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Mini DeLites | Snacks

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, diet, and fashion.{ Today’s snack }
Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, diet, and fashion.{ Desk-side roses }

Ohhhh hi Monday.

I’m finally gettin’ my groove back.

Because now that the holidays are over it makes it so much easier to get organized, right?

This weekend was super productive.

I went to Staples & bought a huge-ass, really cute desk calendar for TSC.

Sound boring?

Welp, here’s the weird thing: the whole process was therapeutic.

I know that sounds psycho but it was seriously…calming. I went through all my to-do lists, e-mails, day planner & putting everything-business down on TSC calendar.

It totally made me think of junior high. Remember the night before first semester, feeling all proud with a JanSport, pencil box ( < Lisa Frank, naturally ), & picture-holding Trapper Keeper?


Not having a cool pencil box was like, OMFG, the end of my whole world.

Life’s funny like that— how something so simple & easy as making use of a desk calendar can bring zen.

But then again, anything zen is cool in my book.

So, how are you getting organized for the New Year?

x L

{ P.S. I just bought this necklace to represent my New Year’s resolution of looking forward, not back. Cute, right? }.

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, diet, and fashion.{ My favorite salad, lately }
Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, diet, and fashion.{ The most delicate ring— obsessed!ย }
Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, diet, and fashion.{ The girls // this weekend }

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, diet, and fashion.{ย The cutest lil guy who holds succulents }

  1. Love it! My entire post today was about ways to stay organized and the top one was a calendar planner. Totally therapeutic to write it all down and cross that shiz off when it’s done. First day of Jr High sporting all the new back to school shopping and pink Trapper Keeper most definitely!

  2. Oh my gawddd. That Stella &dot necklace rocks. I’ve worn mine for two years straight!! Hehe.

    P.s. Your blog is the best thing like ever.


  3. I totally agree — getting organized can be SO therapeutic, as can getting the perfect organization tool.

    I dove into getting organized for 2014 today by spending like an hour online shopping for the perfect new planner…still haven’t found the right one yet! (I’m super OCD about things like that)

    The satisfaction after everything is organized perfectly and beautifully is one of my favorite zen feelings in the world!

    Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

  4. Laughing so damn hard about junior high and the trapper keeper. Might have been late elementary for me!
    And even though I’m totally electronic in organisation, I feel totally compelled to continue using my 2003 Kenneth Cole pink leather calendar book. Neurotic about it. I can’t believe Franklin Covey still sells inserts that fit! I was 21 and couldn’t afford the $250 thing, but I needed it. And I shall forever use it!!!

  5. your blog is hilarious! i totally remember those days of school supplies, definitely habits i need to get back in my life!

  6. oooh, i love that dinosaur. please, let this year be filled with dinosaurs. i need to go put some on my vision board. ah, how i adore your mini deLites!

  7. YUM! I love meat (especially red!!) so much, it’s probably one of the hardest things for me to cut back on. Whoops! But that salad looks amazing and just the right portion, what is it!? I need to attempt to make it.

  8. I too am interested in that salad. It looks perf. Please share all of the juicy details.

    1. It was a sliced melon ( think: honeydew & cantaloupe ) with a bit of raw honey, crushed pistachios, & prosciutto. I added lemon ( naturally ). SOOO yum. Should I recreate it and put it on the blog? X

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