays. I think it is a much better outlook to take at the beginning of each week. Def going to try to take this attitude when I wake up every Monday from now on!!

  9. I always have really bad Monday mentality…or at least, like some of the readers say, the Sunday night blues!! But I am getting quite sick of not looking forward to a Monday and when I get there, it’s actually never as bad as I anticipate! You’re right, it’s time to turn a new leaf and to start making Monday a day to get excited about! 🙂 I for one will be looking forward for my Monday workout + meditation moment from hereon

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