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Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.{ My lil bug in her teepee <3 }

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.{ Using shoes for home decor }
Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.{ Seriously in love with this little black heart dish }

So this weekend I totally realized I’m that person.

You know that person AKA that annoying food snob.

The kinda snob that dies a little inside when around nasty-ass, chemical food/drinks/products.

Like, I’m a pain the ass.

The other day I went to see a friend’s new home & this spilled outta my big-ass mouth as I was leaving:

“Such a cute place! So happy for you! Die over that couch! By the way, those water bottles, ya those ones over there, have BPA in them. Buy new ones. K, love you, ciao!”

This is real life.

That happened.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.{ Latest obsession: bee pollen }

I’m turning into the person that stands over my friends when they’re cooking…

The one who yells at friend’s for not plugging their nose when they’re pumping gas…

The person that nonchalantly ( but sneakily ) throws away anything her boyfriend’s fridge that’s nasty ( AKA Taco Bell!!! ).

I know. It’s bad. I’m really to be better.


Here’s the deal: the more educated on food I become, the crazier I get.

I can’t help.

To all you healthy love bugs out there: how the heck do you control that healthy, little devil inside who can’t shut the F up? ESP around people you care about?

Help please!! SMS!


Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.{ Mixing polishes to make new colors }
Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.{ Today’s green lemonade }

  1. I think you just love yourself that much more for caring and being educated about the important things, but realize at the same time that that is your individual choice and it comes off as condescending and judgemental when you correct minor details in your loved ones lives.

  2. I know it’s hard to not say anything but I try to set an example rather than nagging and making people feel bad. Also when you invite people home for dinner or go around someones house bring some nice healthy goodies. Make them feel inspired to be healthy and take care of themselves 🙂

  3. Haha this made me laugh 🙂 I’ve been turned into a complete food snob by my boyfriend who’s Italian and a health professional! I used to love the UK’s chain restaurants but now I can just taste chemicals in the sauces 🙁 don’t shut the health bug up, let it speak! Otherwise it will find other ways to come out like birthday presents of approved water bottles 🙂
    Lucy x
    La Lingua : Food + Life in Milano

  4. Hello Doll!

    I absolutely feel you on spouting out all sorts of seemingly random tips and information. I’m lucky to have some people in my life that actually enjoy it… They refer to them as my “random tip of the day.”

    But I do have people, mainly my family, who don’t appreciate the things that come out of my mouth, good intentions or not. It makes me sad, trust me. But when they think I’m being condescending or judgmental it really only does more harm than good. I’ve learned to be silent with the people who either don’t want to hear it, don’t want to make life style changes, or really, only feel more self conscious when I blurt out things they shouldn’t do or eat.

    My silence has paid off though! When they see how healthy and happy you are, when they get fed up with feeling sick, bloated, or lethargic… They’ll ask for advice. And when they ask you they’ll actually listen to what you have to say. NOW, taking the advice you’ve given them (advice they’ve asked for), that’s a whole other monster…

    But my advice: just be you. If they don’t appreciate or can’t see that your only concern is for their well being , then maybe they aren’t true friends. With love you’ve gotta take the good as well as the bad.

  5. Hey
    I’m new to your site and seriously enjoying having a browse! Quick question though: you say that you’re getting more educated on food, do you have an books/ websites to help with this? I’m so over diets but healthy eating is a total minefield!
    Thanks x

  6. Hey
    I’m new to your site and seriously enjoying having a browse! Quick question though: you say that you’re getting more educated on food, do you have an books/ websites to help with this? I’m so over diets but healthy eating is a total minefield!
    Thanks x

  7. I should be inspired by you. I love all your posts. But some how it doesn’t get into my thick skull. I still eat junk, very well knowing how bad they are for me, and then regret it. Oh I need help 🙁

    1. Hi Marina! They are antioxidants & can be found here: I hope that helps babe! x.

  8. TOTALLY know what you’re talking about. I recently read Rich Food, Poor Food, which is really enlightening about a lot of misleading “food” claims, what to shop, and what to avoid. After reading, I wanted to purge half of my kitchen!! I think the same way now when I grocery shop with others and visit their kitchens. I’m torn between helping/being a nuisance, or not saying anything at all! Esp. in regards to the boyfriend – because he’s the one I care about the most. >> I think it’s about helping where you think it would be appreciated, and backing off when you think you’re being too much. Still working it out…

    1. Ahhh; sounds liked you’re in my exact situation. I’m so annoying to my boyfriend. Everything he eats, he gets a bad look. LOL.

  9. I think it’s good you’re an educated food snob … mainly because I am too 🙂 Although, I wish I were a bit more vocal like you!

  10. My uncle is a chef and Omg. Such a food snob! To everything – whether it’s healthy or not – if it’s not made to perfection it’s not perfect! His wife stopped cooking because he drives her crazy! It drives me crazy! Haha, I think that it’s ok to a certain level – encouraging and reminding others to eat healthier and giving them knowledge about things like BPA (which I do all too often) can’t hurt anyone! Also – love the Teepee. So cute!

  11. I’m that person too! I find it so hard to not say something, which is terrible!!!

    Speaking of saying something (hello segue) I noticed that you have a reed diffuser in one of your pictures. I recently read a really scary article about reed diffusers causing chemical burns on pets! Here’s a bit more info on people’s experience with it:

    Sorry to be “that person,” but having pets at home myself, I’m always hyper aware!

  12. I totally feel the same way when I am around my friends and family. Constantly judging what they eat and giving them little tid bits about how shitty their food really is. They probably deep down really hate me but who cares I am only trying to help them out. Their unhealthy habits will catch up to them quickly and when they come looking to me for help I will be like “BITCH…Should have listened to me the first time”
    All in all I appreciate that you are proud to say that you are “That’s Person” because I am the same way.

  13. I feel you! My boyfriend is sooooo tired of hearing about all of things he shouldn’t eat! But once you know, you can’t help it! What restaurants do you like in San Diego? I feel like it’s hard to find healthy spots!

  14. As I find myeslf on Whole30 Day 24, I have noticed I’m a bit of a food snob too! For instance, when a friend at work was raving about her fresh, whole wheat bread with sun dried tomatoes and a bunch of other stuff, my ears stopped listening after whole wheat! All I could think about was gluten and wheat and inflamed insides. Oh well…

  15. I’m a dietitian so there are plenty of occasions where I want to yell “WHY ARE YOU EATING THAT?” But I’ve learned over the years never to give advice unless asked for it, it just makes things uncomfortable. I’m lucky that I get to lead nutrition groups so I can bombard people with info there making it easier to bite my tounge in real life.

  16. You just need to realize that it’s what you do MOST of the time that makes a difference, not what you do a little bit of the time. I’m a super food snob, but I just had a life-threatening experience with an infection that started with a stupid little blister that a new pair of Nikes gave me. (Actually just wrote a blog post on this!) So it just goes to show that healthy eating is not everything. It’s not the cure-all. It’s an amazing thing to care about, but sometimes relaxing a bit is even healthier for us. I’m a little bit of a hypocrite, considering I had my mom running around to all my favorite organic restaurants, bringing me back meals because I wouldn’t touch hospital food, but still! Haha. I know exactly where you’re coming from, but like I was saying, moderation is key. If you’re healthy 90% of the time, that lithe 10% isn’t going to hurt you. 🙂

  17. Ohhmyyygawd. This post seriously struck a chord. After a couple years of researching, reading, and binge-watching Netflix documentaries, it’s so hard for me to shut my mouth too!! Like when a friend says “I’m eating healthier. Just bought this Naked juice.” I struggle not to scream “BARF!”

    I totally get it and LOL’d hardcore.

  18. I think keeping in mind that I still have weak moments and cravings and that I still have a lot to learn helps me relate more and be more understanding to those around me who still don’t know and/or care. Like other’s have mentioned, I just try to lead by example. Buuut, for the BF/hubby or anyone that lives with you, I’ve learned that baby steps are very effective. I switch one thing out every so often and let my husband adapt to it and realize that he likes it before I switch something else out. Lately I switched his nasty corn syrup solids peanut butter for all natural peanut butter that’s actually made from peanuts and next on my list is switching the mystery “pancake syrup” for pure maple syrup 🙂

    1. Love this! I love throwing mystery pancake syrups off the roof…lol. Can you guys imagine living with me? #hell

  19. I have the same problem! Despite the fact that I know my words are falling on deaf ears, I still can’t help but lecture my family and close friends when I see them doing something I disapprove of. Over Christmas I spent a half an hour in the car reading my mom articles about why EVOO is so much better than the Canola Oil she refuses to part with. She couldn’t have been happier to get out of the vehicle!

    1. Yes! I have the same problem with my dad. It is SO incredibly frustrating I can’t stand it As a health and wellness coach- it really drives me nuts. Just make sure to let your mom know all your nagging is coming from a place of deep love- You just want her to be healthy and live a long time!

  20. I agree with some of the other girls But…. really it can be so hard to keep your mouth shut. A friend of mine posted to Instagram “breakfast of champs #cleaneating” with a picture of her almond dream plain low fat yogurt… Just to check my sources I just looked up the ingredients…


    I am not sure if you have explored the Whole 9 Whole30 or Paleo Eating… here are a few of my favorite blogs! !

    But that is clean eating 😀

  21. SERIOUSLY! I’m the person that orders drinks, snacks, coffee, etc for my office…. I try to throw in things like fresh fruits, coconut water, raw almonds, good quality green and herbal teas… but I’m so disgusted when everyone starts demanding things like diet coke! ughh I almost want to just “forget” to order the diet coke, but that will probably put my job at risk… diet coke addicts without their diet coke = SCARY.

  22. Just be humble! No one likes people pushing things down their throat, saying that they know better. I try to slowly open up people to the possibility of changing their views on food and lifestyle. I let them ask the questions, and try to lead by example. xoxox

  23. I love your blog and your food snobbery! Keep it up! Your blog on BPA inspired me to stop buying nasty plastic water bottles and only use my BPA free bottles and I just forced my hubby to stop buying protein bars and swap them for fresh fruit, veggies and raw almonds (I’m still trying to convince him to give up the protein powder smoothies…we’ll get there).

    I live in South Texas where I’m basically one of five people that even attempt a healthy lifestyle. More than once I’ve been at the grocery store in line in front of someone with a pile of Lean Cuisines and I want to yell at them and tell them that those suckers are full of chemicals and preservatives and will certainly NOT make them LEAN.

    The people that love you will know that you’re just trying to make them healthy so you can keep them around longer :). I, for one, hope you never stop sharing your knowledge because its already helped me immensely.

    PS. I just found out that Simply Orange Juice is basically simply chemicals ( Is there a juicer you recommend or a truly pure OJ?

  24. Hi Lauryn,

    I was wondering how you use the bee pollen that you mentioned, I’ve heard a lot about it recently but have to admit I’m not too aware of its uses.

  25. Ha! I totally just got called out for standing over my boyfriend and telling him he put too much oil in the pan to cook our veggies. He was like you don’t like it when I come in here while you cook! Me: “Am I wrong for saying I want less oil and don’t want to get fat?” I know I was being naggy, oh well! 🙂

  26. would you tell me where you got that cute doggie tent from? Have been looking for one for ages!

    I really enjoy reading your blog;-) and I am a firm believer in educating people, too. a lot of people wouln’t even think about this stuff and if you give them a little push in the right direction… no one knows how that might change their life for the better:-)

  27. Haha Im a health coach and natural beauty lifestyle coach so health and nutrition is my life! This year, Ive finally learned to ease up a little. I was starting to drive myself crazy (and Im SURE some others)!! Ive decided to have more FUN and not dwell on all the toxicity in this world! xoxo

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