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Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ The cutest, lil print }

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ Obsessed with this face spray…so good in the AM }

So. After making fun of Michael, I got sick.


Let the good times roll.

Sooo. I spent the majority of the weekend holed up like a nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head little biotch.


BUT!! Let it be known: I still got work done; I took Pixy on a walk, cleaned the house, did laundry, returned a zillion e-mails, & did a lil Blog-Doo photo shoot ( oh, the difference between men & women…cough, cough, Michael ).

Annndd today was the first day back at the gym…ok, so weigh in on this one: my trainer, Mike says as long as you’re sick from the neck up, it’s ok to workout. If you’re sick from the neck down, you shouldn’t be sweatin’…at all.

Here’s my thing: I think it’s fine to go to the gym when you’re starting to feel better, but is it necessary to come to gym super sick?

Like, if you have Swine flu, do me a fav & stay home. Because no Purell is going to fix that shit.

Anyway hope you’re all drinking lots of lemon water, taking wellness herb drops, & staying the F away from anyone who’s sick.



The Skinny Confidential collabs with Victoria's Secret for a giveaway.{ A little vintage pin from a friend }

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ Seriously the best snack. Like, ever: super, super spicy carrots }
Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.{ This book though }
Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and health.{ Favorite sicky essentials 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5  }

  1. I went to a hot yoga class a few weeks ago, and I over heard the scratchiest voice ever saying they were sick – I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the whole class!

  2. Feel better soon! I find making a spinach/ kale/ celery/ ginger/ cucumber greens juice kicks the bug out the system!


  3. I am a personal trainer and own a group fitness studio and I do not want to see my clients or members if they are sick…. so don’t want to be the ” night time sniffling sneezing achy head biotch ” either!!! 🙂

  4. Haha I totally agree I don’t want those nasty germs all over the weights I’m going to be touching, I hope people know that it’s better to just stay home at some point

  5. I’m the same way as poster above…I was in a meeting a the person behind me kept coughing in my ear. I couldn’t pay attention to the speaker cause the sicko behind me.

  6. Ugh. The same thing just happened to me this morning! Yesterday I was making fun of the BF for being sick all the time and telling him that I am like a Super Hero and I have a superior immunity to him, only to wake up this morning with a sore throat and runny nose 🙁 Drinking Kusmi Detox tea right now and trying to sport a happy face.

    As for working out when you’re sick, I’m all for long walks and super light jogs but I try to rest when I’m sick. I don’t want people brining their germs to the gym so I don’t either.

  7. Feel better soon!

    I understand working out when you’re only sick from the neck up, but that should only be when you can isolate yourself with a quick run around the block or strength training at home. There are others at the gym who prefer not be exposed! I was sick for four weeks (in the middle of marathon training) because someone in my hot yoga class was sick and thought it would be ok to go to class. Please, no!

  8. totes agree… don’t use your sick days to play hookie – use them bc you’re sick and ain’t nobody got time for that ish! Like, I supes appreciate your work ethic but be a dear and GO THE EFF HOME.
    When I am sick, I also like to do a cleanse and drink tons of water, I mean until I am water logged, and it always helps.
    I’ve never heard of going to the gym when you have a head cold tho, that just sounds like misery-city…

  9. I am a lil bit anxious person, once i got flu, my mom told me to stay at home, but i went to my karate class with my friend Mehran, that day i do a lots of power exercises and a short fight for 10 to 15 minutes, after that karate session i realize that it helps me recovering that flu, i asked to my trainer and he told me flu is due to some kind of coldness inside, so while doing crazy exercises our body got heated up and that heat repels that coldness cause flu, so i believe exercise could reduce flu or coldness effects.

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